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BIXI got breached
  • Bixi is owned by Bixi Montréal a non profit created by the city in 2014.

    Your confusion is probably that the founding company, PBSC, is now owned by Lyft. Now called PBSC Urban Solutions, it was the international operations portion of the company before the bankruptcy.

  • IKEA's new smart plug to track power consumption could launch soon
  • If you want the whole house, you'll need to crack the box to get at the phase split as it comes in.

    If you want to track individual circuits, you should be able to do it outside the box. It will work with single phase at least,but not sure about dual-phase; but those are usually reserved for heavy appliances like stoves and dryers.

  • He can't afford to rent an apartment. So this man secretly sleeps in an office
  • Mostly, but there are also higher egress standards for bedrooms that pretty much any other room.

    Might also be some fire issues with kitchens. Or other things I don't know.

    Everything is probably doable within office zoning, but there is no point of its just but as an office.

  • Price will increase by $10 for v1.0 after the Steam Summer Sale
  • The cost of a game getting patches and updates isn’t the same as the cost of making the game in the first place.

    Satisfactory is released!!!

    No, still in early access. I'd guess this price hike aligns with 1.0.

  • Awaiting the Supersuperbowlbowl results

    Who's going to win?

    I guess owl wait longer for the results.


    [SWSW] The Star Wars Trek, or the Star Trek Wars?

    Edit: please excuse the typo. I probably shouldn't use Sunforged as an editor.

    Bonus gif!


    I don't even know how Lemmy works

    The drama is related to a Science Fiction community mod and and admin. I don't know enough to write on it, so check there.

    Edit: MFW I just wanted to make a meme but dragged all the drama here


    No house Skywalker?


    [Visibly upset woman] : I bet he's thinking about other women.

    [Man deep in thought] : We continue to see that force sensitivity passes generationally, but no one has bred for it.

    The Jedi deny sex to their order and recruit through child abduction.

    The Sith are obsessed with extending life and cloning, despite family legacies being perfectly viable methods to consolidate power.