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Linus Torvalds says RISC-V will make the same mistakes as Arm and x86
  • I understand some instruction expansions today are used to good effect in x86, but that there are also a sizeable number of instructions that are rarely utilized by compilers and are mostly only continuing to exist for backwards compatibility. That does not really make me think "more instructions are usually better". It makes me think "CISC ISAs are usually bloated with unused instructions".

    My whole understanding is that while more specific instruction options do provide benefits, the use-cases of these instructions make up a small amount of code and often sacrifice single-cycle completion. The most commonly cited benefit for RISC is that RISC can complete more work (measured in 'clockcycles per program' over 'clockrate') in a shorter cyclecount, and it's often argued that it does so at a lower energy cost.

    I imagine that RISC-V will introduce other standards in the future (hopefully after it's finalized the ones already waiting), hopefully with thoroughly thought out instructions that will actually find regular use.

    I do see RISC-V proponents running simulated benchmarks showing RISC-V is more effective. I have not seen anything similar from x86 proponents, who usually either make general arguments, or worse , just point at the modern x86 chips that have decades of research, funding, and design behind them.

    Overall, I see alot of doubt that ISAs even matter to performance in any significant fashion, and I believe it for performance at the GHz/s level of speed.

  • They're next...... Maybe
  • Marvel and Starwars have been taking heat for pumping out boring and poorly written films for a while now. I think Pixar's stuff is still mostly decent, though. That being said, I also expect a completely different standard of work from Pixar since it's for kids first and foremost.

  • Implementing RFC 3339 shouldn't really be that hard...
  • You already have an entire vocabulary for solar time (sunrise, morning, noon, evening, sunset, night, midnight). This being all of a sudden assigned to a different time on a clock does not change things in any dramatic fashion. It would also be a consistent change for your current location, guarantee it only takes you less than a work week to acclimate.

    All the things you've described I've literally been doing for 6 months now. It is not a noticable difference and does not impact me.

    Also, a book that says "it was 5 o'clock" is objectively more boring than one that describes the shadows of twilight blanketing the scene in a checkering of shadow. Also TV shows show outside, where solar time is visibly apparent. The specific time is not nearly as relevant.

    Also, you already look up time zones when scheduling international meetings, and those aren't going to tell you about siestas or other local practices which might affect scheduling. Maybe just actually ask the person what times will work when trying to schedule, and now since you're both using UTC, you both can figure it out together without looking up timezones.

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • Adoption. Community building. Helping the disenfranchised.

    These are all methods of bettering the future without pumping another child into this world. And arguably, they're morally better than having a child.

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • I agree that bringing life into the world is morally bad. I also agree that eating other animals is morally bad, as is killing, always. However, that does not mean we should not do these things at times. You just need to understand that you are still committing an immoral act for personal gain. There is no such thing as a perfectly moral existence, as the world is a cruel place which cares little about morality and often forces you to be immoral. You should instead work towards being as moral as in out can when you can, and accept that sometimes morality is out of your hands.

    In the case of the child: you are bringing a human consciousness kicking and screaming into this world you know to be dangerous and cruel. That is immoral, and you did it either by failing precaution, or out of personal want or instinct. I think to repent, you are morally obligated to give that child a good life at minimum and ideally the best life you can. You are beholden to them until they can live on their own happily, and you are obligated to help them even after that. I also think that if that child resents how you've cared for them, you have no grounds to hold that against them, as you were the one that forced them into this world.

    If you cannot do the above, you are should reconsider whether you are fit to have a child.

    It is also arguable that to do justice without injustice, the only option is to adopt or guide another person who has no one providing things they need, and I don't think this kindness should be limited to children but children are the most vulnerable.

  • How do we disincentize car ownership?
  • I view it as sidelining cars to improve public transportation.

    • First thing is to eliminate and revise public zoning laws and removing parking minimums. This causes change the slowest but is the most important to start since it will lead to denser population centers, and parking garages can be closer to residence.
    • Second move I think is to eliminate extra lanes and trim road widths. This leads to driving being something that takes more focus and is slower. This also frees space for bike lanes and even dedicated bus lanes.
    • Slowly phase out free parking across the city. Start with spots directly next to crosswalks so that there is better visibility of pedestrians crossing. Then focus on bus routes to free a dedicated lane when possible. This discourages driving since there's fewer chances you'll be able to park close to the place you are going.
    • While this is occurring, you should be introducing public transit as it becomes feasible. More buses or trams, guarded bike lanes, etc.
    • MAINTAIN YOUR PUBLIC TRANSIT!! As trains and buses fall into disrepair the number of people willing to ride it will drop off. Also keep the bike lanes and sidewalks clear and smooth.

