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What is your favorite movie? Or, what is your favorite genre of film?
  • I've been building my all time favorite 100 list but my number 1 has been constantly Casino Royale. The list:

    I usually don't have a specific genre of choice but I love to dig into micro genres for a stretch. Lately my favorite micro genre is "people in a room talking". The obvious ones here are 12 Angry Men, Rear Window and My Dinner with Andre. Long Days Journey into Night, Buried, Locke, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, Rope , Tape. "Before" series works well here too. A really good one I saw recently was Big Kahuna.

    This also pairs well with tiny budget Sci-Fi. Like Man from Earth, Coherence, Another Earth, Moon, Vast of Night.

  • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon: Classic N64 Game Now Available on PC
  • This is awesome, one of my absolute favorite N64 games and it's always had mixed results with emulation (it's probably fine now, haven't tried in a while). This is the first game to really give me the feeling of a huge world adventure and the possibilities games could have. Looks like the English translation is still on the upcoming features so I'll probably wait on that till diving in. They also have Ray tracing on the road map. Curious what that would look like.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • Yea but it works out to $87 (Canadian) for 6 different nights of meals for 2 people. Delivered to my door. I suspect their angle is using this to just keep you from churning at a loss in hopes of just keeping you around in case you go back to paying regular price. The amount of meat, vegetables and dairy in the box along with cost of shipping and paying people to assemble this order, the cost has to be damn near $87 if not a little over.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • I mean, I'm choosing to use this service. If it felt unfair I'd just buy the groceries myself. They're not a charity, you're getting a premium service and there are costs associated with this. I don't think it's priced unfairly to begin with, it falls somewhere between buying your own groceries and getting takeout. The value is saving me time figuring out recipes, gathering the ingredients and getting a different meal every night, this is the value you pay for. I don't know why people expect these companies to just give this service away.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • I get one of those meal kit delivery services. Every few weeks I'll go to their AI customer support and ask for cancellation and it'll give me discounts on upcoming orders. I keep the service at about 40% off at all times. Also when there's a problem with the order the chat bot just tosses me a discount. Cases like this are perfect for AI customer service.


    Wow this blew up in a weird way. Just to be clear on a few points:

    With the discount I pay $87 Canadian which is $76 untaxed or about $55usd. I also pay for this service using gift cards from Costco that are 20% off ($100 for $80) bringing that $55 weekly cost down to about $44. For 6 different dinners for me and my wife delivered to my front door every Monday. With crazy grocery prices where I live I cannot come close to beating that without giving up something. I won't eat the same thing every night (Sunday meal prep bros, don't at me), I don't want to expend the mental energy gathering recipes and ingredients but I do enjoy cooking a lot. It's something at the end of the day I can do with my hands free of screens. At regular price this was worth it to me, at 40% off it's actually saving me money. If they're still making money shipping this big box off food to me on a weekly basis, then good for them, we're both coming out on top.

  • AMC Theatres Says July 4 Holiday Box Office Drew 4.2M Moviegoers
  • I've actually been going a lot more. When you go to a smaller movie that's been out for a week you basically have the place to yourself. My small local theater recently replaced all the seating with recliners which is a real treat. I've really come to appreciate just sitting in a dark room free of distractions (kids jumping around their room before bed, a dog that wants over and under the blankets constantly, my wife's phone). The theater is my little getaway.

  • Sony is killing off recordable Blu-ray, bidding farewell to disc burning | TechSpot
  • Really though, who burns Blu rays. Yes I'm sure there's a handful of people out there doing it but I don't know anyone who's still burning discs in 2024. Storage space is large and cheap now and way less hassle than discs. Companies as big as Sony can't keep producing products for a tiny market it just doesn't make sense.

  • Here's why modern gaming suuuuucks.
  • I mean, you're 40 now (or close to it). A lot of your nostalgia is also wrapped up in being 5. I too was an 80s kid but if the market hadn't changed your reaction would. You probably aren't sitting under a blanket learning the names in Dave the Diver. You have an income now so you probably wouldn't just wait till your parents bought you Hades 2. You're probably not running around with your friends right now pretending to be Helldivers. Games have changed but so have you. The Indie market is carrying the torch of these bygone days. A lot of the stuff you want wouldn't have the same impact on you today. I am however watching my own children glom into game characters. My daughter loves Mario and Mega Man without going to Blockbuster to rent the cartridges.

