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Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search
  • If only there was a way to show the whole world in one simple example how Enshitification works.

    Google execs: Hold my beer!

  • Little things you can do to save the environment
  • Preaching by fanatics is sooo appealing and convincing... /s

  • Conservative Plan Calls for Dozens of Executions if Trump Wins
  • Left of center? You mean left from totally bonkers actual Fascists....

  • What is Reddit doing
  • Many ways to detect this, but let's start with the basics: Are you using the same Ip address?

  • Hush money isn't illegal, it's 'democracy,' Trump lawyer says in defiant trial opening statements
  • No, they are confusing the issue so the jurors won;t know what he was really accused of. Their best tactic, and one that could very well pay off for them, sadly. Jury trials are a joke.

  • What's a band that has one album that is just about perfect in your opinion, but rest of their discography misses the mark with you?
  • The Strokes. Their debut *Is This It *is one of the best if not the best Rock debuts. Eveything else after is just meh to me.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • Wow, a genuine terrorsim supporter. would you look at that.

  • Evidence Does Not Support the Use of the Death Penalty
  • Using Gish gallop makes people look at you with wary eyes and ignore whatever you have to say, as the only people using this technique are zaelots without facts.

    You are intelligent enough to know what logical fallacies are in principle, and you can work on actually spotting them, and presumably at the core of you there's a right thinking person somewhere. Do yourself a favour and step back a moment and think about the company you are keeping ideologically. And what hill you are deciding to fight on.

  • California Cop Who Shot 18-Year-Old Had His Bodycam Off, But Surveillance Footage Captured Him Shooting Suspect in the Back as He Fled
  • "Coleman was implicated in court testimony in 2022 for participating in the Vallejo police badge bending scandal, where officers bent the tips of their badges to mark fatal shootings. Coleman testified his badge was bent against his will, but a department superior testified that he was more involved than he said and may have even helped spread the practice to other officers."

    You make some good points in general, but Coleman seems to be everything a cop should not be...

  • Sovereign citizen says we can only pay bills in gold and silver.
  • Most of these sovcits are gullible, ignorent and stupid. This one however shows clear signs of mental illness, sadly.

  • Windows 11 24H2 goes from “unsupported” to “unbootable” on some older PCs
  • ooh, be careful of that edge there, you might cut yourself kid.

  • Kenneth Smith ‘struggled for life’ for 22 minutes in Alabama nitrogen gas execution: Updates
  • The state does not care whether they are innocent as well, and that callousness is just as bad from the eyes of people living in a civilized society...

  • Microsoft lays off 1,900 Activision Blizzard and Xbox employees
  • People losing jobs is funny to you? You are worthless human being that should just stop posting their horrible opinions. I feel embarrased to be the same species as you. Just stay in your mom's basement and watch tv, you'll save us all the embarassment of your wannabe edgy cringe postings devoid of empathy and humanity.

  • Sovereign citizen who has no valid driver's license got let go as a result, wants unemployment from the government she doesn't recognize.
  • Rare, but not super rare. You are misremembering the large amount of pamphlets, direct mail and newspaper/magazine ads that fed a propensity for stupid people to try and get rich or circumvent rules. There were no doubt regional differences, but e.g. in the Netherlands there were a few people with large tax trick companies/movements that gained a lot of traction and money before they eventually got stopped by the courts. Talking late 70s/80s. here.

  • Trump fraud trial: Trump intends to deliver part of closing argument himself, say sources
  • Pulling a Hitler would actually entail a conviction for a failed coup and years in prison before the grab for power.... And a shitty political book written in prison.

    He's even failing in emulating Hitler the right way.

  • Trump businesses received millions in foreign payments while he was in office
  • Yes. We knew back then. This is all no surprise to anyone. But now what, there seems to be no consequences to anything the guy did or does. Short of divine intervention and a pop of his clogged heart he'll be president again in the US's last free elections for probably at least a generation.

  • Out of the frying pan
  • How can a toxic wastedump exclusevely filled with trolls, edgelords and questionable porn go downhill? That place's been as low as possible just about from the start. Can't believe anyone would voluntarily admit to posting there back here in the civilized world.

  • Kevin Comics - The Future of Entertainment The Future of Entertainment • Kevin Comics

    This is a comic about how, in the future, all entertainment will be custom-made for you by A.I. — but probably not how you'd like.

    More at new comics weekly :-)


    Salzburg, Austria

    May 2023, taken from Hohensalzburg Fortress


    Horde of Gerbils jumbling together in the heat

    There's been tropical temperatures around here and these 4 try to find the most comfortable position :-)


    Steakhouse in Warsaw

    Saw another Polish steak being posted, this one was one of the best I ever had.


    Introducing the header model... Mollie (1y) Mollie loves her worms

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    Introducing the icon model... Peter (3 m/o)

    Chilling in his tempororary sandbath not lang after we got him, enjoying a ymmie worm.


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    To share and discuss all things Gerbil. All content must be (at least tangibly) connected to or about Gerbils and their care.

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