    That's what I've got. It takes decades to break down this infrastructure for new stuff. You also need the to be having accessibility in mind whenever you are thinking about installing public amenities or removing infrastructure.

  • Anon questions the magic box
  • Material phase changes are like a cheat code for humanity. Reusable chemical handwarmers are also black magic. You just click a metal plate inside and all of a sudden it's a hot solid.

    NightHawkInLight made a video showing how you can mix two different salts together and it'll create a packet that stays at 65 degrees for hours.

    Video in question

  • Who needs Skynet
  • Miles is chill in my book. I appreciate what he is tackling, and hope he continues.

    It seems that there are much worse issues with AI systems that are happening right now. I think those issues should be taking precedent over the alignment problem.

    Some of the issues are bad enough right now that AI development and use should be banned for a limited time frame (at least 5 years) while we figure out more ethical ways of doing it. The fact that we aren't doing that is a massive failure of our already constantly-fucking-up governments.

  • A compound crime: Israeli army hits Gaza family, uses them as human shields, and runs over their mother
  • There's an entire section of Hamas' Wikipedia page dedicated to it. The gist is that there's testamony that Israel explicitly funded Hamas in order to counter the PLO. This was to ensure a Palestinian state would never materialize.

    I have not researched the matter due as enough to have a full opinion, though I've heard multiple individuals state that it is almost indisputable that it happened.

  • with fear for our democracy i hit post rule
  • I understand what you mean. The future is scarily uncertain right now.

    I encourage folks take that anxiety and turn it into productivity. Look into your local solidarity communities, which may take form as Union groups, local food shelfs, or many other forms. Donating your time or resources is what can help those most impacted right now and later down the line. There's no cut and dry way to find them, you just have to look and ask around your community.

    I would also recommend beginning to prep. There's some small communities on Lemmy, such as [email protected] ( you can find others by searching communities with 'prep' in their name). There's also some great podcasts covering prepping such as LLTWID and It Can Happen Here(this one is more heavy on current news but provides prep info in some episodes.

    I would also say that keeping your ear on guntubers isn't a bad idea (Brandon Herrera, Garand Thumb, etc.). Not only do they provide tutorials that are potentially useful in extreme cases (Garand Thumb's urban and rural evasion tutorials and TRex Arm's summary of radio comms for example), but they are also likely laying out the playbooks most amateur militia will use in the future (if it comes to that), which could be useful info to know going forward.

  • Thought up a fusion between Kaktovik and Cistercian Numerals, thought I'd share

    I kind of had this epiphany while talking with some friends about different interesting numeral systems and their various advantages and disadvantages. I ended up thinking this system up while I was in the shower, went back to my desk and knocked it out in an hour or so. It takes aspects of the Kaktovik numeral system invented by the Inupiaq tribe, and combines them with some aspects of the Cistercian numerals.

    I think that this numeral system fusion can look very wizard-y, and be easy to write and do math with.

    I've abbreviated it as b10CK, which I think is pretty clean.


    Open Source RISC-V projects

    Been studying RISC-V for... I think a year now. Bought the booklet outlining the ISA's modules, and have been working down from there.

    I have seen various startups and actual products, as well as a bunch of simulators, but I haven't really seen any projects trying to design a RISC-V CPU from the ground up.

    Are there any groups doing this? I don't think I'm at a point where I could meaningfully contribute, I'm mostly interested for educating myself.

    Books _NoName_

    Public Domain Book Recommendations

    I'm currently trying to get better at reading and am doing that by accumulating a library of public domain books, since they're free and easily available.

    • If you have a specific work you love that was published pre-1928, or is currently not under copyright, feel free to comment it down below.

    • if you have any authors you think are worth reading, also post them below.

    I'm currently reading Jack London's "War of the Classes", and I have "Carmilla" by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, and "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde downloaded for later.


