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PayPal will use your purchase information and shopping patterns to sell targeted ads
  • I don't mean online where gdpr applies I mean in physical stores. My company uses a service called bridg but there's others. If you swipe your card to buy something at my business and I don't know anything about you except that card swipe. I can find out who you are, where you live, your approximate income etc. Then cross reference that with any other database that can be bought or other bridg partners to know your spending habits. Then I can say find me more customers matching op profile for my business and that's how you get targeted in the real world. Online it's 100x easier for them because you are typically getting something mailed.

  • PayPal will use your purchase information and shopping patterns to sell targeted ads
  • You know when you use your credit card and it shows the last 4 digits on the receipt big data collects all that and knows exactly who you are and where you shop and is used for targeted ads and demographic research. If you ever used your credit card where they know your name/ delivery address and even if you didn't they know exactly who you are. This technology is old as dirt not even sure why PayPal announced this like it's a big deal.

  • Microsoft's quest for short-term $$$ is doing long-term damage to Windows, Surface, Xbox, and beyond
  • That stands to reason. Whatever games the people who stay make will continually fall into this cycle unless there is a fundamental change to the way games are developed. As you pointed out there will be tons of lost knowledge, and games will get worse every cycle. Companies don't want to pay to develop things they just want to buy profitable companies once someone has done the hard work and it's simply not sustainable.

  • Live sports for jellyfin?

    Anyone know how to set up jellyfin to get champions league etc?