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Biden administration finalizes controversial minimum staffing mandate at nursing homes
  • My sister is a nurse. Hospitals are constantly trying to put more and more workload per nurse than is feasible/safe. That sounds like it's to your point, but it isn't really. My sister was making like $25 per hour before covid. Her job was to take care of NICU babies. For $25 per hour, with a degree and a fair amount of student loan debt. And they keep adding responsibilities and assume they will work overtime "for the babies".

    Why would anyone want to go to school to get into an underpaid field where literal babies' lives are constantly in your hands, and the hospital is trying their hardest to decrease their nursing payout by decreasing nursing staff?

    We need regulation. Nurses are quitting the field because they cannot handle the stress and the pay certainly isn't worth it.

  • Trump Eyes Social Security Cuts By Slashing Payroll Tax
  • Wait your hot take is "yes I agree, cut my government pension fund so that my EMPLOYER doesn't have to pay more taxes"??

    This isn't you getting more in your paycheck now. This is your employer not having to pay as much in taxes. They will almost definitely not give you that money.

    Sure I mean, the stock market might go up a bit for a little while with this extra cash flow, but eventually those people who would rely on the government pension fund will need to draw money from SOMETHING. Then those market gains will crash.

    In what way is this beneficial beyond "stock market will go up a couple more years"? Which, by the way, unless you already have close to enough to retire now, just makes it MORE expensive for you to buy.

  • There's no coming back from that
  • Yes they are original tires. I check against bar in the tread periodically and wear is tracking about normal. When I was a kid someone watched me corner like a madman in my honda civic and said to me "wow you must really like buying tires." It really stuck with me. I had been buying tires frequently for that small car. Now I corner like a grandma and tires last forever.

  • There's no coming back from that
  • I own a brother printer and never have had an issue. Only had to buy toner once in like ten years. I've had a Tesla for 3 years and will probably have to buy tires in another two years when I get to like 45,000 miles.

    So yeah, this tracks I guess?

  • There's no coming back from that
  • I got the unlocked speed and I'm still on original tires at 28,000 miles. Still have plenty of wear before they need replacing too.

    The problem is not stomping on the accelerator, since the car has very effective traction control. The problem is cornering. These are very heavy cars, and cornering is rough on tires even on a light car. So have a bit of fun off the line if it's safe to do so, then corner like a grandma and your tires should last reasonably well.

  • Strange, isn't it?
  • I think that's the idea. Heroes "do it for free". You don't see superman getting extra money from saving people. He holds a job. Same with Spiderman. Even Link has to pay rupees for his gear to save the world.

    So businesses have figured out if they give you the praise of being a hero, they don't have to pay you. Just like a superhero would never ask for money, you shouldn't either, hero.

  • Weed
  • My response to this kind of stuff is, that's one guy's opinion with the current morality of the time. The morality of another time didn't allow tattoos or mixed fiber clothing. Not sure about the clothing thing, but tattoos probably caused infection and were a bad idea. Similar to how eating pork was probably undercooked and a bad idea.

    Homosexual intercourse is a higher risk for std transmission, so another "bad idea", especially back then. But we have some preventions for that now, so it's a bit safer. Perhaps it's time for morality to move forward to accommodate newer safety.

  • If you break a Nazi's arm he has 50 percent less arms to do Nazi shit with.
  • I think this is better presented as:

    "Oh wait you are FOR fascism?"

    "No I'm just against antifa."

    "There is no like, regulating body for this 'antifa'. It's just what the fascists labeled anyone who isn't supporting fascism. If you aren't a fascist, then you are antifa."

  • This 7-year-old has a lemonade stand to pay for her mom's tombstone
  • I liked the Speaker for the Dead from the Ender's Game series. Instead of some guy reading off fluff about how kind they were, how they would be missed etc, they had a position called Speaker for the Dead who would speak there.

    Before the funeral event, the Speaker would be like a journalist, studying to learn and understand the person who had just passed. Then the eulogy would be more of a story of the person's life, what goals they pursued through life, etc. Explain why and who the person was. Felt kind of like the difference between just seeing the grumpy man in Up, and seeing the intro to the movie to see who he was through life and why he was grumpy now.

    I wish our funerals were more like that. Let me see and understand the entire life that just ended. Let them have their story one more time.

  • TIL the dev of Iron Lung, an acclaimed indie horror game, faced significant backlash over increasing the price from $6 to $8
  • I once made an app for Samsung watches for disc golf scorekeeping. It could accept any number of players, apply a handicap throughout the game so you could know exactly how you were doing vs your opponent with different handicaps on every hole, and gave a nice scorecard at the end to view. It was $0.99

    Someone complained that I made them "throw away their money down the drain" since it didn't also have gps to tell them how far they were from the hole.

  • Not to be outdone by Trans Day of Visibility, Trump weirdly declares ‘Christian Visibility Day’
  • Dude I remember that day Jesus rose from the dead. Crazy day. It was.. was it Wednesday? I'm not sure. No wait it was definitely Sunday. The first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Yeah that's when it was. Who could forget that?

  • What does 'eat the rich' mean to you?
  • I played Borderlands with my brother online once. He was ahead of me but we wanted to have fun together so we tried to play together.

    I was on a mission to get the best gun for my current level. He was kind enough to just drop a gun that was as good or better for my level than what I was seeking. I no longer had to do that quest.

    In fact, he dropped all the best guns he had through all the levels. I no longer had to do any extra quests.

    I quit the game. It was suddenly boring. It was the need for the next new thing that had been making it exciting, and now that was gone.

    I think about that sometimes for rich people. Why does it never get boring?

  • They're such great investors!
  • That's not necessarily the case. Wasn't it a big issue recently saying that high tech earners had been putting shares of startups into their Roth IRA then it was worth way more than intended later?

  • Couch co-op is finally making a comeback? The buzziest games this year prove that gamers want old-school couch co-op

    Online multiplayer is a gaming staple, but not every big title lets people play together at home. Games like 'Baldur's Gate 3' and 'Diablo 4' are reinvigorating the genre.

    The buzziest games this year prove that gamers want old-school couch co-op

    Can someonr explain thr math of how someone is supposed to be able to be even close to net zero carbon footprint?

    I just got a CO2 meter and checked the levels in my house and went down a rabbit hole trying to address the issue. Apparently it would take 249 areca palms to offset the carbon RESPIRATION of one adult.

    So okay 249 trees just for me to breathe, not to mention the rest of the bad things we all do.

    So how can this math ever balance? 249 trees just to break even seems like an impossible number. Then all the flights I have been on, miles driven, etc.

    I feel like that's... Way too many trees. Is it hopeless or am I missing something?