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Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • I loved reading through the manual for Morrowind with the copy we got on the original XBox. I read all the class descriptions, details about the schools of magic, and had a whole character planned out before starting the game. I didn't get into tabletop gaming until much later, but looking back, that manual really captured the same feeling of reading through the D&D players handbook and picking out a race, class, background, etc.

    I think that feeling is why it's still my favorite PC game.

  • Recommendations for single spool dryer box?
  • I got the EIBOS one on Amazon. Not sure it is that different from the Sunlu and others that have been mentioned but it works fine for me. I had a very humid house, lile 60%+ in the summer. I had a lot of problems with petg and even pla before I got that box and none after. We just moved and new house is thankfully normal humidity, but I'm still using it

  • Rant: My recent experience of trying to install windows for gaming and why I'm really thankful for Linux
  • Yeah I've never had a missing driver problem with a windows install since maybe windows 7. I even moved a hard drive with a windows 8 install from an Asus laptop with an Intel cpu to a custom build desktop with a ryzen cpu without having to change any drivers. I did have to reactivate windows because of the hardware change but that's it.

    The included drivers are often providing less performance than updated ones from the vendor though, so it is recommended to download those in some cases, specifically nvidia. But most gaming laptops will have a vendor provided update center to manage all of that for you.

    I like Linux over windows for a lot of reasons but this post is a bit silly.

  • Plastic tea bags
  • Some still are. Bigelow I think.

    But loose leaf tea is much better quality anyway and avoids the issue of what's in the bag entirely. They also have ceramic filters so you can completely avoid having plastic in contact with hot water

  • Is it possible to install ubuntu or another linux distro on a 2014 macbook pro?
  • Debian on a base model 2013 MacBook air checking in. Runs better than it ever did on Mac OS. Battery life is still fine. I did have to use proprietary drivers for some things (wifi and webcam) but other than that it was pretty much plug and play.

    Lots of replacement parts are on ebay for cheap, and there are a lot of repair tutorials on YouTube (and I replaced keyboard and trackpad cheaply, and some of the internal cables.

    As far as drawbacks, if you have to replace the storage or or logic board, those are expensive. I have a sound issue which I haven't been able to fix and from searching around it looks like a logic board would be required. Bluetooth headphones work fine though so I'm just dealing with it.

  • Issues filling forms in PDFs
  • Draw is great, and I've been able to use it for most of what I used Acrobat for before, but it has issues with converting certain documents, especially when they have special fonts. Also there's the issue of not being able to just fill out some fields and then share it back as a PDF

  • Issues filling forms in PDFs

    Pretty much all of the PDF readers I have tried will work for form filling, however I have some similar issues with all of them.

    I mainly use Okular or Atril.

    Issue 1 is when filling out multiple fields in a PDF, it becomes extremely slow, to the point of typing some text, and having to wait for 5-10 second for it to show up and I can continue.

    Issue 2 is that both Okular and Atril will insert the text with a much larger font size and/or different font than the document. Even in cases where the fields have some pre-populated text, if I touch the field, the font changes. Sometimes the change is significant enough that the text is not readable, or makes surrounding elements not readable.

    The best way I have found that works is to use FireFox. The form filling in that works fast and doesn't mess up the fonts, but the way FireFox handles saving PDFs is tedious. I can't just click ctrl+s to save, as it prompts me to choose a location to save at and makes me overwrite the original file every time, rather than just editing it in place.

    Is there any PDF reader that people are aware of that does not have these issues? Or is this something that is weird with my setup?

    I'm running Debian 12 with the KDE Plasma desktop environment

    USB-PD is a de-facto low-power DC voltage standard, with USB-C being the universal plug. Hurray!
  • Are you talking about the adapters that let you run network through your electrical circuits? Because that's different from PoE. PoE is running power through the network cables so you get power and network with one plug, so kind of the opposite of that.

    I can confirm that using electrical infrastructure for network is really not great.

  • All the projects
  • Finish your current project

    "What project?" I say, as I start a third project after getting bored with the second project and completely forgetting that the first project ever existed.