    Fairphone maximum lifespan?

    I got a Fairphone 4 after security updates were discontinued on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and I figured out it couldn't be flashed with a new OS (it was a fantastic phone while it lasted- was honestly Underutilizing its overall power. Got 5 years out of it).

    TLDR : read the last paragraph

    I am honestly taken aback by the transparency in regards to the FP4's construction. The repair manual gives the part number, quantity, and purpose of every single component on the PCBs. You get the full schematics as well.

    Obviously I can replace any major part/board until support stops (they're saying they'll support it for 3 more years minimum), but I imagine that I could stock up a couple spare parts and treat the device well and get much longer from the hardware. As for support for the OS, I got the phone through Murena who put their own custom OS on it, but I imagine I could flash a new OS onto it without much problem.

    The things I am thinking about are past that point. If replacement parts no longer get sold and something fails on one of the boards, I don't know the feasibility of finding a replacement component. Like, I imagine getting a matching capacitor wouldn't be an issue, but can you even find a replacement snapdragon or WiFi chip? And while we're talking about hot-air soldering on replacement parts: do PCBs have a duty lifespan? Is it more likely that my screen'll just die long before anything else?

    Basically, assuming I treat this phone right and don't break anything in a drop, how long can I glide this fella out? what's the shorest lifespan parts that'll fail first - and what kind of lifetime can I suspect? What are parts I could consider replacing with a similar part? (I own a 3d printer and do diverse material fabricating as a hobby).

    Ask a Historian _NoName_

    Oldest known intentional time capsule?

    Title. How far back has the idea of trying to preserve things for future civilizations been found? Do the pyramids count?


    Better than new!

    Just got done installing the new shell from JSAUX! Had some pains to go through that I want to let you folks know about.

    First and foremost, if you have the 512GB steam deck that comes stock with an anti glare screen, DO NOT pry from the side that JSAUX shows in their video. Pry from the other side. They are using the standard screen in that video.

    For reference, if you look at the 512GB steam deck screen, and go to part only, and look at the rear-side image, there is a "buffer space" on the left side (opposite the ribbon cable) of the screen for prying under the adhesive (for whatever reason they have the screen upside down in the image). On the 64/256GB steam deck screen, the buffer space is on the right side, with the ribbon cable. If you try prying under the right side of the anti-glare screen, you immediately run into the ribbon cable and are likely to damage it. I just barely had to buy a brand new screen to finish this project because of this. ! !

    Second thing. When trying to pry the screen off the adhesive, it is very easy to completely slide your spudger directly in between the shell and the screen. You should reference where the positioning triangles are on your empty shell, and pry at one of those locations. It greatly simplifies removing the screen. !

    Lastly, when removing the triggers, do as shown in the video carefully. The hall effect sensors (tiny little chip on the board under the trigger magnet) used by each trigger on the board are very exposed. if you force one of the triggers off, you can easily knock that hall effect sensor off. I only noticed the little chip sitting on my desk during reassembly. I managed to hand solder the little guy back on and it ain't a pretty job but it works.

    Hopefully this hard-knock wisdom helps some of y'all avoid my mistakes.


    Pertinent Philosophy around firearms

    People commonly quote Marx communicating that the possession of firearms must not be infringed, but I'd like more general principles and justifications than an appeal to Marx.

    I've done some reading but when I cannot I just think about things on my own, maybe bounce ideas off a friend.

    Word Vomit Contained inside

    The view that I've come to currently is that violence (defined in this case as the obstruction or frustration of another's plans and ambitions) is a core universal tool which all living things employ. Language and cooperation were evolutionary evolved as a complement to violence (communication and cooperation allowed group violence which greatly improved survival odds). However, in cases where communication/cooperation with an outgroup breaks down, violence in some form will be fallen back on.

    What's more, between two non-cooperative groups, if one group can obtain what they want through violence without losing more than they gain, they'll quite often choose that option as it is enticing.

    Because of this natural progression, force-on-force is almost inevitable. To prevent being trodden upon by others, it is wise for a community to arm itself and train, thus greatly raising the cost of confrontations, hopefully beyond what others are willing to pay.

    I would like to hear more from folks though, maybe just wise words on operation, maybe some sources to check out in my free time. Anything to better build my understanding is welcome.