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Israel doesn't have the right to exist
  • Maybe a disclaimer ahead: it's absolutely atrocious what Israel is doing in Gaza. Leveling it and probably filling it with Jews when rebuilding it. The whole thing is a 911 like overreaction and I do not support any of it.

    Does not matter what some court says it is or not. That piece of land will most likely be ethnically cleansed.

    At the same time saying Israel has no right to exist can mean many things from not in it's current form to all Jews in the sea. That's the problem with dumbass slogans like this.

  • Israel doesn't have the right to exist
  • Since you like apartheid comparisons. Do the whites in south Africa have a right to exist? I would say yes.

    Its a question of coexistence and how that is going to look like.

    But hey nice radical and easy solution to a complex problem. Kudos for going the extra mile cognitively!

  • Putin pledges truce if Ukraine exits occupied areas and drops NATO bid, likely a nonstarter for Kyiv
  • Ukraine must keep their non nuclear status according to him. 🤣

    I think the conditions for Russia should be withdrawal from anything post 2014 and they should have to decommission their nuclear arsenal.

    Putin ready to negotiate! 🤦😂

  • When did you know a career was either the perfect or the worst match for your personality?
  • This kind of test told me I should be a librarian. Needless to say I am not that today and it would have been too boring (as a career no less) .

    People don't know shit and cannot tell you what is best for you. Even bosses and so on have no idea and you need to tell them what you would like to do for your development.

  • What Era was the best and why was it the 90s?
  • Aero: I liked the 2010-ish design best even though I was at least 20 at the time. I just found Memphis and y2k a little goofy. Win XP or this fish glass Mac are the worst for me.

    Maybe someone who is too young to have lived in the 90s finds this novel, I don't know.

    Someone has written it here. There was at least some techno optimism left in 2012 or so and maybe that's the time I am nostalgic for.

    Not so much the 90s "because we had no phones" - then turn your phone off.