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Japanese carmakers ‘very scared’ by China’s rapid EV development
  • It's not capitalism because it's not the market magically fixing itself but China injecting a ton of money to prop up a sector the big companies have purposefully ignored, to avoid spending money on R&D. Plus all the incentives given here and there to push people towards EV.

    And the concept of offer and demand is not exclusive to capitalism, no.

  • Monitrust - a minimal self-hosted server monitoring tool
  • Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback, I did rush the documentation bit...

    I wanted the configuration to serve as documentation to explain some of the points above, but that's not clear given the readme.

  • Monitrust - a minimal self-hosted server monitoring tool GitHub - lesurp/monitrust: Monitor your server's resources in real time

    Monitor your server's resources in real time. Contribute to lesurp/monitrust development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - lesurp/monitrust: Monitor your server's resources in real time

    Hi friends, Not sure whether this little tool could be of use to anyone here, but I thought it might be interesting to share.

    I was running into problems on my VPS due to high-memory usage, which led to my email server going down with all the consequences that come with it. I tried using Grafana Agent to monitor the server's state, but with 2GB memory, the tool's footprint was creating more problems than anything else, so I reinvented my own, square, low-memory footprint, wheels.

    Cheers everyone.

    Why Facebook does not use Git – and why most other devs do • DEVCLASS
  • And some good management. Probably not a common opinion around here, but my company is not a tenth of that size, with a hundredth the number of devs, yet different teams still end up copy pasting libraries. Because it's faster than convincing management DevOps is important.

  • Législatives depuis l'étranger et inscriptions

    Bonjour tout le monde

    Je vis en Allemagne et, pour ces législatives surprises, je suis toujours inscrit sur les listes à Francfort alors que j'ai déménagé.

    L'actualisation de mon dossier est toujours en cours, donc je risque de changer de bureau de vote d'ici le 30 (ce qui m'arrangerait), mais impossible d'avoir plus d'infos en appelant les consulats (leur répondeur nous disant qu'ils ne peuvent répondre à ces questions... Super).

    J'ai trouvé une page mentionnant le vote par correspondance / en ligne, quelqu'un ici saurait m'en dire plus sur comment procéder ? Vais-je recevoir un courrier à mon ancienne adresse ?

    Merci !