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Kaiser Kaiser
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My Lilly girl likes to take up the whole bed when she sleeps. Rottweiler/Cane Corso mix.
  • What kind of dog is she, our dog looks the same bit all we were told from the shelter is “hound”.

  • Blue Heron, Northern Va
  • Found while walking next to South Fork Catoctin Creek

  • Blue Heron, Northern Va

    Great Blue Heron, CA
  • Permanently Deleted

  • cute dogs, cats, and other animals Kaiser

    Blue Heron I saw while walking.

    EarthPorn Kaiser

    Catoctin Creek - Waterford Va

    How to fuck up your children for life - part I.
  • This physically pains me.

  • Where to find North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature charts?
  • sorry got my wires crossed, thought you wanted the raw data not the map.

  • How do some podcasts have location-based ads when my podcast player doesn't have location permissions?
  • You may not have given them location data to that app in particular but your devise probably has an advertising id which has tied you to a location for other services.

  • Why do they make pants without pockets?
  • The conspiracy I’ve always heard is that they want people to buy purses. The justification I’ve heard is to remove “unsightly” bulges and seams.

  • Measured in time at your current income, what would you consider a life-changing amount of money?
  • $40,000 would be enough to allow my wife to stay home with our baby for a year without worrying about getting a second job.

  • Admin Response to Defederation from Exploding Heads
  • I’m not usually a fan of defederation, but I'm actually glad to see it in this case. It's beneficial to have healthy disagreements in opinion and interactions with people who don’t share your views. However, I haven't witnessed anything positive resulting from these interactions so far.

    I really appreciate your transparency and responsiveness to the community.

  • Is anybody else more active here then they were on Reddit?
  • Definitely, I was a lurker or Reddit except for the occasional question to a programming subreddit.

  • Luna Moth I found while walking the dog.

    [Final Update] My insurance won't cover UTIs for males. Yes, I'm in the US.
  • Unfortunately, insurance is insulated from public backlash because it’s not something that is easy to shop around for. Many people get insurance though work and have limited options to start with and a specific time window for make plan changes. When all options equally suck there isn’t an affordable place to switch your business too.

    This sort of change would need to be legislated, but public opinion has very little impact on public policy.

    Healthcare is broken in the US and no one with any real power to make change will do anything about it because it’s far too profitable the way it is now.

  • Suggestion: Upvote and Downvote Color Consistently

    Right now the slide to upvote and downvote colors are not consistent with the upvote/downvote buttons and indicator.

    Note: this is on the dark mode.

    Harvard’s new computer science teacher is a chatbot
  • Not sure how I feel about this,  hallucination is still a big problem for large language models.

  • Prigozhin says his forces "are turning our columns around," amid claims of deal brokered by Lukashenko
  • "An agreement was reached on the return of PMC Wagner to their locations. Part of those who will wish to do so, will sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense — this concerns those who did not take part in the march, indeed, there were such formations which, from the very beginning, changed their minds and returned. They even requested to be escorted by the traffic police and other assistance in order to return to their permanent locations,"

  • Prigozhin says his forces "are turning our columns around," amid claims of deal brokered by Lukashenko Live updates: Wagner head says group standing down after claims of deal

    Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed Saturday that he was turning his forces around from a march toward Moscow in what Russian President Putin called an "armed uprising." Follow for live updates.



    TLDR Wagner returning to positions after deal is met with the Kremlin. Wagner will sign a contract with the Defense Ministry. All charges against Prigozhin will be dropped.

  • I’m pro soup, beans are bad for the economy.

  • Daisys first pup cup.

    Biden says threat of Putin using tactical nuclear weapons is 'real'
  • That is the mutually assured destruction doctrine. I can Image the East responding with conventional attacks as a start, but if we started attacking Russia directly and they’ve already shown the willingness to use nuclear weapons what’s to stop them from using more against the conventional western forces. The west would need a very decisive first strike if they respond with any direct action.

    Personally I don’t know if using nuclear weapons is a line that you can walk back across, once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s out and it going back in.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That’s a really hard position to be in. Personally I’d tell him that she found out that her dad isn’t. Her biological father but that doesn’t make him not her Dad. I wouldn’t want to be walking around with that big of a secret from my family.

  • Proj Crate

    Has anyone managed to build the proj crate, I've tried on windows and on Ubuntu but always seem to have some problem with the proj-sys crate building proj from source.


    Starting Project

    I'm trying to learn rust. I've worked though the rust book but I've stagnated after completing the book. I've always found the easiest way to continue learning is to have an actual project to work on. I'm having a hard time coming up with a project to work on in rust so I'm looking for some suggestions.


    Auto Expand Image Links

    Is anyone aware of a way to automatically expand images in Lemmy posts?


    A weird bowl !

    cross-posted from:

    Another photogrammetry community

    > > Not the best point cloud, high reflectivity meant that correlating points was difficult.


    A weird bowl

    Not the best point cloud, high reflectivity meant that correlating points was difficult.

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals Kaiser

    My 10 month old dog, Daisy.


    First Post ReSFlow: A Remote Sensing Imagery Data-Flow for Improved Model Generalization

    As satellite imagery collections continue to grow at an astonishing rate, so is the demand for automated and scalable object detection and segmentation. Scaling computational activities demand models that generalize well across various challenges that can hamper progress, including diverse imaging a...

    There was a some what active community on reddit for photogrammetry. So i figured I get one set up on Lemmy to give people a place to start over & homely avoid splintering our already small community.

    So to start it off i'd thought I'd share a machine learning Data-Flow model I've had some success with for generalizing machine learning applications for photogrammetric terrain modeling.