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Big publishers ‘eject too soon’ from live service titles, says Warframe boss. “It comes out, doesn’t work and they throw it away”
  • These are false equivalencies. Why not make them available all the time? Have you ever asked why they don't? Because them going away for an unknown time drives purchases. Now why does it drive purchases? Because people are afraid of missing it. You can get it eventually sure, your just punished for not getting it then and have to wait. It's textbook FOMO marketing, saying it's not is just silly.

  • Democrats say they've raised $46.7M: 'Biggest fundraising day of the 2024 cycle'
  • A lot of them don't want him. Hell, huge amounts of Republicans are following Nikki and voting Dem now. They have become a cult, and like any cult, they become more radical over time. The more radical they become, the less that remain, making the remaining few even more radical. That happens over and over till there are a very radical few left who do something crazy.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Because that's how democracy works... Civil war is the result of democracy failing. I said it's at risk, not dead.

    If you realized the democrats couldn’t win, would you vote third party, assuming there was one that aligned more with your own politics?

    No, %100 not. If they lined up with every single view I had. Because they will not win. Money wins elections right now, that's the cold hard truth. And 3rd party will never be able to compete. If there was rank choice voting, where the system wasn't two sided, sure I would. But without that I would at least be able to influence which of the two people we get, and this time I want the one that hasn't claimed he wants to lock up the other side and admits to wanting to be a dictator. That's who you are helping by casting a 3rd party vote, you are making the best chance to beat him that much weaker.

    Your vote is symbolic. It will not impact this election at all, me and you both know that. And if democracy is on the line and you take this time to "record what your party needs to support," then you are naive. What you think your party needs to support means nothing if there is not another election. So go ahead, record what you think politicians should platform on; just know that if one side wins, what you think is important doesn't matter anymore. I'd rather vote for the side that still gives democracy a chance than try to fix it instead of letting it die so I can record my thoughts and feelings.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Yes, you are powerful enough to influence the election in the same way Republicans are. Both favor a Republican outcome.

    Yes, Trump n Co should adopt those policies but they won't. They know that what they get from lobbiests and Republicans are more than enough to win. Giving way to policies you want would put their wallet at risk and work against big companies.

    As for Democrats they certainly should, but at this point you're going to what? Show them what you want by voting third party when democracy itself is on the line. Seems like a poor time to cast symbolic votes. At least with Biden you know you'll be able to vote again. They are also the party that is much more in favor of rank choice voting, a process that would actually enable a 3rd party candidate to win.

  • CNN hosts told they're "complicit" in Trump re-election in live interview
  • So since you aren't voting for him everyone should stop talking about all the bad things he does. We should only carry a spotlight on what guy we want to win. Question his every move but ignore the guy trying to bring down democracy, leave him in peace. WTF...

    Yes, and if Republicans nominated a sane person we wouldn't be here. But seems like the Republican party did a great job of making people not care what horrible things they do anymore.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Oh Jesus.... It's not about how many you interact with it's the scale. A companies tech team is a fraction of the size of the call center.

    Call center software is an outlier. Just that massive multiple billion dollar software industry. I mean who even uses Salesforce right?

    But you were assuming people weren't hourly. So you were assuming you could have people work forced overtime, skilled workers, with nothing going wrong? Oh boy, bold management tactic.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Damn, well done. I don't really have the energy to argue with idiots who think "cancel all debt" is magic and thinks society would survive it. Glad to see some people still do.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • Your last line perfectly encapsulates your misunderstanding of the situation. You're an idealist, I get it. But even you have to accept the reality that this year either Biden or Trump will win. That'd the cold hard truth. You can toss your vote in a third pile but it will do nothing to impact the outcome.

    If you truly think Trump or Biden are a choice bad, then the only way you can have the most, really any impact, is by choosing between them. The problem is Trump voters do not think about the 3rd party, only Democrats do. So what is happening is the Biden pile and Trump pile may be the same size, but everyone who takes their vote and decides to go 3rd party instead of dem makes Bidens pile smaller. This means every dem vote not for Biden is, in a very real way, helping Trump win.

    You can say 3rd party has a chance or your voting for what you believe and that's it. That's fine. But realize that you have a chance to impact the election and by voting 3rd party without ranked choice voting you are removing any impact you may have. This could mean letting someone who doesn't respect democracy into office, and the possibility that you may not get another chance to vote.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • I mean the one you're actively defending in these comments. Nice try on the "what-about-ism" though.

    Wait, US backed Nazis. Ok Bud, did they use weather space lasers to start the war too. Go back to Qanon.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • My view is survivor bias sure.

    And you're view is based on anecdotes and assumptions. Things you've seen that you assume applies to the entire industry because you've worked in QA. Well I've worked at multiple companies, in roles from product to engineering, working myself up to the level of CTO. I talk to other CTOs and understand how their teams run and fail. I have to make decisions that keep our tech going and deal with consequences when they aren't. So forgive me if I don't put a ton of stock in your statement that "quality doesn't matter" when I've had multiple conversations with executives and multiple experiences that prove that to be false.

    Bottom line is, I've told you my point of view, you disagree, that's fine. You don't work for me, I don't need to worry about it. If you truly think quality doesn't matter and that's working for you, have at it.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Jesus dude, your still on this, I wrote off this convo forever ago.

    This will destroy Crowdstrike. They will not exist in a year. This is not "just a blip" lol. Many companies have collapsed over much more than this.

    You make so many assumptions. How do you know they didn't test it? How do you know a wrong build didn't go out? You're entire stance is based on assumptions fed by anecdotes from limited experience.