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Help setting up a DualSense5 on Dolphin Emulator (Windows)


I'm buildiing an emulated Wii console thing (and I'm calling it the Uriine, because I'm a 12 year old at heart apparently)

I've got a mayflash dolphin bar, and it's working beautifully. I only have 1 working controller though, and would like to set up a DS5 as a secondary controller.

I have it mapped and 90% working, but it could be much better, and I'm hoping for some help getting this the rest of the way.

The issues I'm facing:

  1. I've got the pointer mapped to the right stick, but I would like to use the gyro for this. Gyro movement doesn't seem to be registered as a mappable axis though.

  2. Rumble motors aren't detected

  3. The DS5 has an onboard speaker like the wiimote, any way to use it as such?

I feel like most of this could be fixed with a good driver for the controller, but I can't find one.

Any help would be appreciated. Bonus points if you can tell me why I have to have the controller on before launching a title for it to be detected (any controller, not just the DS5)

Chinese space firm unintentionally launches its new rocket
  • To be fair, none of that was in your original post. Not knowing all of that, I think it was a safe assumption you meant the allegations of mistreatment by the CCP, rather than the Falun Gong claims of benevolence.

    Obviously you didn't though, and a quick Google search suggests you might have some valid points. I didn't know any of that!

    However, I do want to point out that you could say most of the same things about fundamental Christians, and while I'd personally take the same view of those types ( I do believe they're a dangerous cult) I wouldn't say anyone calling them peaceful religious types was engaging in "Alex Jones level of manipulation of the truth" and wouldn't discount them entirely for holding that view. Particularly when, as you say, it's very likely they are actually being persecuted

    But hey, if nothing else I think you've shown that I have no idea what I'm talking about here. Maybe that comparison doesn't actually hold. Also, for all I know he's a bought and paid for propagandist. Honestly, nothing surprises me these days

  • Chinese space firm unintentionally launches its new rocket
  • I don't think what he's saying about Falun Gong is so far fetched to be outside the realm of plausibility.

    There's been enough reports of similar treatment of other groups, like the Uyghurs and Tibetans, from reputable sources that I believe something is going on there.

    As for sources, if the CCP is half as bad as he makes them out to be, it would be irresponsible of him to give sources.

    I don't know enough to refute anything you've said, but frankly you're less credible than him right now. I mean no offense but you have a single comment on your account and you've offered nothing to support your claim of twisted truth.

    Too much smoke to conclude there's no fire

  • I liked Fusion 360, I like Onshape - but I'd rather like something that I won't lose over the whims of one company. So, what?
  • it looks like Fusion 360 runs fine on Linux

    I can assure you, it does not.

    Do not switch to Linux and expect this project to save you, it is NOT beginner friendly.

    It's great, and I'm sure someone smarter than me could probably get it working, but personally, I failed miserably and switched to OnShape.

  • The US population only accounts for 4.2% of the world.
  • I'd like to see stats on that, because there are equally many 2nd language speakers in English speaking spaces as well. Not to mention the brits, irish, aussies, kiwis, canadians, etc, and that's before we get into this list of places with a non majority first language population, like many countries in Africa.

    I think the percentage of Americans on the internet will be higher, but still not a majority

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • Lol, I'm not sure I'd describe it as anime, but I understand what you mean. Personally I quite like the aesthetic of it. It makes them feel just the right amount of fake to me that I won't feel bad deleting the pool ladder. I can totally see how it would bug you though. Hopefully it'll be easy to mod out, or at least turn down.

  • How do you model complex curves?

    Can someone explain or point me towards a good tutorial that explains how to match complex curves, like the PS5 side panels?

    I want to make a controller stand that sits on top of my PS5 in it's horizontal position.

    I'm most familiar (but still very beginner) with Fusion 360, but I'm open to trying other software if there's some killer feature that makes this easier.

    Any tips appreciated, thanks.