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It's Only One Vote
  • I'm so done with the Democrats. I'm not voting for Biden. I've voted for these guys for 10 years and at this point I feel like they do nothing with the power they are given when they do have it.

  • House Parties
  • I think it's smart phones. I remember feeling super weird looking at my phone when I had people around. I've noticed people having whole conversations while looking at their phones.

  • The Deep End of the YouTube Pool Macropolis

    EVTVweather Season 1

    Season one of Weather

    Season 1

    Highschool project of Cooper Goodwin aka gooseworx. Way too underrated and under discussed! Loved this when it was coming out.

    Whatcha up too ?
  • The show was a highschool project called "EVTVweather" by Gooseworx, the creator of a bunch of famous independent shows. It took way too long, but I didn't know who made it until after I found it again.

    I like the "ask a conservative" idea in theory. I wish there was more constructive discourse around politics. The problem with politics is it's almost the opposite of being nice. Also with so much partisanship and straight up misinformation, I'm thinking it would end up being a heavily moderated debate platform that would have to focus on a single issue at a time otherwise people will just ruin it.

  • Sci-fi short stories

    This channel sucked me.


    Is using terms like 2SLGBTQQIA+ insensitive?

    So I've recently been trying to use the term "2SLGBTQQIA+" over "LGBTQ" as it seems more inclusive, and includes first nation peoples beliefs on sexuality and gender, as well as including and differentiating "queer" from "questioning". It's not perfect (still combines A for ally and A for Asexual) but I think ally could just be included in the "+" portion. Regardless, It seems that people unfamiliar with this term just think I'm being a smart ass or a bigot. When truly I want to know what the limits of what "the community" feel is appropriate. Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.