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Hello everybody :)

Hi! I wanted to check in with the community (if that's okay), how is everybody doing? I wanted to open up a space for anybody to talk if they'd like to.

This week I passed the 2 month mark again, and I just wanted to share that with somebody, y'know?

I feel really proud of myself, but it's also a little hard to keep going now that it feels like I'm in for the long haul. My longest streak was almost 4 years, but it was very difficult. I want to set myself up better this time so it won't be as much of a struggle. (I'm working on getting back into therapy; I think I could really benefit from talking about it in therapy, not to mention making a new safety plan and everything.) I know I can't expect it to be easy, I just want to get to where I can feel more confident.

Recovery is heavy. I feel a little better just posting this, and I wanted to invite anybody else who needs it to share how they're doing here. I know we're just internet strangers, but I'm proud of you guys <3