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Japan seeks international coordination to thwart online manga, anime piracy
  • For manga: if they provide a good way to read it in (human) English without region locking, there’s no real problem.

    Add within a reasonable timeframe of publishing. Idk if this is a problem with manga but at least it's fucking ridiculous in light novels, where the English translation tends to be at least a year behind the original.

  • Man accused of using generative AI to create virus in Japan 1st
  • Apparently it's the former. Their prosecution rate is 8% apparently according to Wikipedia, because they're too understaffed to deal with cases that can go either way. They also have a false confession problem, but that's not what's getting them to that rate.

  • Should I permanently leave Israel?
  • So of course in the end it should come down to what you want to do and where you see yourself living a happier life, and not what people on the internet think you should do. However, purely from a "making the world a better place" perspective, I'd recommend not returning. I get the idea of trying to change society from within, but frankly I think Israel in its current state is beyond saving. The sense of invincibility, among other issues, is too much for simple activism to fix; the country as a whole needs the Nazi Germay treatment (the de-Nazification part, not the war part). At least by not being in Israel you make sure your tax money and children aren't used in genocide.

    I repeat, do what you feel is best for you, but to directly answer your question your absence does more to weaken the Israeli Apartheid apparatus than your presence. Do vote though; definitely vote.

  • Why are we wasting our server bandwidth on shit takes?
  • That funding is the leverage we have over Israel. Fully halting it eliminates that leverage, and then what?

    If you're not willing to halt, or even reduce, it, it's not leverage anymore; you're just being a doormat.

  • For all your questions about Kbin! NoneOfUrBusiness

    How do I subscribe to a non-Kbin community?

    I'm trying to find the main showerthoughts sub (15k subscribers) but only finding a far smaller one (300 subscribers).

    Edit: Apparently they're the same community.


    Why do mines hate being stepped on?

    Why do mines hate being stepped on?

    It's triggering for them.