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Outstanding idea.
  • Yeah but that doesn't mean SpaceX isn't a fantastic rocket company. Why is over promising an issue? It's still fantastically cheap and capable. You aren't buying rocket launches, and the people who are are looking at the current performance, not future projections.

  • Outstanding idea.
  • Seems like you're comparing SpaceX to Elons promises, not against the rest of the space industry. They're still much better than all the rest, even if they don't quite meet Elons promises.

  • Rule people
  • I think legends handled it okay, that the battle of yavin was the tipping point, but the empire still had remnants that needed to be countered by the New Republic. And the New Republic has its own problems, but faces an entirely different threat than the empire too.

    Whereas with the new movies, they just hit the reset button back to episode four, rather than developing on the trajectory in interesting ways, which would have given Luke's actions and the original trilogy more weight.

  • Rule people
  • Star wars a new hope started out with Luke as an everyman. But since then it's all become about the bloodline. Rise of Skywalker is especially bad, tearing down the anyone can be special and saying you can only be special because of your bloodline.

  • Economics
  • You only need a graphing calculator because you're not allowed to use wolfram alpha, desmos, or Matlab. Since you're mandated to use graphing calculators, (sometimes even specific models) there's no incentive to make them cheaper or better since you need to buy them anyway.

  • We are still flying half a ship!

    Another happy landing. I can't believe starship managed to land gently after burning half the flap off!


    Walking stick for your hike!

    Just make sure to return them when you're done! Maybe even add a new one if you find one.

    The one I used was very nice. Has a nice heft all the way down, and was very straight.


    this intricate pattern on a stick found while hiking in sedona, az

    cross-posted from:

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    interestingasfuck JohnDClay

    Drone footage of Sinuiju City North Korea

    XiaoHao2 took these pics and videos from across the China boarder with a dgi drone in 2020. They uploaded just recently. Here's some more pics












    Disable tracking on Chevy Bolt 2019

    OnStar reports location and speed data to the car manufacturer. Sometimes they will sell this data to insurance companies to raise your premium, as several news stores pointed out a few weeks ago. I couldn't really find an advantage to OnStar, (I have my phone to call emergency services) so I disabled it by pulling it's fuse.

    For my 2019 bolt, it's f31 in the instrument panel fuse box, just down and to the left of the steering wheel. The fuse box cover comes off when you pull it hard from the bottom.

    I was able to find which fuse went to OnStar in the owners manual and labeled on the inside of the fuse box cover. You should be able to find it for your model car there too if it uses OnStar.

    I did have the casualty of my speaker for calls and texts. I'm not able to use it right now. I'll see if I can dig in and reconnect it somehow, but we'll see.

    Who knows that other into they're snitching back to GM, or what they could do in the future, so I recommend disconnecting it. Good luck!


    Reentry looked so cool!

    Amazing views, especially for live! I don't think we've ever seen reentry plasma on a live stream before.

    PS, does anyone know how to get a direct link to a twitter video? I used to be able to through nitter, but that shut down. I can't figure out how to get twitter videos on lemmy directly now.


    POSITRON JourneyMaker, upside Down Portable 3D Printer

    Folds down to fit inside a 1kg filament box. Upsidedown let's the complicated moving bits be in the base where there's less vibration. Krylan3D originally designed this to easily take in a backpack back and forth from college, but is now hired and working on designing other 3d printers. So the community has made improvements and made it easier to make yourself. Parts cost about $550.


    Not mine, but very pretty!

    Cross posted from


    How much it costs to cut 1 metric ton of carbon emission with various methods for different global carbon emission levels

    As you reduce the amount of carbon emissions (the y axis) the methods to keep reducing carbon cost more (the x axis.)

    This great graph came to my attention from this video from vlogbrothers. It also has some good explanations of what it means.

    Note that carbon capture doesn't really make sense till you've exhausted all the other emission minimizing methods.



    Ancalagon the Black, by Ruben de Vela, 2010

    Ancalagon the Black, the absolutely gargantuan dragon from the first age of middle earth!

    This fantastic artwork is by Ruben de Vela. I think the sense of scale and immense power are remarkable.

    >But Earendil came, shining with white flame, and about Vingilot were gathered all the great birds of heaven and Thorondor was their captain, and there was battle in the air all the day and through a dark night of doubt. Before the rising of the sun Earendil slew Ancalagon the Black, the mightiest of the dragon-host, and cast him from the sky; and he fell upon the towers of Thangorodrim, and they were broken in his ruin. The Simarilian chapter 24


    Exam questions be like

    It can't be that hard, it's only two questions!

    Credit to the original video (as far as I know)

    Cats Are Liquid JohnDClay

    Liquids take the shape of their container


    The ornithopter design is absolutely fantastic

    I love the noise it makes and how it manages to look like a helicopter and biology inspired. And the wing folded dive to get to the spice harvester is just fantastic.

    !On the ground

    !In the air


    Repair mode for Pixel Privacy More ways to repair your Pixel phones

    We’re improving the repair process with more ways to protect your privacy, easy-to-use manuals and easier to find parts and repairs.

    More ways to repair your Pixel phones

    Hopefully this will help lower objections to getting devices repaired


    TIL Bologna in Italy had dozens of towers built in the middle ages

    These mini castles were built all over the city.

    >The reasons for the construction of so many towers are not clear. One hypothesis is that the richest families used them for offensive/defensive purposes during the period of the Investiture Controversy.

    Only a few survive to the current day.

    !current day pic


    With US nuclear modernization, we all know what design they should go with

    Here's some helpful schematics for a thermometer gnome.

    !thermonuclear gnome


    Cats Are Liquid JohnDClay

    Who poured the cat into the drawer?

    A liquid conforms to the shape of its container


    Guide to a good stick

    Sticks come in many shapes and sizes, but this is guide to a good vanilla one.