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It could soon be illegal to publicly wear a mask for health reasons in North Carolina
  • Bragging about having to wear it. Now banning it. This is insane ..

  • Insider legen rechtsextreme Strukturen in Vorpommern offen
  • Ganz schwierige Kiste. Ist auch sehr bekannt das der gesamte Vorgang schon eine Weile, besonders im Osten, läuft.

    Die Frage ist halt wie lang man bereits weg geschaut hat, wenn man betrachtet das rechtsextremistische Züge sich bereit bei der Polizei, Feuerwehr, Bundeswehr (insbesondere das KSK) und wo sonst noch etablieren konnten.

    Ich weiß nicht ob die Gesellschaft allein diese Irrfahrt in den Griff kriegen können. Aber wie sonst?

    Man merkt immer mehr das die rechte Szene immer skrupelloser wird. Von Öffentlichmischung von Namen und Adressen bis tatsächliche Gewalttaten (auch an Politiker*Innen).

    Dennoch bei all dem, bin ich erneut Fassungslos..

  • Steam, Epic and GMG are canceling Ghost of Tsushima PC pre-orders in non-PSN countries
  • Uh oh.. somewhat appears like showing Sony the lines they shouldn't cross.

  • Gone Baby Gone
  • Yeah. That sounds solid. I'll look that up, as it's an interesting topic

  • Meet the Gen Zers struggling to stay in work or school — and the parents who are at a loss for how to help
  • I think that's gonna be a global issue very soon. I'm a millennial in the EU and feel already like that. I more often see it in younger generations.

    I get financially by. That's it. No huge savings. I don't own a car because it would just make it more expensive to be alive. Thinking about buying a house or apartment? Hell no.

  • Gone Baby Gone
  • This average trend has been some kinda scientifically forecasted.

    Mostly industrial countries like in NA and EU f.e. are going down with general birthrate etc, as it's not necessary to get by when older (well.. I have doubts regarding this).

    So called third world countries are going up in births, because children secure their later life.

    It is expected that the global population will go back down by the year 2100, but also will have the highest amount or peak of 10 billion by 2050.

    I cannot back this, since I have read about this years ago and things might have drastically change, since a lot of factors do change unexpectedly.

  • Bird flu outbreak in Jharkhand; 2 doctors, 6 others quarantined in Ranchi | Ranchi News - Times of India
  • I saw a documentary on stuff like that. Happens regularly in some parts of Asia.

    One example is a specific drink from a fruit, that can carry that virus. The only reason for that: bats liking those juicy water nuts as well and are on them, before harvesting. Wasn't India I think.. but yeah.

    Still.. no good.

  • Millionaire tries to prove becoming wealthy is easy by becoming homeless and making a million in a year - and of course fails miserably and quits, citing reality
  • Easy to go at an experiment like this, when you can back out anytime. He learnt nothing and so didn't anyone else.

    Besides it's revalitizing people who are actually homeless or in precarious situations.

  • Virginia Becomes the First State in the South to End Child Marriage
  • Hold on.. that has been still legal in 2024 there ? Wow..

  • They really want people to RTO
  • I'd like to know who funded this "study"

  • Bethesda update Fallout 4 for your "next-generation PC"
  • I bought it on sale now, played around 2 hours and what can I say.. it's.. stale.

  • Wie die CDU mit der AfD umgehen will - und was Experten dazu sagen
  • Yup. Verstehe den Gedanken inhaltlich Stellen zu wollen. Aber das klappt nicht Mal im kleinen Rahmen.

    Es ist eine Verharmlosung wie sie im Buche steht.

  • vegane Dinonuggets beim REWE


    heute gibt's für mich Mal einen Ausflug zum Rewe. Konnte jemand schon Nuggets vom Rewe testen? Taugen die was?


    Different cases for FP5?


    tried to find something nicer than the standard cases for the fairphone 5. But with very little success. Do you have a go to service for that?


    "you're more fun when drunk"

    Anyone knows this sentence? I had a lot of people saying that when I was younger. I also knew alcohol would do magic to my anxiety.

    By now I've learned that it doesn't need alcohol to have people actually liking you.

    I mean. I'm still anxiety-me. But surrounding myself with people who like me.

    And right now to feels useless to write this, like it doesn't have a point. Excuse me..


    Lagerung Mühlenhack (Soja)


    ich brauchte nur die halbe Packung zum kochen. Wie kann ich den Rest am besten lagern?


    Edeka Rückruf "My veggie" Vorsicht bei Allergikern: Großer Rückruf von Edeka-Eigenmarke

    So sorgfältig die Verarbeitung und Produktion von Lebensmitteln und Produkten auch überwacht wird, manchmal kommt es dennoch zu Fehlern oder Verunreinigungen.

