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Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • I just dont think that morality and politics are the same thing. I can judge a joke for its morality without it being skewed by political bias.

    I think that when a former president makes jokes about nancy pelosi's husband being attacked with a hammer, and people are laughing it up and joining in, that when someone attacks donald trump, and someone makes a joke about it, those same people should be either joining in on the joke or apologising for making their jokes in the first place.

    They can't have it both ways.

    This is not a political stance because i could argue that from any side of the street. It is a moral argument that happens to be about politicians.

    Replace the two subjects with anyone else, and the argument would be the same.

    The thing is that i despise donald trump so much that his jokes just added to how much i dislike him. But its exactly what i expected of him and didnt lead me to despise him. No his actions as a president and as a human over the course of his career and life have lead me to that.

    Kyle gas has only ever inspired me to like him. He has been a nice guy and very funny his whole career. So im inclined to think that he didnt actually wish death on the former president. Whereas if tump made the same joke i would be very inclined to think that he meant it, because he has given me very little proof to the contrary.

    My view on morality is what's skewing my opinion here, not my political bias.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • My belief that kyle doesn't wish trump harm is 100% my opinion. It may be a belief i have formed through a "distorted lense", yes, that is very possible. But to call it a conclusion is not exactly correct. I will change my belief and draw a conclusion when the evidence is presented.

    My conclusion about dave is one drawn from statements made by dave. Not his jokes, not his standup. Dave has continually reaffirmed this stance, he denies the existence of trans people and repeatedly states that there are 2 genders. A line he said comes to mind "gender is a fact" its not one incident, its many. I would say to draw a conclusion based of one incident would be "distorted" but to base it on years of anti trans rhetoric is quite a clear and clean cut conclusion to draw...

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Why does it need to go to the extreme? Are you telling me you have this all figured out theres no room for improvement in your view on morality? Im navigating this as it comes. Anything i say or have said is and should always be subject to change. And im also not willing to be the one who sets the bar here. Im not the one who decides whats ok and whats not. That is a collective thing that must be decided by society. You are too adamant in your beliefs for me to take you seriously. Its not on the individual to decide. Its up to everyone.

    I would say, yes there must be a point where i would condemn a comedian based on jokes they are telling. But im still working that out.

    I think intent matters. I think it is a strong factor in deciding if a joke is ok or not. To me the joke was more about kyles political leanings. I dont think he was advocating for murder. I think he was using that attempted assasination as a vehicle to state he doesn't want trump to be president. Sure, there are better ways of saying that but if you truely belive there is no room for nuance here then i belive it is a failing on your part to understand the joke as opposed to a failure on my part to have a divine sense of morality.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Totally fair about the first comment. Its fair to say that jack black may have other reasons for trying to distance himself from it. But it was a huge decision to drop the tour and potentially the band based on one bad joke. Its got PR written all over it. But i accept that it might not be money, or at least not just about money.

    Second comment is more subjective. There are many who would disagree with you.

    Personally i think that if kyle, even if it was only in the moment, thought it was appropriate to make that joke then it should be taken as an indication of how scary it is that trump might become president again. That people laughed should be an indication that people dislike trump enough to not be shocked by the comment. The comments from people defending kyle should show that hatred for trump runs deep and perhaps it should be considered when determining what to do about this.

    If people are ok wih a joke about killing trump then maybe people should be looking more seriously at what trump is doing and what he stands for.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • But chapelle made none standup/comedy related statements about gender and trans people. Not everything is political. I dislike trump in a huge way. I think he is a horrible human being who doesn't deserve to run a country. He will cause so much damage if re-elected. But i do not wish him harm.

    I dont believe kyle does either. I'm not sure how that's political. It's more of a moral stance and my view on kyles moral stance.

    Chapelle is transphobic, also not a political issue, even if it's an issue that political commentators like to argue about. Gender is a social issue that has been heavily politicised, but my views on it are not related to politics.

    So i dont put them both in the same camp. I dont agree with either of them, but there is clearly a difference between denying trans peoples existence outside of your comedy and making an off-hand joke on stage at a concert. Especially if you apologise for the joke instead of doubling down like dave did.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Thats just PR damage control. Jack Black is a very wealthy person, he just made a new kung fu panda film, his image with the public is that of an extremely friendly, kind to all humans and fans, sort of person. He doesn't remotely fit in with a crowd that makes jokes about killing the former president. He is distancing himself from it and its what anyone in his position would do if they care more about money and fame than politics.

    It has lowered my op8nion of him though. Hes not the nice guy that he presents. Hes just another rich out of touch celebrity if he follows this path. He should support kyle and defend him. His influence is stronger than kyles and could sway public opinion that kyle was 100% joking.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • In order of your questions.

    Yes, the reaction would be justified. If he genuinely meant he wanted trump dead, despite the fact that i think trump is a trash human being who will further destroy america and cause pain and suffering to millions, i do not wish him death and any celebrity in a position of influence should not be inciting violence like trump did.

    Yes, absolutely. He would have to justify a lot of things he said, but if it became clear that he was joking the entire time and that it's just an act, then i would accept that.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • I dont know if this is the same. I dont agree with Kyle Gas' joke that trump should be shot, but i do believe it was a joke and not a genuine wish for harm.

