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Pros / cons of riding a bike?
  • Not if you are taking a nice leisurely ride by yourself around rolling hills and the occasional butterfly.

    No I'm talking about riding a bike into town with a dozen other riders, pedestrians who dont look, dogs that'll just wander in front of you, cars passing 1 foot too close over the line..... Ya, not exactly how I learned to ride a bike. I'll wear the helmet in the risky situation.

    Makes you wonder why skydivers bother to wear a helmet at all.

  • Pros / cons of riding a bike?
  • The helmet is not the sole saviour. But If I can eliminate or even highly reduce any risk, especially high risk brain injuries just by wearing a helmet, why wouldn't you?

    Seems silly to tempt fate when a helmet is so easy and mitigates a lot of risk.

  • Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • We had that, but people knew what the delivery driver looked like or maybe reception had a secret list of buddies to notify ...whatever. When breakfast was delivered, within 10 seconds, all the vultures in the office pounced in it, leaving nothing.

    Anytime pizza was given on Fridays, same vultures would rush to be 1st in line then walk out with a plate stacked with a whole pizza.... Rest of us usually got nothing.

  • T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • Happened to us using cricket also. Forever family plan of 5 lines for $100 so long as the plan is never adjusted.

    Well 2 months ago, bill showed for 130. I called and they said they are doing away with that plan. When I pointed out the 'forever' part, they actually pulled a Darth Vader and said they were altering the plan and that I had enjoyed the low cost for much longer than new clients.

    Fuck off

  • ‘It’s unbearable’: in ever-hotter US cities, air conditioning is no longer enough
  • No lie. For 6 days straight it was at or over 105 F outside. My air could barely keep the indoors at 80 F and my bill was 600 for the month of high heat. I have insulation and attic vents and all that.... It's just so hot outside you can't stand it.

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • I bought a sager laptop, matching the models that system76 uses. Loaded pop os and away I go.

    So far, very stable. I am forced to use Nvidia performance mode if I want an external monitor which is slightly annoying, but I can reboot into normal mode when on battery.

    Its the poor battery usage that irks me. The battery life gets me 90 min of use, so not great.

    I got steam for some gaming, guitarix and ardour for music, libre office, IDE and git tools all good to go.

    Worth it

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • Well, in his defense, I could save a file from 8 different applications and they end up in 8 different locations on my phone file system. You would think they would all go to Documents or Downloads...nope. apps dont let you pick locations, and if they do, you don't get to pick anywhere you want

  • Civ VI Huge 95% off steam deal
  • The problem with 6 is that the play mode is too structured... Especially early on. Theres not much room for custom play... Every game takes on the same form. Civ 4 was the best in series

  • Trump tests limits of gag order with post insulting 2 likely witnesses in criminal trial

    Days after a New York judge expanded a gag order on Donald Trump meant to curtail “inflammatory” speech ahead of his upcoming criminal hush money trial, the former president tested its limits by disparaging two key witnesses in the case as liars.