    (Btw madden 95 does work on the SNES classic, they're pretty easy to jail break and fill with your own ROMs)

  • If I have a USB powered device, could I leave it plugged into a portable power bank (like the kind you charge your phone with) as a power outage backup?

    Basically as the title says. We have semi frequent power outages where I live. The noise machine in my daughter's room goes out and wakes her up. If I were to buy a USB powered one, plug it into a power bank like one of those 10000ma ones you get for charging cell phones, would it have continuous power. Basically like a cheap UPS


    [OC] Shipwreck of Hephaestus

    We were traveling through Malta in 2018 when I came across this. According to the locals it had crashed up on shore about a month prior. They didn't know what to do so they tied it off until they could come up with a solution. My personal favorite of the photos I took. The two guys below were exploring the ship. Thought it would ruin the shot but it ended up adding some good scale.


    How well does the raspberry pi handle being a moonlight client

    I'm thinking about moving my PC out to the living room and streaming back to my office when I need to. I've used a number of moonlight clients with mixed results.

    Apple TV and Xbox Series X, terrible with massive lag.

    Android with Nvidia shield pro or Chromecast with Google TV, not bad but not amazing,

    MacOS client on MacBook pro and Google pixel 6 pro over wifi 6, perfect feels like it's on the same machine.

    Before I go through all the effort of setting up the Raspberry Pi 4 just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience on the quality of the stream


    Is there an easy way to stream full bluray disc rips with menus and features over the network to my TV

    Most of my collection is just the movie rips of just the video that play fine in Plex or Jellyfin. I've got a couple of full disc rips though that have the menus and features and all just like you would if you put the disc in. I can open these in VLC on my computer by choosing the folder.

    My living room setup is an Apple TV as the primary streaming device but I also have an Nvidia Shield pro and Google TV Chromecast.

    Is there any way to stream these over the network into some kind of app on any of these devices?


    After some looking around Kodi might be able to do what I want. Going to investigate further.

    EDIT 2

    The Kodi repo with the required addon (HEVC kodi bluray addon) seems to be down, maybe permanently :/ Still looking for a solution


    I'm at a roulette table. I only bet on red. When I lose I triple my bet, when I win I restart. Is this a roulette strategy?

    Ok so here's the rules

    • I just bet on red every time
    • I start with 1 dollar
    • every time I lose, I triple my previous bet
    • every time I win I restart

    I'm going to simulate 10 games

    • Game 1 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 2 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 3 - Bet $9 Win $18
    • Game 4 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 5 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 6 - Bet $9 Win $18
    • Game 7 - Bet $1 Lose
    • Game 8 - Bet $3 Lose
    • Game 9 - Bet $9 Lose
    • Game 10 - Bet $18 Win $36

    In this simulation I'm losing at a rate of 70%. In reality the lose rate is closer to 52%. I put in $54 but I'm walking away with $72, basically leaving the building with $18.

    Another example. Let's pretend I walk in with $100,000 to bet with. I lose my first 10 games and win the 11th.

    • 1 lose
    • 3 lose
    • 9 lose
    • 27 lose
    • 81 lose
    • 243 lose
    • 729 lose
    • 2187 lose
    • 6561 lose
    • 19683 lose
    • 59049 win $118098

    $88573 spent out of pocket, $118098 won

    Walk out with roughly $29525.

    I get most casinos won't let you be that high but it's a pretty extreme example anyway, the likelyhood of losing 10/11 games on 48% odds is really unlikely.

    So help me out here, what am I missing?


    LPT: If you're ever in a conversation circle at a social function, keep an eye out for people trying to get in and get them up to speed

    This feels like a common courtesy I don't see enough, particularly the second point. In a conversation circle, always try to keep your side vision open to people trying to find their way in. It can be awkward to try and find your own way in so giving them a spot tells them they're included then drop a quick brief on the conversation "We're talking about pineapples on pizza, good or bad" gives them context to jump in immediately.


    Game recommendations: Passive / Turn Based + Portrait Orientation + No IAP (or at least minimally invasive)

    I'm looking for some game recommendations. I feel like a ton of these games exist but they're riddled with IAP. I don't mind paying a little to buy the game. I have the play pass but so many of these games are active involvement and landscape orientation. I like to have an extra hand free and landscape requires both hands on. But really want passive engagement. Like as soon as I stop playing the game is waiting for me. Example games:


    Magnet Balls

    Free Cell


    Card Thief

    Knights of Pen and Paper

    Games like Slay the Spire (but portrait). Although I've never really found a Slay the Spire-like that didn't feel like a watered down version of STS