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Get in line.
  • Whenever I see something like this I'm conflicted. We shouldn't need to sue for things like this, it shouldn't ever be allowed to happen in the first place. Obviously do it if you can prove it, I have nothing wrong with the person suing, but it just shouldn't need to happen in the first place.

  • Just a reminder
  • Yes if fired the dull stick out of a fucking cannon it would destroy the eye, how many bits of criteria are we going to add to this (what should be anyway) very straightforward analogy?

  • Trump Demands Biden Remove Ad of Him Insulting Dead Troops
  • My family has a few people who just got out of the military.

    I explicitly pointed out that Trump called them, and their grandfather (whom they claim to love very much) suckers.

    Their response was, more or less, "Yeah but Trump is better because he has balls!".

    The majority of people in the military are, in fact, suckers.

  • New player, grabbed flight sticks because I'm impulsive

    Hey everyone, title pretty much says it all.

    I've managed to snag a set of keybinds that works for me, played around in Arena Commander offline. I'm hooked, had a ton of fun but I feel like my arms are sore from cranking the sticks so much.

    Really looking for advice pertaining to ergonomic setups, like what kind of mounts should I grab. I have two Gladiator NXT EVOs, both the left and right hand versions. I didn't buy anything else though, as I wasn't that impulsive, so currently it's unmounted and I'm just rolling with it.

    On top of those recommendations, specific guides on how to get better at combat would be good. I'm open to buying other space flight sims as well, if it would be easier to practice there (ideally I'd like to stick to Star Citizen).

    My main fear is trying to hop into the main game and getting my shit rocked, losing what little resources I have trying to learn how to not crash. I tried it a little bit, managed to get my first ship impounded lol. If anyone has tips on ensuring I can ping the hangars correctly I would greatly appreciate that as well.

    Sorry for the word vomit, still very new to space sims/flying sims in general. Not really sure how to word what I'm asking. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and answer!