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Have you ever ridden a sleeper train?
  • I did a sleeper train in Thailand and it was amazing. During the day it had seats and at some point in the evening a person would come and turn the compartments into bunks. There was food too if I remember.

  • Games on Whales - Stream multiple desktops and games from a single host
  • This sounds awesome but not sure it would apply to my use case. Maybe you could elaborate.

    What I want is to have 1 pc be a host for all the tvs in my house (4, master bedroom, guest room, office, and living room) each room has a video output and a usb cable with a hub that has keyboard and mouse and maybe a controller for games.

    So far what I have is all the displays are mirrored and the keyboard and mice and joysticks work in each room but all the displays show the same thing.

    It would be rad if each one was a vm and had its own front ends so you could watch plex in one room while someone plays Dave the diver in another.

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • This is factually wrong and I just tested it to make sure. When I plug my iPhone into my windows laptop I get a pop on the screen that asks me if I want to let the computer access my phone and then windows pops up the internal iPhone folder with all my pictures in it.

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • Ah ok. I honestly hate how much I love my iPhone. Its my wife’s late mothers phone and I took it kind of as a gag so I could FaceTime my family and then I figured I would go back to my LG. But damn i get day and a half to 2 days of battery life and the pictures are way better. The iOS lets me hide all my apps which is something I always hated about iPhones and there are widgets. If I could only disable the photos and maps app this phone would be mint.

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • I don’t really get this. As an android user since 2009 and the evolution of android os I am now for the last year an iOS user, and the interface is the same as it was for me and my last phone. Swipe up to get to the Home Screen, long hold to see tabs running and swipe from the left to center to go back. Is this because my last phone was an LG?

  • How do I know if a certain movies uploader on 1337x is trusted ?
  • lol. What? You have a link to article or some proof of a video file as an attack vector for a hacker? Video files aren’t executable and even if there was a way to cause some type of malware to be ran from it the file it would have to be coded explicitly for the video player/system running it.

    My guess that if this was a legit attack vector that all the latest movies and big popular tv shows would be targeted and we would hear a lot of stories about it.

    You’re on Linux which gives you a huge leg up on not being target by a virus. Just chill and watch your movie.

  • Help setting up OpenWRT for extra router
  • Yeah totally agree with you on the smart speaker and camera bit. My google home mini resides in an upper cabinet in the kitchen. You have to yell in its direction to get it to hear you. We mostly just use it to add items to our shopping list. It also connects to a Bluetooth speaker system (that doesn’t have a mic) to play music through.

    The cameras I’m getting are just for the outside of my house and I’m planning on getting the (rtp?) feed off of them and self hosting.

  • Is Backblaze a reliable provider?
  • I don’t use them but I work for a dj that uses them to backup all their music and production music. This has been going on for over 10 years now and they are still using them. At one point I was over there while they were downloading a large batch of their files and the speed was fast enough to saturate his internet.

  • Help setting up OpenWRT for extra router
  • Wow thanks. I’ll look into it. I bought a 4 pack of smart plugs for $25 and figured there had to be a catch. But 4 years later they are still working fine. Nothing I use them for is mission critical or high amperage but I’m happy.

    I also have 4 levitation smart switches which I’m not as worried about them but still keep them on the vlan.

    Besides those I have a cheap smart ir transmitter, and a google nest smart speaker. About to add 2 WiFi cameras to the vlan, so we will have to see how the performance works out.

  • 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga' Rides to VOD Victory After Stalling at Box Office
  • No. they all had Aussie voices but while reading up on why mad max was so bad I did see that they released a north American version with American accent voice overs! That’s crazy.

    Turns out the reason they made 3 mad max movies (initially) was because they made the movie on a shoestring budget and it went on the be “the most profitable movie of all time!” And that fact still holds up today.

  • Help setting up OpenWRT for extra router
  • I don’t think I am special but I have a few vlans setup. May main concern is using cheap “smart” devices from china and isolating anything they see or do to their own private network.

    I also have a vlan setup for my guest network because I let my neighbors use it and wouldn’t want them exploring my nas.

  • Is dockStarter a waste of time?

    Should I be learning docker compose instead of relying on dockStarter to manage my containers? I got portainer up, should I just use that to manage my stack?

    I’m committed this summer to finally learning docker. I’m on day 3 and the last puzzle piece is being able to access qbittorrent locally while running the container through the vpn.