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  • Personality mirroring and lots of smiles 🙂

  • People's Republic of LGBT Rights
  • I'm so glad there are instances that aren't infested with tankies. I tried to argue that China was imperialist and erased minority cultures on and half my comments got removed. Anything mentioning Tibet or Xinjiang they seem to seek out like flies to shit.

  • It's always there
  • Cheese is so versatile. It's a snack, garnish, sauce, topping, condiment, or even a dessert. It can add tons of flavor or mellow out a dish. It can be smoky, savory, spicy, creamy, or salty. It can stay good in the fridge for weeks with proper storage, unlike most other dairy items. Even the rinds are great tools to add flavor to soups and stews. Cheese is fucking based.

  • And now you get the bad ending
  • Yeah, corpses were prone to suddenly dying. Also the non-lethal achievement literally says "except for bosses" in it lol.

  • Which do you prefer? A triple monitor setup? Or one single 32:9 ultrawide monitor?
  • Not me only having desk space for 2 monitors... one 4:3 and one 16:9 and I can barely fit those lol.

  • And now you get the bad ending
  • Shout out to Deus Ex: Human Revolution for baiting me into thinking I could do a non-lethal playthrough and avoid combat.

    There are forced boss fights in that game that require you to engage in firefights against bullet spongey enemies. I had put all my points into stealth. Not fun!!!

  • Good job me boy!
  • First week at a new job, feeling the weekend hella right now 😎

  • It’s always with my best shirts
  • Wash inside-out, cold cycle, hang dry :)

  • WTF is wrong with Killing Floor 2?
  • I tried KF2 for a while and really couldn't get into it. The game just lacks replayability in my opinion. Trying different perks, maps, difficulties, etc. really didn't resonate with me because I felt like I was doing basically the same thing, just kiting around enemies in a predictable loop. There was a serious absence of memorable moments, unlike with other horde shooters like l4d and even b4b. Sunk a few dozen hours into it and it kinda feels like a waste in hindsight, never really enjoyed it and spent the whole time trying to.

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • All my comments expressing disapproval of China's policy towards its ethnic minorities have been removed, with a million reply guys telling me that either I'm factually wrong, or that China is in the right to force assimilation. Is .ml really that authoritarian and tankie? I've heard about it but never seen it before.

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • Hot take! I think it's bad when anyone does it, not just China. Crazy, I know lol. I understand that these are the things that come with running a country but that doesn't mean they are ethical, or even the only options.

    Thank you for validating the fact that I am pointing out real things that are actually happening and not just saying "nuh uh" like others have been doing.

  • The meme is the price tag.
  • The profit margins on these journals are like 40% btw

  • Child care costs more than a mortgage payment or rent almost everywhere in the U.S.: ‘There is no escaping it’
  • Yes!!! So many industrialized western nations subsidize child care. I really don't understand why the US has to be behind the curve with fucking everything, especially with this since we need more kids so badly.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • You come to my store to buy something, you hand me the bill, I take it and don't give you anything in return.

    Video cameras. Also the shopkeep develops a reputation and is easily identifiable.

    Most scams are done irl with FIAT,

    Technically the truth, but a MUCH larger percentage of the crypto ecosystem is devoted to scams. I don't think that is just "growing pains", the design of crypto, again, incentivizes this behavior because it gives victims no recourse.

    at the end of the day you can't protect everyone from everything, especially from their own gullibility.

    Yes, but gullibility is the #1 problem and again, crypto has no safeguards or recourse.

    For some people complete control over their money is a plus

    Control but only within the system and ruleset that is made by those who control the chain. If institutions leverage their power in the space in a mass-adoption scenario, then they will be the ones making these rules and controlling what you can do, and the rigidity of crypto's rules advantage them in that case, no the consumer.

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • One celebrity giving an annual performance isn't really convincing to me. What about the limits on children under 18 from participating in religious activities? The restrictions on unauthorized religious gatherings? The demolition of religious sites? The requirement for religious leaders to register with the state? The reduction of teaching traditional languages in favor of the Chinese language? These certainly seem adjacent to cultural erasure to me. These policies all have a chilling effect and make it less likely for non-CCP approved cultures to prosper, and I see no way that is not deliberate.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • I would prefer for crypto to be gone. Based on my understanding of blockchain, I don't see how it can be used as currency ever. Blockchains can be extremely useful, just not as currency.

