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Hi there

Read through some of your posts and thought it was an interesting idea.

I'm not much of a programmer myself, played around a bit in Java when I was younger for Runescape Private Servers but never really able to get into coding fully. I have done some light photoshopping/GIMP and used to play around with video editing software. I like to think I'm pretty technology inclined as I'm the "pc repair" person for my family/friends.

I like linux but mostly run Windows because gaming and ease of use. Though where I work I'm the "Linux guy" (not saying much tbh as a lot of people know literally nothing about linux).

I play around with music production in FL Studio and Ableton, not great at it but I have some stuff online with a thousand listens or so

Politically I'm very left (for the US at least), I like communism in theory and have read a good bit about it (not as much as others who are very into it though). Supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020.

I'm intelligent enough to know that I know very little about a lot.

I'm sure you could find more about me online, I've never been especially private but moved away from standard social media a while ago.

OK question, why is it called "she hacked you?"