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Adobe abandons $20 billion acquisition of Figma
  • I don't miss Flash, but it's hard to deny that back in the day, it was nice to have a tool that rendered content universally for web browsers. It was also fun to make shit in. 100% obviously we're better off without relying on some proprietary software to render interactive components etc, but it did serve a purpose and give us a blueprint for what the web should, and often times should NOT be.

    But, Fireworks(also part of macromedia) was a fucking fantastic program and was lightyears ahead of its time. Adobe murdering it spawned Sketch, which spawned Figma. So the irony and dread of Adobe buying Figma was never once lost on me.

    I rely on these tools every workign day of my life, and fuck adobe for fucking with my workflow

  • Am I taking crazy pills? Has ChatGPT 4 gotten *substantially worse* the past 48 hours?
  • A lot of it feels like they're trying to save on server costs. I got into a very strict routine of pasting in a code block, telling gpt to include xyz in it and return it to me, and its practically impossible not to get truncated code returned to me now. Very frustrating and not the time saver it once was

  • Anyone keep getting captchas all of a sudden?

    I pay for chat gpt, and the past couple days I've been getting bombed with captchas. It's driving me nuts.

    Food and liquor license for Monica’s Trattoria temporarily suspended after owner arrested in connection with North End shooting
  • Kind of dumb that the anti-vax, pro mayor harassing, pro-trump fuck face fired a couple rounds into the window of one of boston's busiest stores on one of boston's busiest streets.

    They didn't strip them of the license, they temporarily suspended it until monica's appoints a new manager to handle it, since their current appointed license manager is in jail.

  • Mastodon Usage Soaring as Twitter Rebranding Leads to User Exodus: CEO Eugen Rochko
  • Couldn't agree more. I was a fail whale era twitter user. Wayyyyy early user. I ditched it a little bit before musk actually, but I still ended up seeing threads here and there because of Reddit.

    Just today I landed on a Twitter thread, saw that x and it was like, strangely repulsing...I wanted to get the hell out of there asap

  • I just had a flashback to being in ‘the room’ where I said goodbye to my dog last year. I was with her through the whole thing and that room is forever imprinted in my mind.

    Angell might be expensive, but they’re professionals, and I’m glad they’re in the neighborhood.

    Sorry for your loss

  • YSK: In addition to Reddit, StackOverflow is on Strike
  • Totally. The other day I had to test a csv/xls upload tool. I wanted to make sure that no matter what configuration an asshole user had for phone numbers, it would strip everything out so it would be a valid integer for my database.

    I told chatgpt to make me a csv with 20 rows, 6 columns with xyz headers, and to give me an assortment of different phone number formats. Took 10 seconds.