    Vorsicht bei Allergikern: Großer Rückruf von Edeka-Eigenmarke

    Ist Soja in den Produkten gelandet. Auch in denen wo es nicht deklariert ist. Kann wohl auch ohne Bon zurückgegeben werden.


    Destiny Legacy Pack for free on Epic

    Yes. Its true. You can get the legacy, including Witch Queen, Beyond Light and Shadowkeep, for free.

    Now is a good time to start or switch to computer.


    What comes after TFS?

    My head is running in circles since the Lightfall announcment. When the light and dark saga ends.. whats next?

    Could it be more focused on Vex and technical stuff or will they fully unfold the war with Xivu Arath?

    Also wondering and kinda hoping they will throw out a new saga with a new engine.

    What are your thoughts?


    Vegane Winterboots / Lederfrei


    es wird merklich kälter bei uns und ich hab mich bis jetzt vor der schwierigen Suche nach veganen/lederfreien Boots gedrückt.

    Nun.. ich weiß nicht so recht welche Hersteller oder Modelle auch einen Winter durchhalten.

    Falls da irgendwer eine Idee hat, bin ich sehr dankbar :)!


    Nuxt or Vue+GraphQL

    Hey there,

    I'm somewhat new to Vue. But I am wondering what backend to use.

    As far as I understood GraphQL should do the trick. But when I was taking the Mastery Courses for free this weekend, I came across Nuxt, which is a full stack framework.

    What are your opinions or even other ideas?


    vegane Mehlklöße?


    in meiner Familie gibt es schon seit ich denken kann ein Rezept für Mehlklöße. Die fehlen mir jetzt seit meinem vegansein schon sehr.

    Das einzig tierische daran ist das Ei. Wüsstet ihr was sich eignet um das zu ersetzen?

    Im Prinzip Ei, Mehl, Salz und ein wenig Wasser. Das Ei sorgt dafür das die Masse backt und man die in z. B. Suppe geben kann und die darin dann noch einen Augenblick ziehen.


    Vegane Salami nicht mehr in Produktion?


    ich finde in keinem Supermarkt vor Ort die vegane Salamipizza von Ristorante.

    Auf der Homepage von Dr. Oetker ist sie aber noch gelistet.

    Ist irgendwie bekannt ob die gerade nicht produziert wird?


    Did you make it through Contest-Mode?

    Oh what a ride.

    We only made it past bridge. Let alone the lantern phase took forever. Maybe because we were messing around with swords getting up some serious speed.

    Bridge was a thing to figure out. I don't know if there was that buff back then. I only mastered the raid 8 times on OG Destiny.

    So we're still out clearing on normal with the final encounter, which is doable. Gonna dig ourselves in tonight.

    Though the chest after the bridge phase wasn't in the room. Did we miss something?

    What are your thoughts? Did you make it within contest-mode or no?


    Meta for Crota this Friday?


    it's an ongoing discussion in my clan. Not everyone played the old raid and some just rarely and now we're thinking about what would be the best Loadout for the encounter?

    What are your thoughts?


    is there a way of checking apps for GrapheneOS

    So yeah. Spending a lot of thoughts turning my phone to GrapheneOS. The only thing that really matters is my banking app. Is there a way to check if it works on Graphene?


    Stuck on saving Halsin

    Hey there,

    I did all 3 bosses to do that. But for two it's still showing the questmarker, even though they're dead. Cannot progress on that quest any further.

    Someone had the same issue? Is there a solution to it?


    Crosspost: Beyoncé selling "only listening" tickets [Music News] Beyoncé is selling $157 “listening only” tickets for her Renaissance tour. The seats are behind the stage, so you can’t see the concert, any of the set, or dancing. -

    Summary: “Beyoncé is selling “listening only” tickets for her Renaissance tour. The seats are behind the stage, so you can’t see any of the set or dancing, but they only cost $157 compared to the ~$900 fans have been paying for regular US tickets.” haha! fuuuuuuuck that.

    [Music News] Beyoncé is selling $157 “listening only” tickets for her Renaissance tour. The seats are behind the stage, so you can’t see the concert, any of the set, or dancing. -

    > Summary: “Beyoncé is selling “listening only” tickets > for her Renaissance tour. The seats are behind the > > stage, so you can’t see any of the set or dancing, but > they only cost $157 compared to the ~$900 fans have been paying for regular US tickets.” > > haha! > > fuuuuuuuck that.


    read on scroll stops working

    Hey there,

    when I scroll down for a while, reading and skipping posts, it suddenly stops to mark posts as read. Someone else experiencing this issue?


    is connect coming as web app?

    Hey there,

    I'm pretty happy with the work of the dev. Love it actually. But I was wondering if there is a web app coming as well?


    What cloud drive?

    Hello there,

    yeah, I am using an android phone. But anyway - what cloud drive, besides Google Drive, is rocking the most on android?