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MFW in the northern hemisphere right now
  • In Spokane smoke season is just as bad if not worse, it's a lot dryer here. I have family in the PNW so I visit frequently, and grew up there, so I'm aware of both climates and forest fire season. I'm not sure how mountains are relevant, but in Spokane we're very close to large forests such as the Colville National Forest, and the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, in addition to forests further north, not to mention brush fires. One last year (called the Gray Fire) burnt down 259 structures and 10,085 acres, according to the fire's Wikipedia page.

    Tl;dr: I'm very aware of fire season, but I generally consider it a sad and unfortunate inconvenience, not a common natural disaster, though in instances like the Gray Fire, it does happen.

  • Elon Musk says SpaceX HQ officially moving to Texas, blames new CA trans student privacy law
  • I think kinda everyone did. I never loved the guy, I got weird vibes and thought he was majorly overrated, but I thought he was fine, and I respected the work he'd attached his name to.

    Hell, I still respect the hell out of starlink, as someone who had dial-up or old style sattelite with 15GB/mo limits until I moved out of my parents house 6 years ago. That shit's cool as hell, I would've killed for it as a kid, and my dad did shell out for it when it became available.

    I don't really attribute anything cool that's come out of Elon's companies to him any more though, in my mind all the credit goes to the talented leaders and engineers that are "under" him. There is something to be said about bankrolling these things, I suppose, but I don't think it's as noble a mission as we all once thought. He just wants to be liked by people and make money.

  • MFW in the northern hemisphere right now
  • You should try the pacific northwest. It gets up into the 90s a few days per year. Not really any natural disasters. Floods I suppose, but as long as you don't buy a house in a flood plain (why do people build there?) you'll be fine. No snow, if that's your thing. Just a lot of rain in the fall/spring/winter.

    I'm in Spokane currently and really like the climate, though I'm a weirdo who likes overcoming extreme cold and heat (cold more than heat), and I love the snow, driving in it included. I could honestly take colder and longer winters.

  • early birds
  • If only standups were near as pleasurable as watching a comedy routine. No, Jim, we don't need to hear your day minute by minute. It isn't that hard, Jim, just keep it to the same length as everyone else, Jim. (Jim has since been talked to about this)

  • YouTube is experimenting with Notes, a crowdsourced feature that lets users add context to videos
  • Can confirm it is real, I have it installed right now via revanced, Grayjay, and Firefox extension.

    Also, I have a terrible imagination, but that's OK, as it's open source and you can see how it's calculated on their github.

    It takes the ration of likes to dislikes from users of the service, and applies that ratio to the total number of likes to estimate the total number of dislikes.

    It also archived a lot of video's dislike counts before the dislike field was removed from the API.

    As a user of the extension who knows how it works (no thanks to yourself), take it with whatever sized grain of salt you feel comfortable with.

  • Fun to find an interesting use case for the MCM in the form of my on-the-go Aeropress caddy

    The MCM arch holds the grinder handle in place which keeps it from flopping around, and keeps the grinder in the caddy. It's a really clean and easy solution for this unique problem.

    I talk more about the caddy in this video if you're interested - Timestamped Link

    On Friday a video will be out where I talk more about the final version (shown in the video attached to this post), but the function is quite similar, just with the correct measurements because measuring is hard...

    I would be happy to share the STL, but I haven't yet as I figure not too many folks have the exact same aeropress setup as I do with the scale and grinder, and I'm lazy (but honest at least!)


    My GTAO Solo "Grind" Routine - Am I missing anything?

    I got back into GTA Online about a week ago and wanted to know what the best grind for someone wanting to have fun and make money efficiently was. I already had everything unlocked except for the new salvage yard, which I now have, but am waiting until I upgrade it to add it to the rotation. When I started playing again, I came across this comment on reddit which I started with. After playing for a week, I've modified it beyond recognition to look like this:

    • At Login
      • Spin the Lucky Wheel

    • Hangar
      • Buy Air Freight Cargo
      • Sell Air Freight Cargo (if full)
    • Bunker (if out of supplies - as noted earlier)
      • Resupply
      • Sell to LS
    • Security Contract via Franklin
      • Until 20k/day in the safe, then change to payphone hit or security
    • Office
      • Mixed Good Supply Mission from the Front Desk
    • Warehouse 4,3,1,2
      • Buy
      • Sell if full
    • Autoshop
      • Modify Car, Staff deliver
    • Acid supply
      • Buy
      • Activate Speed Bonus
      • Sell if full
      • Work for Dax (if allowed)
        • Until unlock of acid lab upgrade, then remove this, these jobs fucking suck
    • Arcade
      • Safe
      • Master Terminal | Bunker
        • Note if sale is needed (out of supplies)
      • Master Terminal | Nightclub
        • Redistribute Staff if Needed
        • Note if sale is needed due to any staff being idle
      • Master Terminal | Vehicle Cargo
        • Steal Car
        • Sell Car
    • Warehouse 5
      • Buy
      • Sell if full
    • Agency
      • Safe (if near full)
    • Nightclub
      • Enter as passive (guarantees a quick kick-out)
      • Do the quick kick-out
      • Safe (if near full)
      • Sell if any staff are idle (as noted earlier)

    • Things to mix in
      • Cayo-Perico Hiest
      • Autoshop Robbery
      • CEO VIP work
      • I almost always check out the random blue dots

    This order works really well for me, due to the location of my warehouses and businesses on the map, so it'll need to be optimized for wherever your stuff is. I'm really happy with the flow for me, especially with how I positioned my warehouses and how the Mixed Goods mission lines me up to hit most of them in a row.

    All that said, am I missing out on anything profitable or fun that I should add into the rotation? Could I make it more efficient? Should I add anything from the salvage yard when I get it upgraded? Do you have any questions for me?

    Thanks for taking a look!


    First multiplayer impromptu SteamDeck session.

    I'm at a friend's house for the night and was invited to an among us group. Installed among us and discord, had everything working (after a restart) within 10 minutes. I was shocked that simply adding a keybind for mute/deafen just worked. Yet another "it's just a computer" moment. I'll have to get that discord overlay thing working at some point.

    In addition, the mic seems to work pretty well without using headphones, though I can't hear myself obviously.

    I wasn't considering upgrading to the OLED because I didn't use the device enough, but man, I might...


    Is quick reply missing?

    I'm moving over from boost for reddit, and am missing the quick reply functionality. Am I just missing it, is it actually missing, and is it planned?

    Loving the app so far, it's made the transition easy.