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Iron Lynx
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What's the most cringe shirt you can come up with that's okay to wear in public?
  • My mind immediately goes to gruesome metal album covers. Iron Maiden has some stuff with decaying flesh, exposed bones, and a ton of other stuff that makes the faint of heart go:


    But those on the inside to go "heck yeah 🤘"

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • I suspect that any modern force ambushed in a jungle, or any type of complex, unfamiliar terrain, by primitive fighters who know the place like the back of their hands will suffer.

    There are stories of UK soldiers in the sixties being ambushed by a man with a scimitar, and it took them a while and several fairly serious injuries before they could line up a shot with their FALs.
    Not to forget the Vietnam war which, despite the advanced force being a coalition led by the US, and said coalition resorting to torching the jungle and other war crimes, still ended being up a North Vietnamese victory.

    The Endor force, while not outgunned, was maybe outnumbered and definitely outwitted.

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • The explanation for Stormtroopers' shoddy marksmanship on screen in A New Hope is because Vader wanted Leia & company to escape, but by the skin of their teeth, so that they would basically drop their guard the instant The Falcon took off from the Death Star and not realise there was a tracker bug installed. If Vader just let them fly off unopposed, that would probably be hella sus, and they'd probably pull over at the first asteroid to find and chuck said tracker bug. So the Stormtroopers were specifically instructed to shoot to thrill, not to kill.

    When faced with opposition without plot armour and reasons to keep them alive, Stormtroopers are fucking brutal, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back - Hoth was somewhere between a decisive Imperial victory and an Imperial Curb Stomp

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • Y'know, this is in this weird spot where it's right between canon and as seen (which, by the way, can be explained even with canonical things). If it was truly as seen, the shots would have gone way wide. If it was truly canon, the Reps would be scrambling for a new candidate now.

  • But don't say it out loud
  • Let's also face it, if there's a candidate that's so divisive that someone looks at the massive security apparatus for people like him and still think it's worth trying to assassinate him, that would be grounds - at least for me - to re-evaluate whether the candidate is the right guy.

  • But don't say it out loud
  • We've missed the exit for the third-best timeline that still involves That Guy: the one where Donnie bites the dust before the elections. Unless someone fills the guy's plane with Anthrax or something like that, we're still on track for locking in the USA as a failed state.

    (the second best timeline with That Guy would be the one where he simply loses the election. The very best would be where the DOJ makes something stick against him & he's disqualified before the elections.)

  • "How do I make the no-no thing be a yes-yes thing?!"
  • Ours.

    Turns out the only fire damage we had in our stash was an enchanted dagger.

    In retrospect, I should have asked for incendiary ammunition. Among the five of us, we had at least three with guns. Or taken a bit of gas for our car to turn into Molotov cocktails. Ah well, it was a oneshot that happened more than a year ago.

  • Is this birdcage made out of nickel?


    Me: Is this birdcage made out of nickel? Pet Store: Aluminum I think Me: So there's no nickel in this cage? Pet Store: Don't you dare! Me: It's a nickleless cage Pet Store: GET OUT!

    [pictured is a long-haired Nicholas Cage, looking fabulous in the sun and wind. To his left, it's captioned with the text "Worth it"]


    Ayreon - The Sixth Extiction (01011001 - Live Beneath The Waves) Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Bug: Comment permalinks broken when opening in new tab

    Pretty much what it says on the tin.

    If I click the chain icon on a comment with MMB on the website (, BE: 0.18.3, accessed via Firefox), it opens to a blank tab. If I do so with LMB, it works just fine.