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  • People say that like the replacement parts are just a mystical thing that spawns out of thin air once they need them.
    Most parts that break are injection molded plastic. Injection molding is what differentiates manufacturing and home made garbage. Something home made will never look and function as good as something injection molded by a manufacturer. And the reason for that is cost. To say injection molding is expensive is an understatement. The machines, the tools, the expertise and the material is something that a private individual could never afford and has barely any profit margin for manufacturers. On top of that there's storage and distribution.
    So if a manufacturer has to produce extra pieces of each part that might break, store and keep track of them for 10+ years for models that are no longer produced, then the customer better be ready to cover those costs with their initial purchase or have the replacement part be ridiculously priced.
    We accuse companies to want their cake and eat it too, but the we do the same thing. We want products to be cheap but also reliable or look good but be repairable. We can't have all.\

  • Real
  • This is only partially true. Yes we do engineer things to fail at a certain point, but that's only because back in the day we naively assumed that we could engineer things not to fail at all.
    Yes a stator of an electric engine will probably not fail for 100 years, but the seals will - yes the statically stressed metal part will hold until it crumbles to rust, but the dynamically stressed plastic part won't - yes the silicon in an IC-Chip is protected from corrosion, but the connector pins aren't.
    The point I'm trying to make is that there's always a part that will fail before another, there's no way to economicaly engineer around that, today we simply have the data to statistically define a failure point.
    A fridge usually has a 10 year warranty. This isn't even the end of life point. After 10 years it's most likely that 80-90% of devices will still work. This means that if your device survived 10 years it will most likely work for another 5-10 years.

  • Sex Workers Are Getting Scammed on Instagram. Meta Needs to Step In
  • It's really hard to find any sympathy for people whose entire business model is to leach money from young impressionable men. It's almost like their asking "Please stop extorting us, so we can continue extorting our own clientele in peace." And don't tell me that all those men are giving up their money voluntarily. It's like saying the gambling addicts put their money in the slot machine volutarily, therefore it's not a problem. No self-respecting individual in their right mind would or should enter his card information and buy naughty pictures of some rando, while there's a backlog of billions of them online for free. Rub one out and get in with your day.
    They can themselves "sex workers" while there is literally zero sex in their work. Imagine thinking that posting pictures of "yourself wearing short skirts" ads any value to society. Actual sex workers at least provide physical and social comfort, even if it's just an act, it's still a professional form of commitment.
    Do those women ever stop and think why there is no one stepping in for them and preventing this scam from happening? Almost like what they do has zero value to people with the actual power to do so.
    Maybe take a long hard look at yourself and see your accounts being suddely deleted as an opportunity to freshen up that resume of yours and get a real job with taxable income.

    Also the fact that this is happening to the 0.0X% of highest earners, is ironic. Usually, it's the lower end that gets scammed the most.

  • Metal Gear Solid Delta's classic visual filter usable with either control style, Konami confirms
  • You can also just unequip the gun before firing, but that breaks immersion. If I recall correctly, the XM16 and AK47 became essentially unusable because a soft press aims and hard press fires. But on the Vita the gun always instantly fires if you try to aim it.

  • Valve faces a £656 million lawsuit in the UK for 'overcharging 14 million PC gamers'
  • I think DLCs are becoming a thing of the past in general. Usually the data for the DLC comes with the main game, you just buy a license to unlock it. I can't remember the last time I bought a DLC and hat to download something additionally or update my game. I'm not a fan of it, but this is where we are going. This just means that wherever you bought the main game from, you will also have to buy the DLCs, since companies will never accept to share licenses between each other. This is not a Steam issue, this is a developer issue.

  • Monster Hunter Wilds director aims to push hardware 'to the max' to bring the world to life: 'Any Monster Hunter game where I'm director is always going to be focusing on the ecosystem'
  • I always loved the progression from gathering by hand, to having a farm to grow things and having Felynes to send and gather stuff for you. I was a little bit disappointed that newer titles ditched the farm from Freedom Unite, it had a certain charm that other titles couldn't match.

    I agree the Ancient Forest was a maze. I think the Egg delivery quest always served a very good purpose to teach players a map. You had to try and find a good and efficient route, so naturally you would learn the paths from the starting area all the way to the top.

    It just boggles me that these apex predetors all simply chill around the area just to be killed. It should be emphasized that these monsters are usually in areas unaccessible by Hunters. And the area that we play in is their common hunting grounds. And that's why those beasts of which some are literal gods are so easy to kill, because they are outside of their natural habitat.

    It doesn't make any sense why Nergigante is such a big threat in World, but then you just kill 10 of them casually. And there's also a tempered version, which somehow wasn't the main threat of the story even though it would wipe the floor with normal Nergigante.

    I always hated that High Rank is outside the main story line. The most difficult monster off the game should mark the end of the main story, not some random High Rank quest.

  • Monster Hunter Wilds interview: How Capcom is evolving its apex franchise
  • You’ve picked up on how much easier it is now to get to monsters, and finding monsters on the map. We received feedback that they were kind of difficult to get to sometimes, especially in maps that are very vertical where you have lots of different geographical elements. And, with the introduction of the Seikret, it’s easier for players to figure out where to go, and where to find monsters on the field.

    That is probably my biggest critique of recent titles. It always feels like bigger monsters aren't part of the environment, they are just there to be killed by the Hunter. If getting to the boss is so easy, what's even the point of having a open world? Why isn't every fight in an arena?
    What also break immersion is the fact that you have to farm a monster like 15 times. By the 5th time your fight, items and approach is so optimized that it is barely a challange, you are just running through the motions. I always wanted fights to be more opportunistic. Instead if selecting a quest with you monster you'd have to wait for it to appear randomly (or even with some provocation). Sometimes you'd have to break of a fight if a higher priority monster shows up or you're under prepared. Being able to teleport to your item box without penalty takes away all stakes off the fight. You can never run out of ammo, potions, traps etc.. Fights should be longer and harder but way more rewarding. You should be able to select which parts you want to carve.
    Also the are often times odd outlier quest which have you facing a monster outside its usual environment. But the monsters never change their behavior. Diablos should not be able to burry itself in solid rock, Rathalos should not be able to freely fly in a dense forest with trees, etc.

    I'm afraid that this will be another step away for players who actually enjoy the hunting part instead of the mindless killing part.

  • Mod Idea: Resources in Construction Queue

    For years I've been looking for a mod that does a simple thing - showing the resources needed for all placed construction blueprints, ideally in parenthesis on the vanilla resource list next to the corresponding resource.\ \ I'm tired of selecting all the placed floor tiles and then multiplying it by the number of resources per tile by hand. Especially because you can only select a limited number of entities at once. You have to fiddle around with the camera to section of portions of your blueprints if they exceed this limitation. It would save a lot of hassle for larger builds if the number of resources in construction or production queue would be visible at a glance.\ \ Additionally the aproximate amount of days your food will last should also visible on the resource list.