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Why China is winning the EV war
  • The automakers less so. They don't particularly care what powers the cars people buy, so long as people buy them. They were in the process of pivoting to electric platforms, but, being as terminally stupid as they are, a lot of that has been put on hold while they try to figure out why their current $100,000 offerings aren't selling by the millions.

  • the debt
  • Are you immortal? Do you have an income vastly higher than the servicing cost of that debt? Do you owe the large a majority of that debt to yourself? Are you able to, if push came to shove, tell your external creditors to go fuck themselves and dare them to so much as try to collect on the debt you don't feel like paying? If you can't answer "yes" to all these questions, you aren't the US and have a debt situation that has absolutely nothing in common with the US debt.

  • How typical
  • Here's a thought: do electric cars count as automatic or the most manual cars possible? On the one hand, there's no clutch or stick shift, but on the other hand, if you want to change gears, you have to disassemble the transmission and change out the gears.

  • A renewable energy transition that doesn’t harm nature? It’s not just possible, it’s essential
  • Ok, but where did I even suggest that we should maintain the status quo? It's always important to consider all effects of whichever actions you take. Saying that "it's important to consider the economic ramifications" does not say anything about what the conclusions those considerations should come to.

    If you want real change, and more importantly effective change, all socio-political and economic ramifications should be considered, and accounted for/mitigated as necessary.

    It's very simple to tear things down in name of ideals, but this type thinking has to happen (preferably beforehand) in order to actually build something better afterwards.

  • CEO Relieved AI Can Never Replace Him If He Already Contributes Nothing To Company
  • The math for those large cooperations is a bit more complex than that. CEO compensation is often mostly stock options, which has a value for tax purposes, but is not a value that can be easily reinvested into the company. The actual cash salary portion of the compensation package is usually peanuts compared to company revenue.

    They're basically trading the CEO partial ownership of the company in exchange for running it, and I'm not sure how you would go about forcing any kind of change on that, without unintentionally breaking things for smaller companies and startups.

  • CEO Relieved AI Can Never Replace Him If He Already Contributes Nothing To Company
  • That may work for long established companies that want to just maintain their status quo, but that wouldn't work at all for startups or companies looking to grow (real growth, not just profit growth). AI is terrible at the kind of abstract and strategic thinking required at the top level when companies are in that phase.

  • China makes last-ditch charm offensive to avert trade war with EU
  • One of my issues with accepting cars sold by Chinese manufacturers, tariff free, is that it's not a level playing field. If China wants unimpeded access to European (and North American) markets, then they should allow foreign manufacturers unimpeded access to the Chinese market. Currently, foreign automotive manufacturers cannot access the Chinese market without forming a partnership with a Chinese company, and they cannot own more than a 49% share of said Chinese company.

  • I'm writing this from a crappy laptop with 2GB of RAM and a dull screen.
  • Yeah, I'd love to, but first we have to tell that to Rockwell, Siemens, Bosch, ABB, etc, etc. All the proprietary software runs on Windows. Not to mention getting my company on board when we're already heavily into the Microsoft ecosystem at the corporate level.

  • I'm writing this from a crappy laptop with 2GB of RAM and a dull screen.
  • I think that every operating system needs to a have a "do what the fuck I told you to" mode, especially as it comes to networking. I've come close to going full luddite just trying to get smart home devices to connect to a non-internet connected network, (which of course you can only do through a dogshit app) and having my phone constantly try to drop that network since it has no Internet.

    I get the desire to have everything be as hand-holdy as possible, but it's really frustrating when the hand holding way doesn't work and there is absolutely zero recourse, and even less ability to tell what went wrong.

    Then there's my day job, where I get do deal with crappy industrial software, flakey Internet connections and really annoying things like hyper-v occupying network ports when it's not even open.

  • Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families
  • Yes, because in a war, you totally have plenty of time to stop and do a thorough investigation into which one of the five guys within sight just shot at you. Everyone will just pause everything while you figure out who you are supposed to shoot back at.

  • Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families
  • I'm talking about what actually happens, not what is "right" or "allowable". In a warzone, if your enemy looks like civilians, then civilians start looking like the enemy. That's the reason why not wearing uniforms became a war crime in the first place. It drives up civilian casualties.