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Sorry Lisa Nandy, but the culture wars aren't over
  • Nandy is a hypocrite.

    A few months she signed a public statement calling for Labour Party members to be expelled from the party if they disagreed with swapping sex for gender in law or in the use of puberty blockers for children.

    What she means by "the era of culture wars is over" is that her side supposedly won it by winning the election, even though no one actually cares about the majority of this shit.

  • Netherlands - England 21:00 (Dortmund)
  • It's frustrating because England played really well in the first half when they were playing positive and moving the ball quickly. And they've got the players to do that successfully.

    Why don't they do that all the time?

  • JK Rowling attacks new women’s minister over gender comments
  • Former footballer shares his opinion about refugees: "Amazing! What a hero!".

    Author shares opinion on women's rights: "All she did was write some books, why should I have to listen to it?".

    Basically, people only want to hear opinions that match theirs. What a shocker.

  • Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people
  • You need to have people to nominate the candidate, the papers also need to be handed in by either the election agent or the candidate themselves. There would need to be an awful lot of people in on it for this to even work.

    The person in question who is pictured has been interviewed anyway: (I know it's GB News, but it shows him on camera).

  • Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people
  • It's not all that bizarre, and it's more common amongst smaller and newer parties.

    I know the Reform candidate for Ilford North through another forum, and he didn't attend any hustings (because he wasn't made aware of them), he didn't attend the Ilford North count because he was helping out at Hornchurch and Upminster, and he didn't upload his info to Reform's site because he was too busy leafletting and doing his regular political job in the London Assembly.

  • How to answer "Tell me about yourself" in a job interview?

    I've got a job interview on Tuesday and I haven't had one for a while due to a period of unemployment because of family health issues.

    One part of interviews I've always struggled with is when they first ask you to tell them about yourself. I struggle to talk about myself anyway and never know what they'd like me to actually say, whether it's about me as a person or about my work history.

    So any tips or tricks would be welcome.


    What pillows do the people of Lemmy recommend for combination sleepers?

    I have an Emma Original Pillow that I've had for three years and the support is basically non-existent now, so I wake up in the night and end up with neck and shoulder pain.

    I've tried a Panda Hybrid pillow and a Simba Hybrid firm pillow but neither were any good to me. The Panda was too low for sleeping on my back and the Simba didn't have the support I needed. If I was purely a side sleeper it would be probably be okay, but of course I have to be awkward.

    I generally prefer memory foam pillows, but it's been so long since I've had a good night's sleep, I'm willing to try anything.


    What are the best e-readers on the market?

    I'm a lover of physical books but I'm looking to get an e-reader as well, for those books that are hard to find physical copies of, or are just very expensive.

    I've ruled out Onyx, because I try to avoid Chinese tech as it's usually poorly made. But I'm not sure whether Kindle or Kobo is best. Is being tied to Amazon's ecosystem too restricting? Are the Kobo e-readers compatible with everything you need? Which ones have the best screens, ideally how a physical book would look?

    So many questions, but hopefully some of you can help. 😁


    Has anyone here used CBD products for anxiety? Do they actually work or is it just a placebo?

    I've suffered with anxiety since I was a kid, and things like CBT don't seem to work for me at all. I know pills from the doctor are available, but I only want to go down that route as a last resort.

    So does anyone have any experience with CBD products for treating anxiety? The reviews online seem mixed on whether they actually work.


    For those who have been to Comic Con: Are photo ops or autographs best?

    Looking to attend a Comic Con for the first time next month and I want to meet Nolan North for either a photo or an autograph.

    I know neither of them will give you much time with the guest, but which do you think is the best value for money?


    Lake: Season's Greetings DLC, out November 15th

    Loved this game and can't wait for this DLC to play more of it.

    2 UK government to back down on controversial end-to-end encryption provisions in Online Safety Bill

    The Online Safety Bill has faced criticism from Big Tech companies over privacy and security fears. Have ministers had a change of heart?

    UK government to back down on controversial end-to-end encryption provisions in Online Safety Bill

    Almost like it was a non-starter. Who could have possibly foreseen that?


    How do Midnight Works get away with this? Rocket Car : Ultimate Ball League Machines

    Rev up the Action, Score the Goal Rocket Car Where Champions Are Born

    I was browsing the PS Store and spotted three of these complete rip-off games, all from the same company. And they're not even subtle rip-offs either.

    Take Rocket Car as an example. Looks remarkably similar to something else, doesn't it?

    Then there's Construction Machine Simulator. Again, remind you of anything else? Okay, there's a few of these type of games, but this one doesn't even try and disguise that it's ripping off the main game in this genre:

    And finally, there's Wash Simulator. Yet another not even subtle rip off of another popular game:

    These are the only ones I've spotted from a quick browse through the Store, I assume there is more. But how on Earth do companies get away with stuff like this? I can understand it on mobile app stores, but are there no checks before these games are put on the PS Store?

    9 Google Play testing a much darker dark theme

    The dark theme across Google's first-party apps are generally more gray than black. Google Play is now testing a a much darker dark theme...

    Google Play testing a much darker dark theme

    Noticed this earlier on the Play Store and thought I was going mad. 😂

    It's a nice change though!


    Best portable Bluetooth speakers?

    Looking to buy one of these for use around the house, but I'm not overly knowledgeable about them.

    The Bose Soundlink Flex seems to have good reviews from the bit of research that I've done, but any recommendations from you guys on good ones to buy?


    [Bug?] Can't reply to DMs

    Someone sent me a DM to test it out but pressing it on doesn't do anything, so there's no way to respond. I had to log in to the website to reply.

    I haven't checked GitHub, so I don't know if this is known or not.


    [Bug] Thunder has started locking up on me today.

    When scrolling the feed or opening a post, the app has suddenly started freezing and there's no option other than to close it completely. But it will very quickly lock up again.

    This is on Android using a Pixel 4a.


    [Feature Request] A notification icon on the inbox

    At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way of knowing whether you have any messages or replies in your inbox without manually checking it yourself.