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MargotRobbie Margot Robbie

She/Her, Also @[email protected]

Academy Award nominated character actress, clown psychiatrist, Duchess of Bay Ridge, and plastic doll.

She is all of us, yet I'm not her, but sometimes I play her on TV.

So what will be my ending?

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  • But there is something to be said about superliminal messaging as well.

    Instead of trying to subtly influence people to watch your movie, why not tell them directly to watch your movie instead?

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  • It's times like these that online advertisements need to get creative to get ahead in this never ending adblocking arms race, just like the very subtle advertisement in the car chase scene in the Academy Award nominated film, "Barbie", now available on Blu-ray and select streaming services.

  • In your most solemn moments
  • No, I'm an actress, silly!

  • In your most solemn moments
  • On the other hand, I could be aggressively breakdancing as I'm typing this comment on my phone as you are reading this, and you would have no idea either.

  • Rishi Sunak reveals his favourite meal is sandwiches in last-minute appeal to voters
  • Wow, my favorite food is conincentally nonspecified sandwiches too! He is so relatable, he's just like regular folks like you or me!

  • Problem solved!
  • But I was expecting to see fat Ryan Gosling... 😔

  • Since America is bringing back kings what other kind of stuff is on your medieval wishlist?
  • Strange woman here, anyone knows where I can buy swords in bulk, preferably with a pond thrown in? It's for... a personal project.

  • The 50 Most Disappointing Movie Sequels of All Time
  • Sure, you got it, Lifecoach5000!

  • The 50 Most Disappointing Movie Sequels of All Time
  • Speaking of sequels, I'm happy to announce that "Barbie 2: The Search for More Money" will continue exactly where the first movie left off,


    as Barbie experiences the wonders of the American medical industry first hand and discovers that her insurance company won't cover her yearly gynecologist exam and scrambles to find money to cover her out-of-pocket payment before it goes to collections and ruins her credit score.

    (It's based on a true story.)

  • Anon has a typical everyday average British morning
  • Tell me about it, it's like, every time I want to get some grilled prawns there's always someone who goes "Oi mate, where's yer Barbie license?"

  • Everyone skims past filler anyway
  • I'm surprised people still write that in their work email.

    Writing a long letter to friends or people you want to work with is one thing, but for routine work email it should be short and to the point, nobody has time to read an essay about wells if your job doesn't involve, well, wells.

  • Shadowheart from Baldur's Gate 3 was originally "more sassy" and had to be "heavily dialed down" after one of the devs said "I really don't like" the character
  • So now Shadowheart is easily the most agreeable companion in the game since she approves of everything good or bad you do as long as it does not involve Shar or Lae'zel.

  • Garulefield

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • Well. There goes my business plan of selling body part flavored candles and butt coffee.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • That's esteemed Academy Award nominated great dude Margot Robbie to you!

    (Dude is gender neutral now)

  • What do I give my bad dad for father's day?
  • Nothing. Literally nothing. Bad gifts are for annoying close friends, any amount of effort put into a gift for your father would imply that you care what he thinks.

  • Microplastics found in every human semen sample tested in study
  • It is as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way, that way is plastic, and it's not fantastic."

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • :(

    I like Margot Robbie.


    but I also have no interest in watching it again.


  • Simple question: Are you a nice person?
  • I'd like to think so, most of the time.

    But one of the important lesson I learned is that you can't be too nice at work, you have to put your foot down sometimes, otherwise people would just walk all over you and nothing gets done.

    I don't like it, but it is what it is.