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WSJ writes about Newag scandal
How to speed up accessing lots of files on another computer? Some kind of local cache?
  • As far as I can see you could try to attach 1 ssd to SATA0 (it can dangle in the air) and 2 hard drives to SATA1 and SATA2 (They are capped to 300MB/s and should be attached to the case with screws)

    There should be space somewhere to put the drives as I can see in the specification. You will probably need to remove the CD drive.

    There is also a question if power supply has enough power sockets to attach to the disks. You could try to find eSATA -> SATA adapter to attach something to the last port.

    You probably won't find the bigger case as motherboard isn't standard size.

    I would probably try to upgrade to standard motherboard size but I would also calculate the cost of consumed electricity in a year vs cost of more efficient hardware.

  • Closest subway line from you, France
  • I live in Poland and in big cities that's not an issue but in cities other than Warsaw and Kraków you still need to check when the bus will depart. For rural areas reliability is an issue. If for some reason the bus won't come than the next one is in two hours.

    Trains are good enough but often delayed. Mostly 5 to 15 min but there is always the odd one out with 24h that is always talked about at parties.

    Trams, trolleybuses, metro and cycling paths are good enough. There are bicycle rental networks that work in a pinch.

  • How to speed up accessing lots of files on another computer? Some kind of local cache?
  • 2 internal hdds

    As I understand the PC case is some sort of small form factor and the motherboard has more SATA ports to plug in disks.

    If that's the case then try to find old pc case in the dumpster or from a neighbour. It should have more space for disks.

    Some PCs 15 years ago had incompatible layouts so be a little cautious but gratis is a fair price.

  • "Portal" Between Dublin and NYC Shut Down After OnlyFans Model Flashes It
  • it's fun to wander around the old town and stumble upon the portal and see people waving at you from the other side.

  • Dear Daily Notes Users: What do you put in there?
  • I mosty use them to unwind emotionally. Sometimes I will put what is happening in my life in the event that I want to reconstruct the timeline of events from past season.

    I also put daily tasks that I want to do and a field to put something I am proud of doing today.

    Also I am not diligent enough to make it daily. I treat it more like "Today I ..." than a some chore to fill the check box.

  • Would Lemmy Benefit from Implementing Polls?
  • You could open an RFC to begin more formal discussion

  • Are there any innovative platforms in the Fediverse?
  • Like MAL or Anilist?

    What part will be federated? Reviews?

  • [not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • Post apocalyptic inventor


  • A bloody good time!
  • Ah yes. An American itasha to represent the thing they love.

  • Shouldn't most religious people in theory be excited to die because then they get to experience the afterlife?
  • As far as I am aware infants would go to heaven (regardless of being baptized) but the person doing the killing would sin.

    Relieving someone from temporary suffering just to suffer eternally isn't a good trade off.

  • time
  • Actuall good use of this template!

  • Best Lemmy community to find an artist?
  • To find it, you would need to post the question where there are actuall people from your region. Facebook groups, reddit, some other forum or site.

    Don't force Lemmy to do something it isn't capable to do yet.

  • How did you come up with your username?
  • It a compound from ludność meaning population and trolling so Lud + rol

    I think I have thrown a t as it was unwieldy to say.

  • Wczoraj(26kwietnia) była premiera Spy x Family: Code White w Polsce Spy × Family Code: White | Film | 2023

    Spy × Family Code: White (2023) - On jest szpiegiem. Ona jest zabójczynią. Loid i Yor prowadzą podwójne życie, jednocześnie udając idealną rodzinę. Jednak ich adoptowana...

    Spy × Family Code: White | Film | 2023

    Byłem, jak sobie przypomnę to napiszę recenzję. Bawiłem się świetnie na seansie.

    Jakieś dziewczyny były w cosplayu Yor na sali kinowej.

    P.S. jest scena po napisach

    Excessive use of words like ‘commendable’ and ‘meticulous’ suggests ChatGPT has been used in thousands of scientific studies
  • There are is no money in actual science so reasonable people aren't doing actual science. They are doing trendy science.

