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The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • It has always been this way. Part of my "age-driven degradation" is that I can see the same patterns repeating themselves often at odds with the age of the people in question. The average competency age always shift younger as any skilled profession does. I however am constantly having to show people that should have a newer skillset than me basic problem solving skills and somehow we can both read the same documentation and they not see the solution.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • You mean the twenty to thirty somethings that have come along. They have one folder with all their stuff in it and sometimes spend quite some time just looking for a file because they are unwilling to organize it or even sort it by file type.

  • Republicans Complain About Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict
  • Of course they are. What they wanted wasn't what they got though. What they wanted was for hunter to walk. Since that didn't happen they have no position to whine about it and of course they are whining about that.

  • My noise-pollution-powered car gets around so well!
  • I went to Chicago with my boss and we were walking to the hotel from the L and he commented how he didn't like all the honking. I told him get used to it in Chicago. I told him if you were a millisecond late in hitting the gas you would get honked at. First uber we took our totally silent chill driver honked his horn several times. He just kept glancing at me like somehow my knowledge of this was the reason for it.

    Down here honking at many people sends them into a rage causing them to slow down. I think a show where they took those drivers to big cities like Chicago and put them on the road would be a hit. Watching them get beat up and possible killed doing that shit would get high rating. It would have the added advantage of thinning that snowflake herd from our state.

  • I am myself and myself is bad at fitting in

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    > Idk how to embed audio to Lemmy but imagine it playing on the background lol > > Lazlo bayne - I'm no superman > >

    Justice Alito questions possibility of political compromise in secret recording
  • How is this for a compromise. All the churches have to start paying all the taxes a person has to pay. Property and taxes on income would soften the blow of them getting all that welfare to build their ever increasing in size golden calf facilitates.
    No more tax breaks for people who pay their religion fee's at the alter. Then we get to see the true believers real numbers.

  • Raspberry Pi becomes a public company
  • Shit. I guess my or anyone else's loyalty hasn't mattered. I've bought two competing products during the drought and now we are going to have maximum suckage from them since the investors will be driving the bus now. How long before they intentionally hold back functionality and hide it behind some bullshit subscription?

  • Fast Food MehBlah

    $3.19 what a bargain

    My Bacon biscuit this morning