    The only thing you can really do about stolen tokens is have some authority de-list them and re-issue new token to the victim. That's hardly a solution. It also extremely centralizes control, which runs antithetical to the purported benefits of crypto.

    Crypto also doesn't take power away from institutions. If institutions were to leverage their power in the space, they would become just as, if not more powerful than they are currently, assuming a mass-adoption scenario. The inflexibility of crypto always works to the advantage of those setting the rules.

    Crypto is also incredibly power inefficient. Even with proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work, it is still factors less efficient than normal FIAT transactions, and as of yet I see no solution to that. One may pop up in some hypothetical future, but I have no faith in that.

    Additionally, crypto will also always reward those who engage with it disingenuously, as it is not linked to one's real identity and, again, is inflexible and impossible to truly regulate. In a mass-adoption scenario, scammers would become enormously more successful.

    Most importantly, crypto is a digital asset whose store of value is implicitly tied to the belief that it can be sold for FIAT. It is almost exclusively a speculative vehicle, and always had been since its inception. Actual crypto purchases are disincentivized by how slow, inefficient, unwieldy, and volatile it is. Not to mention high transaction fees for the most popular coins. It is also deflationary, meaning one is disincentivized from spending it, which is extremely bad for the economy in a mass-adoption scenario. Gentle inflation is one of the core principles underpinning our economy. Having currency also be an asset that appreciates in value is objectively a bad thing.

    I feel like I could keep going for a while but hopefully you at least understand why I feel this way now lol.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • Yes, exactly my point. It's way harder to scam with physical stores of value like cash, because there aren't layers of obfuscation like there can be with digital stores of value. That is why scamming is so much less common in meatspace compared to crypto, where every single interaction, even with a vendor or exchange, is a potential landmine you have to be cognizant of.

    With PayPal or bank transactions, those can be reversed and there are regulatory bodies to ensure consumer protections. Even with physical stores like cash, it is much easier to track someone and prosecute for illegal activity since they can't hide behind crypto wallets.

    Every store of value has some form consumer protections and systems of accountability except for crypto, and as such scammers are empowered by it.

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • That makes sense on its face, Chinese imperialism typically takes the form of cultural erasure to promote social harmony and homogeneity. If they want to assimilate the Uyghur peoples then I imagine they would do it economically through changes in their material conditions and jobs, and the CCP clearly has no issues with violently forcing populations to do things they don't want to.

    Thanks for the report :)

    Edit: Y'all can downvote me but what I'm saying is objectively true, just look at Tibet. China promotes the Han Chinese culture as the standard through their policies and restrictions on personal freedoms and expression. Didn't think this would be a hot take.

  • MIT Students Stole $25 Million In Seconds By Exploiting ETH Blockchain Bug, DOJ Says
  • There will always be scammers, my point is just that Bitcoin empowers them. Scammers and fraudsters have many more tools through Bitcoin than they would with FIAT, and they are more likely to succeed and thrive.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • I consider piracy wrong when companies are stealing from creatives (like authors whose books are included with no credit or royalties) for the purposes of profit. I don't believe all piracy is always good full stop. I believe piracy is ethical if it allows for preservation of content that may otherwise not be preserved or maintained.

    Also that was just one of my points lol. Most LLMs are still just bad at what they are claiming to be able to do.

  • Best places to chill around East Grand Rapids?

    Obviously there's the stuff around Gaslight village, but is there anything especially interesting to do besides the stuff around that area? Even around the EGR area, maybe not properly inside it?

    Cave Waterfall (gf for scale)

    Found this in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky on a road trip.

    Computer Mice and Mousepads Ibaudia
    Any vertical mice with good sensors?

    I've been having pre-carpal tunnel symptoms lately and I really want to switch to a vertical mouse, but I've heard from a lot of people that they just don't have the same sensory quality that you get with a traditional mid-high end gaming mouse. This would be an issue for me since constantly do quick flicks and don't think I can just tollerate an inferior sensor. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing, and if so do you have any good recommendations?

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