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"Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • OP isn't making it up, but they constantly make or repost memes about tankies and are seemingly blowing it out of proportion, as I mentioned in another thread (and was down voted) people are throwing it around way too much on lemmy.

    See all the top level comments like "all the tankies coming out of the wood work! Must have struck a nerve!" when in reality there are legit arguments to be had around these things, but no, question Biden or the DNC and you're clearly just a tankie on russia/china/whatever payroll. Doesn't matter if it's a valid point of concern or strategy, fall in line or you're the enemy. Literally.

    "Biden should be doing more to pressure Isreal to stop murdering innocents" TANKIE!! YOU'RE LITERALLY VOTING FOR TRUMP!!

    DNC should just be able to dictate elections because they clearly didn't learn their lesson with Hillary and led directly to a Trump presidency, but no it's the left and "Bernie Bros" who were wrong.

  • Hit head to taste seafood
  • I actually think I know what they're talking about, I have hit my head to the point of needing staples to close it, and I sure do remember a distinct "taste" in my mouth. I wouldn't say it's seafood but... There is something to it.

    Idk if it's just brain being stupid and sending wrong signals because of the trauma, but still...

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • I see it thrown around on lemmy a LOT, just like how woke gets thrown around by the right, I'm not saying it doesn't have an actual "true" meaning, just that (like most labels as I mentioned and particularly those that are more specific/niche initially) it eventually gets bastardized and thrown around with the original specific meaning lost.

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • Tankie is definitely a newer term that hasn't hit the mainstream zeitgeist, I already see it thrown around on lemmy like how conservatives call everything "woke", just a matter of time imo.

    To clarify, the other two are usually right wing smears, tankie appears to be a left wing smear to those further left. I know the idea behind it is fake leftists who are actually just Authoritarions but... Still lol that's how it goes with labels a lot of the time, especially the more niche it is

  • Hi there

    Read through some of your posts and thought it was an interesting idea.

    I'm not much of a programmer myself, played around a bit in Java when I was younger for Runescape Private Servers but never really able to get into coding fully. I have done some light photoshopping/GIMP and used to play around with video editing software. I like to think I'm pretty technology inclined as I'm the "pc repair" person for my family/friends.

    I like linux but mostly run Windows because gaming and ease of use. Though where I work I'm the "Linux guy" (not saying much tbh as a lot of people know literally nothing about linux).

    I play around with music production in FL Studio and Ableton, not great at it but I have some stuff online with a thousand listens or so

    Politically I'm very left (for the US at least), I like communism in theory and have read a good bit about it (not as much as others who are very into it though). Supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020.

    I'm intelligent enough to know that I know very little about a lot.

    I'm sure you could find more about me online, I've never been especially private but moved away from standard social media a while ago.

    OK question, why is it called "she hacked you?"


    Emojis and Lemmy

    Does anyone else think having emojis as a response to a comment/thread would be a neat addition instead of only upvote/downvote?

    Reddit seemed to sorta do that with awards but thats not quite what I'm suggesting.

    Something similar to GitHub for instance, except we keep the upvote downvote system as-is.

    This would hopefully discourage the use of upvote/downvote as a "I like/dislike this" button while also adding the ability to more accurately express the emotion the post/comment illicited

    Additionally, there are a lot of people who are mostly just lurkers and have no desire to post, but they want to be able to emote further then just a upvote/downvote but DON'T want to actually post a comment like "I love this" or "You're so right" or even just commenting an emoji, because making a comment is a whole extra action that makes them visible, opens up to comments or upvotes/downvotes.