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Emojis and Lemmy

Does anyone else think having emojis as a response to a comment/thread would be a neat addition instead of only upvote/downvote?

Reddit seemed to sorta do that with awards but thats not quite what I'm suggesting.

Something similar to GitHub for instance, except we keep the upvote downvote system as-is.

This would hopefully discourage the use of upvote/downvote as a "I like/dislike this" button while also adding the ability to more accurately express the emotion the post/comment illicited

Additionally, there are a lot of people who are mostly just lurkers and have no desire to post, but they want to be able to emote further then just a upvote/downvote but DON'T want to actually post a comment like "I love this" or "You're so right" or even just commenting an emoji, because making a comment is a whole extra action that makes them visible, opens up to comments or upvotes/downvotes.