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What is a gender neutral replacement for man, guys, buddy, etc?

So I've realized that in conversations I'll use traditional terms for men as general terms for all genders, both singularly and for groups. I always mean it well, but I've been thinking that it's not as inclusive to women/trans people.

For example I would say:

"What's up guys?" "How's it going man?" "Good job, my dude!” etc.

Replacing these terms with person, people, etc sounds awkward. Y'all works but sounds very southern US (nowhere near where I am located) so it sounds out of place.

So what are some better options?

Edit: thanks for all the answers peoples, I appreciate the honest ones and some of the funny ones.

The simplest approach is to just drop the usage of guys, man, etc. Folks for groups and mate for singular appeal to me when I do want to add one in between friends.


Splitwise alternative

I'm looking for a simple alternative to Splitwise to self host. Currently my partner and I use it to keep track of monthly expenses to ensure there is roughly even spending between us. Doesn't have to be complex, in fact the simpler the better as my partner prefers simple, ready to use tech. It would only need to be accessed locally as we update expenses once or twice a month, and would prefer FOSS to have control over our data.

I thought of having a Spreadsheet that is synced using syncthing between my computer and her phone. This seems simple on my end, but I worry that it would be more complicated for my partner as they primarily would use this on their iphone. Currently on splitwise you can add expenses with only a couple button presses.

Thanks in advance.


Habs vs Buffalo

What a game! Started out a little slow and ended as a nail-biter.

Slaf was an animal tonight too! He was wild to watch!


Game day!

The season has had a little rocky start, do you think that will continue? Can we pull it around?

Who are you hoping will develop? Personally I think Slaf has been playing well, I'm looking forward to seeing his season.


Game Day!

It's a glorious day, the habs are playing today.

What are people's predictions for this game?

Thoughts on Dachless 2nd line?


Excel alternative?

As the title says, is there a good mobile alternative for excel on fdroid? I found libreoffice but it hasn't worked so far with any spreadsheet I've tried opening.

Hockey Players MajorMajormajormajor

Tape wear always on heel of the blade.

Like the title says the tape on my stick always wears away first on the heel. Does this mean I need a stick with a different angled blade? Or am I not getting low enough?

For reference I'm 198 cm (6'5") and have to add extenders to my stick to make them fit.