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Just kicked my first party...
  • I played with 3 random Japanese players (i think) I didn't understand a word they said none of them could speak English but we communicated perfectly using the wheel and way points.

    Then again I've played with English speakers who are the exact opposite

  • Am i the ass hole here

    Just been running a hard bug mission mostly to get the daily done any samples are a welcome plus.

    All 4 slots full and we were pretty spread out across the map, we complete the mission and a few of us were just finishing up the radar tower and a bug nest.

    Then player 4 bee lined to the extraction called it in and jumped on the pelican despite me asking him not to on comms.

    There were 3 players spread across the map with no chance of getting back so I kicked the guy.

    Was I in the right for this? Do you think he learned his lesson?


    Social panel has ring of death

    Anyone else got this? I'm on PC and since the patch I can't access the friends list on the social panel.

    Reinstalled the game in case it was a game file but no dice.


    Rogue has cemented my theory on Ruby (spoilers if you havent seen it)

    She died in that room, there were screams & lightening so I'm sure she died.

    She also lived which is a paradox so my theory on Ruby stands she simply changed the timeline so she could survive.

    As the doctor never went in the room to confirm her death the timline was never set.


    Account linking between steam and PlayStation is now mandatory HELLDIVERS™ 2 - HELLDIVERS™ 2 Account Linking Update - Steam News

    Attention Helldivers, Due to technical issues at the launch of HELLDIVERS™ 2, we allowed the linking requirements for Steam accounts to a PlayStation Network account to be temporarily optional. That grace period will now expire. See details below in this post. Account linking plays a critical role i...

    HELLDIVERS™ 2 - HELLDIVERS™ 2 Account Linking Update - Steam News

    Just had the stupidest dive

    Tldr at the end

    Runninga an iimpossible dive its going fine a few hairy moments but nothing we haven't got through. We are on the last objective I spot the cock rock so I grab the samples and drop them at extraction.

    Then it gets weird....

    I'm on my way back to the objective and another (call him s1) players runs ALL the way back to extraction picks up the samples and SITS THERE.

    Like fucking seriously!

    I'm with the last 3 players and we run out of reinforcements. We have titans running all over the place and no one can get near the objective.

    Remember S1 he is still there.

    I tell him he's done fucked up by not helping he panics starts running back but its too late.

    I and the other 2 players drop he's on his own now.

    I have no time for these kind of shit stupid farming tactics.

    Tldr: stupid farmer gets fucked


    Weapon add ons

    Do you think we will get weapon add ons in the future?

    What add ons would you want?

    I use the liberator penetrator for bot battles, i like the precision and armour piercing. BUT t's aching for an extended mag


    Rishi sunak speech

    Anyone know what he is going on about and why this is suddenly worth a speech at 5:45 on a Friday night?


    Its getting out of control Too Damn High

    A Too Damn High meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

    Too Damn High

    Lemmy Community server

    Is there a Lemmy minecraft comm7nity server?


    Cities Skylines 2 player feedback

    Theres a lot of talk about benchmarking in the press for CS2 but i'm interested if anyone in this community has purchased the game and what their impressions are for performance and playability.

    Also if your playing on a older rig or a new one


    Alternative to Hive app

    Basically as per the title I'm tired of this terrible app Hive don't seem to support anymore and I'm looking for something that will be able to connect to my heating and lights.


    I have a flat tyre

    I've not been having the best of days and this has topped it off. Currently waiting for roadside assistance to arrive so I can get the tyre changed.