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The second matchup of the tournament
  • This takes me back to "gorilla, man, gun," which was basically the baptist youth camp version of rock, paper, scissors. (It probably exists outside of that context, that's just where I always played it shrug)

  • The second matchup of the tournament
  • To be clear, I'm not trying to get into a man v bear debate here. But, like, a man could still kill you, right? Is that better than being eaten? I mean, I guess it's probably less likely. I'm no expert on bears or random forest men.

  • Raw milk fans plan to drink up as experts warn of high levels of H5N1 virus
  • Good question, I would like to know as well. I wonder if he thinks that getting "sick" is something that bodies just do, no virus required. Or maybe that it's because of the fluoride in the water. Idk, just spitballing here; my money is on demonic possession for sure.

  • The less you vote, the more you back Trump
  • Yeah, when I read the headline I figured it was saying that if you don't vote, that means you're actively supporting trump. But after reading the article, it's definitely not saying that as far as I can tell.

    I chalk it up to the headline being worded weirdly, and just the fact that people have been saying things sorta like that.

  • don't tell iceland
  • Good point!!

    Apparently whales are ~36°, about the same as humans. I'm not a biologist or anything, but I wonder why they maintain such a high body temperature, considering how difficult that is in the ocean lol.

    Still, I wouldn't be surprised if the milk is quite a bit colder by the time it gets to the baby.

    Here's, uh... definitely the strangest youtube video I've watched this week, but I thought it was interesting. ¯⁠\⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠/⁠¯

  • Does Jerboa have notifications?

    Just curious. I looked through the settings and didn't see anything regarding push notifications, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask in case I'm missing anything.

    If not, are there any plans to introduce them? I wouldn't complain either way, honestly. I'm not sure if I'd even enable them. On one hand, they can be too attention-grabby. But without them, sometimes I feel like I have to keep opening the app to check. I know I'm a little phone dependent, but I'm working on it. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

    This is unrelated, but I just wanted to say thanks to the devs! I've been on here for a few months and it's been a great experience. Y'all rock :D

    What's the most comfortable watch you would recommend?

    Hey Lemmy! 👋

    I've never been able to stand the feeling of wearing a wrist watch for very long. But I figured hey, maybe I just haven't found the right one yet! So I'm here to ask, what's the most comfortable watch to you guys?

    Hello everybody :)

    Hi! I wanted to check in with the community (if that's okay), how is everybody doing? I wanted to open up a space for anybody to talk if they'd like to.

    This week I passed the 2 month mark again, and I just wanted to share that with somebody, y'know?

    I feel really proud of myself, but it's also a little hard to keep going now that it feels like I'm in for the long haul. My longest streak was almost 4 years, but it was very difficult. I want to set myself up better this time so it won't be as much of a struggle. (I'm working on getting back into therapy; I think I could really benefit from talking about it in therapy, not to mention making a new safety plan and everything.) I know I can't expect it to be easy, I just want to get to where I can feel more confident.

    Recovery is heavy. I feel a little better just posting this, and I wanted to invite anybody else who needs it to share how they're doing here. I know we're just internet strangers, but I'm proud of you guys <3

    Wheelchairs kase
    Winter Weather Advice

    Hello! Manual wheelchair user here, and I'm wondering if anybody more experienced can share their strategies for going out in the colder months.

    One thing I've yet to figure out is gloves. Do you guys wear gloves in the winter? I've yet to find anything that doesn't make it impossible to grip my handrims. On a related note, is there anything that helps you grip better in the rain? I try to just avoid going out in it, but life happens, y'know?

    I don't really have any other specific questions (it'll be my first winter since I got my wheelchair (technically second, but I barely went out last year), so I don't know what exactly to expect), but any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. _

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