    Chapelle, on the other hand, is taking a stance on gender which i disagree with. He's not telling jokes. He is taking a position. And since i disagree with him and i find his position to be dismissive and one of erasure which i wholeheartedly disagree with, i find it very difficult to continue to watch his comedy.

    In short, kyle doesnt want to hurt trump, chapelle does want to pretend trans people dont exist. So i think its fundamentally different.

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • Since google puts twitter feeds at the top and that cesspit is full of idiots i decided to check lemmy to see if i was alone in thinking this is a huge over reaction.

    Pretty safe to say that people of lemmy are my people.

    Personally i see it as a joke, maybe one in bad taste. Maybe one that shouldn't have been said. But a joke none the less. Its certainly interesting to see how the right react when the shoe is on the other foot.

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • Why not both? Tackle guns with more control and better mental health care and education.

    Disarming bad guys shouldn't be the goal. Much like smoking in the UK. You wont stop all the older generationa from smoking but you can make it illegal for all the younger generations and over a longer peeiod of time theres no kne left that smokes.

    If you tackle guns now and provide greater control over ownership whilst simultaneously educating younger people you will effectively prevent this sort of crim in the future.

    At least thats my view.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • The point that should be taken from your comment is not that they replaced the sugar with something else because we dont yet know if the aspartame is better or worse than sugar, though we do k ow that sugar is bad in large quantities.

    What should be noted is that the study found that sugar consumption has halved, which seems to be a no brainer as the majority of soft drinks either contain half the amount or no sugar. I belive in the UK at least pepsi has half the sugar and almost everything else has no sugar. Coke is the only one that still has the full sugar content it had before. But they sell coke zero at such a low price now and push it with alternative flavours that it is being consumed in higher quantities than ever.

    The point being, yeah, the tax stopped drinks makers using sugar so the sugar consumption dropped.

    Like i stopped using salt to season my food and i found that my salt intake lowered... wow. Thats crazy.

  • Basic instincts
  • Normal is defined, in this case, as what the majority of people experience. As opposed to what the majority of people think everyone else is experiencing. Meaning it's normal to be ridculed by your family for trying to be yourself.

  • Sacramento high school biology final includes racist questions, targets students
  • I call my son a goof when he does something silly! In the UK, it just means silly. The image in my head is of Goofy, the disney character.

    Good to know if i ever go to canada.

    Also, weirdo is so innocuous in the UK. It wouldn't turn a head. But then i suppose we call people a "cunt" or a "dickhead" and it can be as friendly as saying "love you" or "you are hilarious" and as nasty as saying "die in a fire"

    So i suppose i shouldn't be surprised by the nuances found in language even if we are speaking the same language, especially when there's an ocean of space between us.

  • Sacramento high school biology final includes racist questions, targets students
  • Wouldn't it be wierdos, not wierdoes? My autocorrect seems to think so.

    Also in the UK, where I'm from, we have standardised testing, when i was a kid the tests were all made by exam boards like AQA, OCR and EdExcel. I believe they still are.

    Despite the flaws that come with that it was better than allowing an individual to come up with the test as it removed personal bias and, obviously, derogatory remarks about students in the class.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • Why dont these companies accept theybarent worth as much any more and just provide less services until they balance off.

    The stuff they cant afford to provide could be taken on by someone else. Being a one company does all type master of none sort of thing is clearly bad for society and the economy.

    I dont really know what im talking about but i just dont get why they see losses and an end to growth but take the position of "we need to find a way to keep this going" instead of "we need to sell off things until our company is making money again, even if its less money"

  • end your free trial
  • I remember living in a world where i was shocked when companies started asking for credit card details when activating a free trial.

    I'm signing up for a free trial. I shouldn't need to even give you my name. Just put a 30-day limit on the key i activate the software with. If i want to buy it, then i can decide that during the trial.

    The fact that we are at a point where the anger is directed to the part AFTER i have given all my details and credit card info is so painful to see.

  • Woof!



    Was anyone else disappointed when they found out the FTSE500 wasn't a giant game of footsie?


    What reasons are there for being concerned about companies like google and meta etc collecting data and tracking me?

    Please understandnim asking this question from a genuine place. I dont want the quora answer, i want the tech savvy, security expert minds of my fellow lemmings. If thats ok?

    What happens to this data? What can/do they do with it? and why are so many people concerned about google tracking them?

    Do i as an average user need to be concerned?

    If so, What sorts of things can i do to avoid being tracked? Preferably without too much comprimise.


    Don't listen to a word helium tells you

    It's just gaslighting you


    How many 3rd party apps would we need to make reddit free again?

    u/spez says that 90% of 3rd party apps will fall under the free model because they wont make enough API calls to come under the paid model. So how many times would we need to clone, and rename, the good 3rd party apps and split the users up between them to make reddit free again?

    I think its still free if your app is making less than 100 queries per minute.

    u/spez says that 90% of 3rd party app will be unaffected by the change... i thought... yeah... if there are like 5 3rd party apps that 99% or users use then the other 45 apps out there will have like 10 downloads each.. so what a misleading and dumb thing to say.

    I guess you would need to limit how many people can be using each clone of the app but as elaborate as this is it would be funny to see that knobhead react to it if we did it.