  • Resources for adventures or prompts that are easily adaptable or not system specific
  • I do, I try to do as much creation as I can to exercise those skills, but having some prepared adventures to steal things from makes it a lot easier. Like going to the gym with a professionally made program before learning to write your own programming. And I don't want stuff so pre-prepared that I don't ever learn to make my own stuff - I'm not so much just running the pre-made stuff as I am dissecting it, trying to understand it, and taking what I like to plug into my game.

    When I have prompt or encounter ideas I write them down in a notebook and flesh them out later, but a lot of the time when I sit down to prep it's hard to think of things out of thin air. I'm getting a lot better at creating new things and integrating things the more we play.

    So yeah, any resources on how to better design stuff is very welcome too. I have watched a lot of the Matthew Colville running the game videos that have helped a lot (especially the "Prep Can Be Literally Easy and Actually Fun" video)

    Something like Storycaster looks interesting. I have heard of some other story prompt / plot cards (Fabula and Narata) and I might look into those too... That kind of thing is exactly what I'm looking for. Something that can help me generate ideas to flesh out into encounters or side quests that I can keep in my GM notes and stick in different locations so when the players decide to go into the mountains instead of the forests I have a general idea of what might be there...

  • Resources for adventures or prompts that are easily adaptable or not system specific
  • The Dungeon Alphabet seems great! I will add that to my list to check out.

    Fire on the velvet horizon also looks interesting, but maybe a little intense for my current game. Kind of giving me some SCP vibes. Would be fun to run a Fringe-like campaign in a dark fantasy setting with these kinds of creatures. Reminds me of The Tales of Durand series, too, where when certain things happen, the world kind of starts to unravel and unbinds a lot of dark creatures and things.

  • Resources for adventures or prompts that are easily adaptable or not system specific

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new GM. I've only ever played ttrpg as a GM with my kids, using the Hero Kids system.

    We've been having a lot of fun running a longer campaign, and my kids were not really interested in the flavor of playing as actual kids (they want to be hulking lizardkin warriors who yeet the bad guys across the room and intimidate even the city guards to let them carry weapons in the city) so I have done a lot of adaptation of the included Hero Kids adventures to fit their style.

    What I like to do is pull general plots and encounters out of the pre-made adventures, cut out or change stuff that doesn't fit, and use them as kind of quantum side quests whenever the players want to ask about rumors from the local innkeeper and stuff like that.

    I have been mainly designing my own stuff as we go along but those adventures help a LOT with prep and having resources already compiled in a mostly usable way. It also helps me learn a lot about how to design encounters and plots since I don't have much experience.

    I'm posting because I am about out of the Hero Kids adventures that I feel like fit our setting and play style and I am wondering if there are any other books that have adventures that can be used in this way that aren't system specific?

    I've heard of things like the One Shot Wonders book, and others, or even the actual D&D published adventures, but having no experience with that or with even playing D&D 5e, I don't know how much work it would be to adapt things. So I am wondering if anyone has used resources like that and knows how they are put together would be able to let me know of some good ones to use in this way.

    Free resources would be great, but I'm definitely willing to spend money if there are good products.

    Klipperized my Sv06 - 10/10 do recommend

    Finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 4. I installed MainsailOS and I followed this guide and got Klipper set up and running in a few hours.

    I literally doubled my print speed in the slicer settings, which is giving me a 30-40% reduction in print times and the print quality is actually better at the same time... The only concern I have now is how the whole table vibrates when printing so fast 😅

    Managing the printer through the moonraker interface on Mainsail is really nice. I also set up Obico for remote monitoring away from home with an old webcam.

    The issues I had during setup were pretty few, but I'll list them here:

    • The USB webcam I had did not work at all out of the box, but that was quickly fixed by installing Crowsnest - after install the camera (Logitech C270) was working perfectly
    • After installing Crowsnest, the camera worked, but the web interface was no longer connecting to Klipper - I found out this was because I set up my Raspberry Pi with a non-default username, and the Crowsnest installation had apparently updated my moonraker.conf to look for Klipper in the default location. Just had to update klippy_uds_address: /home/pi/printer_data/comms/klippy.sock to have my username instead of pi
    • The last problem I have is that I'm having so much fun printing at turbo speed through the slick web interface that I'm burning through my filament too fast and I need to order more soon.

