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well shoot

  • What's your favorite underrated band?
  • Gygax. D&D themed Classic rock group from former members of gypsyhawk. Each, EACH, damn song is a fuckin banger. Love Song of the Silversmiths particularly. Gygax- song of the silversmiths

  • Microsoft addresses Windows Recall backlash, promises to fix security issues and make it opt-in
  • I feel ya. I tried to revert back to kernel 6.7 from 6.9 and now my chromebook is being a turd.

  • Microsoft addresses Windows Recall backlash, promises to fix security issues and make it opt-in
  • Im running a manjaro+openbox disto called MABOX linux on my chromebook. It’s fantastic for the low spec nonsense machine. But def considering fedora for the surface. Its come a long way apparently.

  • Microsoft addresses Windows Recall backlash, promises to fix security issues and make it opt-in
  • Def considering fedora for my surface 7. Microsoft & their shit is unacceptable.

  • Militarized Cybertruck cop cars are coming
  • lol. Cool, cop cars that are weak to flipper zeros.

  • Thats some dethklok levels of black.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • We shot the sad person, mental health crisis averted!

    *jumping highfive over the sounds of grief *

  • Nabiha Syed will join the Mozilla Foundation as [their] next Executive Director
  • I mean, you could email her and voice your concerns. Her email is right at the bottom.

  • Help with kitty terminal
  • this helped tremendously while i was figuring it out, thank you !

  • Help with kitty terminal
  • Maybe, ill check it out later today.

  • Help with kitty terminal
  • I tried it with & without

  • Help with kitty terminal
  • Ill have to grab an external keyboard, my. Fkeys are fucked on account of my computer being a chromebook.

  • Help with kitty terminal
  • Ill look into it!

  • Help with kitty terminal

    Trying out Kitty terminal and two things are apparent

    1. The font size is either huge or zoomed way in
    2. Editing the config seems to do nothing.

    Any help would be great.


    White Raven (leucism) with a plastic spoon treasure.

    A chance encounter with a one of a kind corvid. It seriously felt like I was looking at a mythic being.


    Are there any alternative icons for Librewolf? Dalisha

    A simple icons set for Linux (tested on Ubuntu)


    I’m specifically trying to find one that fits this shape. They just don’t have a Librewolf icon in the pack.

    Apple HotsauceHurricane

    Clock widgets

    Someone gimmie a good free clock widget that can have a clear background. Please.


    DuckDuckGo alternatives?

    What’s the best alternative for ddg? They sold info to Microsoft & that’s a no-go for me. So what’s a good private search engine?


    Delta junction Alaska

    Middle of winter, just a little sunlight before nightfall.


    Need help. (Booting)

    When I boot up I get this message and can’t log on. [ 0.185085] ×86/cpu: SGX disabled bBIOS. Gave up waiting for root file system device. Common problems:

    Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline) Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?) Missing modules (cat /proc/modules; Is /dev) ALERT! UUID-df5bOe 76-28ce-4248-8010-1a01d98f0449 does not exist. Dropping to a shell! Enter *nel.30 for burst of .39 t-7ul unturn bullt-in shell (ash) List item

    Does anyone know how to fix this?


    Has anyone from gotten the app to work (SOLVED)

    I cannot seem to log on. It says I logged it but it cannot connect to the server. Do I have to configure something in settings?


    Mountain range at twilight.

    The view from the mountains from Margaret Egan Sullivan park, anchorage AK.


    Puddle in a rock near a lake.

    Day trip to a lake in Alaska. It seemed like a good subject.