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me whenever hbomberguy uploads a new video
  • Also sponge bob skin theory. Dude had a little video putzing around, then a couple years later dropped a couple hour long video to convince people of some absolutely wild shit about sponge bob, then just disappeared.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • Yeah, also, imagine in the bronze age, a shaq sized dude was found and trained to be an elite warrior. I could totally see the men of that era, who encountered him in battle, telling tall tails of a 9 foot giant they had to fight.

  • Grandma’s church says Trump is all of us. She liked and shared. #LIBSinPRISON
  • I remember Obama having a number of people, who were like actually attracted to him, and fan-girled over him, with like editing them into wedding photos with him and shit. However, they were looked at as freaks. It was also not a lot of people, and they kinda turned themselves into social media freak shows, to continue the attention they got from their weird post of them kissing Obama, or whatever.

  • Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
  • It is because there is actually no documentation of biden being associated with Epstein, like with Trump and Clinton, that was a lie, and the stuff about touching ranges from photos that are not nearly as weird looking when seen in the context of video footage, to videos that are more like him putting his hands on kids' shoulders, patting their heads, etc., nothing really that strange for an old man interacting with small kids, a stretch to call it something sinister at best, and a claim that, while may be true, has a number of issues in its story.

    It is, as they say, a nothing burger, unless something with a lot more strength behind it, comes forth.

  • A real headache to argue over
  • I mean, Goliath was called a giant but wasn't "my skull is the size of a full grown man's torso" big. He is said to be about 9'-9'9". Which, if there was historical legitimacy to the story, could easily be within the range of a very tall person that had their height exaggerated over time.

  • Based
  • People change faith all the time. In fact if you type into google "does faith change" the first several things I get are papers discussing that faith does change and why, including the introduction of new information on a subject. So you are wrong.

  • Heiroglyphs
  • Back in the day I used to work at one of the largest hospitals in the US. In my last year there they had started having doctors record their notes, issues order, and prescriptions, on an audio file, using and issued microphone. Then that stuff was sent to a group of people transcribing everything in text. these scribes would also fill out forms for the orders and prescriptions. they did this in response to a series of lawsuits they lost badly.

  • "Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • I have. Not so much that they are all rah, rah, russia, but because the west is the one supporting Ukraine. They seem to believe russia was, in fact, there to "de-nazify" Ukraine, and other russian propaganda. You know, the country who had recently ousted a putin puppet, then elected a Jewish man in a landslide, was so in need of a russia to fight the nazis that have over run the country.

  • Based
  • Where did you get this definition? You can absolutely have concrete proof of something, therefore knowledge of it, and still believe it. I believe in gravity. Do you know why? Because there is a lot of proof out there for it. I do not believe things I have no proof of. You can also have faith in something you know, due to proof, is true.

    You can also believe, and/or have faith in, things that have no proof.