  • It's Wednesday, how is your week going?
  • Preatty good. Finally I will have safe place to sleep tomorrow. Yesterday I got screen replacement for e-reader delivered. I just need to buy double sided tape, and I can repair it.

  • It's Wednesday, how is your week going?
  • How I imagine your lunch going:

  • Kubernetes v1.30: Uwubernetes
  • Uwubernetes! I co będzie dalej? Miauszawa?!

    Logo Miauszawy

  • w tym wątku op spłakuje się nad brakiem wsparcia API FinTS w polskich bankach
  • Jestem trochę zgubiony. Czyli w polsce jest standard do exportu danych czy jego nie ma?

    Jako że GNUcash jest open source to można samemu (lub komuś zapłacić) aby zaimplementował integrację.

  • Last Week in Fediverse – ep 65

    Forum federation, Ghosts, Event Planners and the source code of Truth Social.

    Last Week in Fediverse – ep 65

    This weeks news:

    • Interoperability between NodeBB and Discourse set a new way of federation between forums
    • Publishing platform Ghost starts work on adding #activitypub support
    • testing platform @pubkit launches in closed beta
    • Following podcasts on your fediverse account became even easier with PodcastAP
    • Mastodon has gotten funding to start implementing quote posts
    Factorio but it's Magic Eye

    Hidden image doesn't change sadly

    propozycja aby dodać slogan

    Tak wła­śnie trze­ba i tyl­ko tak: Pły­nąć wbrew zie­mi — nie­bu na wspak! fragment wiersza "Szmer Wioseł" Bolesława Leśmiana

    Jak zostać pszczelarzem?

    Pół żartem, pół serio bo jestem ciekaw.

    Ja jestem w 100% "z miasta" więc nie mam za bardzo do kogo zagadać w tych tematach.

    Dałoby radę zrobić gdzieś staż aby zobaczyć czy będzie mi to pasować?

    Da się z tego wyżyć? Trzeba samemu zainwestować w pasiekę czy można robić u kogoś?

    LoRaWAN on ch32v203
    Spy x Family: Code White w Polskich kinach 26 Kwietnia

    Trochę późne ogłoszenie, ale i tak fajnie.

    Ja już wiem co będę robił w czwarty weekend kwietnia.

    [Jazz] Koncert Jazz PL - SONORISMO

    4:08 start programu 7:41 start koncertu

    Mrówki w kuchni. Co robić?!

    Zrobiło się ciepło, I mrówki zaczeły mi wyłazić ze stropu dachowego. Mają tak z 8-10 mm i ze skrzydłami 20-25mm.

    Meta wprowadza możliwość możliwości czatowania z innymi apkami Making messaging interoperability with third parties safe for users in Europe

    To comply with a new EU law, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which comes into force on March 7th, we’ve made major changes to WhatsApp and Messenger to enable interoperability with third-party messa…

    Making messaging interoperability with third parties safe for users in Europe

    Szmer coś słabo działa to wrzucam

    >It’s important to note that the E2EE promise Meta provides to users of our messaging services requires us to control both the sending and receiving clients.

    Tego nie rozumiem. Że muszą mieć dostęp do kodu źródłowego?

    Ogólnie fajnie. Jak ktoś ma apkę to przez 3 miesiące pracuje z metą aby to wprowadzić.

    Użytkownicy muszą "opt in" aby z kimś pisać z zewnątrz.


    Edit: swaped YT link with blog post

    Rafurbished Laptop around 150€?

    It's for my friend

    • good keyboard
    • lasts a good deal of time

    Actual budget is 700PLN

    I was thinking ThinkPad T450s but i wonder if I can get something better for them.

    [Dungeon Synth] Lagon - Chasm of light Iagon - Tome of the Crystal Wizard (2018) (Dungeon Synth)

    Artist : IagonAlbum : Tome of the Crystal WizardYear : 2018Genre : Dungeon SynthCountry : USATRACKLIST :1. Blood Passage 00:002. The Crystal Wizard 01:363. H...

    Iagon - Tome of the Crystal Wizard (2018) (Dungeon Synth)
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