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Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in election
  • Voting for democrats no matter what is a great reason why the Democratic party today doesn't care about people and actually doing things for them. (Similar with republican party) if you always vote for them no matter and don't withhold your votes and punish them when they don't deliver then this will only continue.

  • US will remove Gaza aid pier due to weather and may not put it back, officials say
  • A reminder this pier basically did nothing more than generate a headline and political posture so it looks like biden did something for Palestinians. Also a reminder that an attack was launched from their pier where many Palestinians were killed by the israelis.

  • Please vote
  • Voting for either party no matter what will always result in this shit show. If people were more sensible they'd punish candidates all the time by voting against them and making them lose. Then they'd learn they actually need to do what people want.