    Next on the list is a Raspberry Pi cam (the Logitech C270 is on its last leg) and some LED lighting to get a better view of the prints.

    It really feels like I got a whole new printer. I am really impressed with it and I would definitely recommend to anyone with a cheaper Marlin printer and at least a little bit of Linux experience.

    Just started meds

    I just started meds for the first time (Focalin XR). I'm on day 2 and it has been great so far as while I am on them I can actually choose what I want to focus on.

    It is a total game changer - stressed about stuff that I have to do in 3 days and feeling like I'm going to spiral out of control into a pit of anxiety and misery? Nope, I'll just focus on what I'm doing today and know that I can take care of that when it is time to do so. I was even able to go to multiple stores and places that would normally overstimulate me and stress me out without any issues.

    The first downside I have noticed happened today - when I get hungry I get REALLY hungry and really irritated - extreme hangry. I had read that stimulants normally suppress appetite but that when you come off of them the appetite catches up and you can get really hungry. Apparently that happens to me so I'm going to have to be careful about that and maybe make sure I have a meal planned around the time that they will wear off.

    Anybody else have that experience? Or any other interesting experiences about being on meds?

    [Solved - kind of] Audio / webcam not working for 2013 Macbook Air

    We have had a Macbook Air (A1466) laying around for years after it became useless due to not getting any more updates so modern browsers wouldn't run, etc. etc.

    Today I decided to dust it off and install Ubuntu - that all went great. No issues with wifi drivers or anything. The only issues I am having are that I have no audio input or output (only device available is "dummy output") and no webcam.

    I'm not really sure where to start. I have used linux before, but it has been years (Ubuntu 11 or 12 was the latest I ever touched).

    Any suggestions?


    This is what I get from running lspci -V

    ``` 00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller (rev 09) Subsystem: Apple Inc. Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 73 Memory at b0a10000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K] Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2 Capabilities: [60] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [70] Express Root Complex Integrated Endpoint, MSI 00 Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel

    00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller (rev 09) Subsystem: Apple Inc. Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 73 Memory at b0a10000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K] Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2 Capabilities: [60] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [70] Express Root Complex Integrated Endpoint, MSI 00 Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel


    Gyroid infil appreciation post

    I've been using gyroid infil almost exclusively since I first tried it.

    I was using cubic before, which was fine, but gyroid seems much sturdier for the same % infil even if it does take a bit more print time.

    Also it looks awesome.

    Octoprint disconnecting

    This just happened for a second time.. I'm running octoprint on a windows desktop computer that lives next to the printer (no raspberry pi for me yet).

    Twice now, it has disconnected mid-print. The printer and PC are both online and physically connected. Disconnecting and reconnecting in octoprint works, and I have been manually checking the last gcode sent successfully in the terminal and copying the remaining code out of the file from there and printing that - it works but if it has been disconnected for a while before I notice, the spot where the extruder was sitting gets a little melty and there are some artifacts in the print.

    Is there any octoprint plug in that can automate this process so I don't have to manually edit the gcode? Or any tips on preventing disconnects?

    I'm pretty new to this whole world of 3d printing and even newer to octoprint so I may be missing something obvious.


    Designed a snap fit case for wall mounting an arduino uno

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    I made this case to hold an arduino uno for a project I wanted to wall mount.

    There are posts inside the case to hold the board in place with space behind it for all the sensors and wires I needed, and a 9V if you don't have too much else. The lid has posts that come down and meet with the ones on the base to hold the board securely.

    I also included a snap fit base that can be wall mounted with screws or command strips so I could have easily remove the arduino for updates without having to take it out of the main case.

    Printed some wall mounts for my and my kids skateboards

    Found this great model on printables:

    Printed in PETG with 50% gyroid infil. I did 3 perimeters and that seems good for the regular skateboards. If I hang my longboards I will use more perimeters I think.

    More fun with TPU

    Printed this low poly snorlax model with 0% infil using Amazon basics TPU.

    Model is at printables:

    I printed at 50% scale for a tiny one

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