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does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • Yeah, I can imagine it's hard to read them on that type of phone. Yeah it's basically like holding a small comic book so it's pretty cool. Double oage spreads are stilla problem though so don't expect to see them filly. And I agree, it makes sense but...meh

  • does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • I daily drive a Z Fold 5 and I can't imagine having to use a non-foldable now. I use it mostly to watch shows and YouTube and it's great. The screen size and oled display is amazing to watch stuff on. But, I also do a lot of other things as well. I bought the pen for it so I doodle on it whenever I'm waiting for something or I mess around in FL Studio and make little jingles. And, what I found to be amazing is that I can use Dolphin on it so I can play GameCube games on it without any lag. I've played through all of paper mario on my phone. I also use it to do a lot of reading and writing to so its great for that and also reading manga and comic books. The screen is insanely bright when you want it to be and the speakers are...well as good as you can expect from a phone but they're still pretty good.

  • Tell me something interesting about yourself
  • I'm a storyboard artist/3d generalist and I'm working towards my dream of one day developing my own cartoon or video game. I'd love to be a showrunner or game director and this is one of the ways I believe I'd be able to get there!

    A few of my favorite songs are Love You by Idenline, Sacrificial by Rezz, Over You by Flume, Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, and Walk by Pantera.

    Did you know that for the music in 2016s Doom they used an actual chainsaw as a sound one of the songs (

    Best meal I've ever had was a BBQ burger in New York. I can't quite remember the restaurant since thus was back in high school but I've never tasted something as good as that since.

    Best place I've ever visited was Banff in BC, Canada. I went with a lot of friends and to this day I still cherish those memories of walking around the town, having ice cream, and just having fun.

  • If you could design your own body and hit a button and have it immediately implemented, would you keep your natural self or would you make changes?
  • I would change. I've always loved character creation so I'd spend a good chunk of time designing just looks alone. Then, I'd focus on attributes and stats. What sort of person would I like to be? What do I want to be good at? What's the best build for the life I'm about to lead? Artist? Philanthropist? Genius? Smooth talker? Or a jack of all trades? Would I have perks that I can implement? Perfect pitch? Ambidextrous? Perfect eyesight? Double jointed? Heterochromia? A dude with a big penis? A chick with a large set of boobs? That's not to mention if I can include fictional things like super strength, the ability to fly, stretchiness, elf ears, cat ears, bunny ears, claws etc. So, to answer the question, yeah I'd change myself

  • Those of you who don't vote, why?
  • Im a Canadian and I don't care for politics. And, I know it's supposedly "my duty as a citizen" or something but I just don't care. If the world blows up, okay. No more bills or rent. If the dollar tanks, okay. There are other ways of getting supplies. If the world fights each other, okay. Let them fight and see where that gets us.

    I think I'm just jaded or depressed now or something.

  • Ex Redditors of Lemmy what made you come on over? What happened at Reddit that you made the switch?
  • Reddit is Fun no longer worked, that was my initial reason for leaving. Then I started to see that reddit was becoming more of a corporate thing that regulated what we could see and couldn't see. I know it was like that before but now it just seems to be more...sanitized in a way if that makes sense.

  • Android users, what's stopping you from switching to an iPhone?
  • How paranoid apple is with everything requiring a password, a two factor authentication, push notifications, etc. And the lack of customization without having to jailbreak or go through an insane amount of menus.

  • Are you still living with your parents/family?
  • Yeah, I was going to move now that I have a steady job but now we just got the news that my dad's condition is worsening, and, since it's just my parents and me, I'm gonna stay to help. Thank goodness for remote work.

  • What good things are going on with your weekend?
  • I got a good deal on a projector that I used to set up a home theater in the basement complete with ambient lighting, couches, and even a mini fridge. Now, I'm just waiting for the weekday to start so I can go to the store to pick up the cords I need for the sound system. Been playing my PS5 on it and it looks amazing!

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • I'm a storyboard artist/3d generalist. Basically I draw all day, everyday for short films and TV shows. I find it pretty awesome because A) I love to draw and now I get paid to do it which is, from what I understand, very uncommon for artists. B) I'm helping shape a story from basically beginning to end. C) I also get to do silly voices sometimes when they need someone to fill in.

    But, a big downside is that I'm sitting and staring at a screen around 6 to 7 hours a day which destroyed my eyes and I get leg strain sometimes from sitting. I want to get a stand up desk eventually.

  • What is your favorite time of the year?
  • It's cliche but Christmas. There's just something about hearing Christmas music, seeing the snow falling from the sky, the gatherings, watching Christmas movies. It just makes me feel nice inside

  • Classic memes from the early 2000s

    Actual video starts at 4:00


    I've always felt that Halo 4's ending was a little lacking in the music department so I decided to try to fix it.

    Gaming Monster

    Fallout 4 Terminals


    Some of the terminals in Fallout only have one purpose


    I drew Amity from The Owl House


    I drew Amity


    I finally can work on my book! But, what do I do?!

    Recently, I've recieved an email telling me my application for a creative grant to write my book has recently been approved! I can finally work on my book full time! Not to mention that the funds I recieved is going to go towards hiring voice actors to voice in a audio book format along with paying me to create visuals for the book to!

    Now, the thing is I'm caught in a conundrum. I am going to be going through with this audiobook but I do want my finished manuscript published. So, do I distribute the book myself through the socials or do I wait and send my manuscript to publishers first?

    I'm aware of finding beta readers, maybe hiring an editor, but, honestly I'm not sure what to do.


    The longer I'm stuck in this world the more I understand why villains in movies want to destroy it.

    It's been almost 8 months since I graduated Uni. No one wants to hire a student with no experience. Been living in my parents basement for all that time. Been working nearly every single day trying to better myself for a job to no avail. Been drowning in debt for nearly 10 years. Mom hasn't been able to work due to health problems. Dad just diagnosed with the worst possible disease you can think about so he can't work. It all falls to me to work. Family had to resort to a social assistance to pay the basics requirement for bills. Owe Sister and aunts money. All my friends have moved away or too busy to talk or do anything. Last meaningful relationship, which entails just talking and doing nothing more, was about 5 years ago. And no matter what I do, who I turn to for help, how much I kill myself trying to get a job, how much I try to better this situation, it all ends up with another rejection email, another message left on read, another email with no response, and more debt that I can never repay back.

    Yeah, I get why villains want to destroy the world in movies. The world sucks, everyone sucks, there's no good people in this world. Miracles don't exist, dreams are just imaginary, everyone doesn't care about you or what you're going through.

    And like everything else I've tried doing to help, this won't get any attention. It seems like the universe forgot I existed or just made me to torment me. Because it just seems that I'm just a shadow in a dark place.

    Forgotten and alone.


    I painted my Night Elf Hunter

    I used Procreate


    The struggle is real


    just my luck...

    It was THIS close to becoming a demo


    I tried painting one of my original characters realistically

    I used Clip Studio Paint