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Tethered Bottle Caps
  • Do people not carry pocket knives anymore? This seems like a non problem to me. I can cut this off in a second or two.

    Edit: to the downvoters: could you explain why my question is so bad.

  • 30 June 2024
  • With 8 in a year it isn't even in the top ten leading causes of death for kids in the US. I remember when it was German Shepherds, then Dobermans. How many of those dogs weren't trained, and how many of those kids were allowed to fuck with the dogs? These numbers are completely out of context.

  • I'm getting old
  • It very much sci-fi fantasy. It's the tech level, availability, and the fact that universe used is literally a galaxy where people actually travel to other galaxies (using spaceships with some very fictional abilities). Kamino is in a minor galaxy that is close by and you see Luke and Leia on a ship with a unspecified galaxy out the view port in the background.

    Other tech that puts it into sci-fi: controlled plasma blades, neurally connected prosthetics, bacta, droids, weapons with stun and kill, repulsors, reactors for personal ships, energy shields, hyperdrive, industrial cloning.

    I'm sure there are other good examples as to why it qualifies as science fiction. If Star Wars isn't in a sci-fi genre, then Star Trek is a political drama.

  • Application to mod Asexual

    The community [email protected] has one mod who appears to be inactive for about 8 months. I am asking to be instated as a mod, as I am an active member of that community.


    What are your thoughts on E-motorbikes using bike lanes?

    Today, while out running errands on my hybrid, I saw an e-motorbike (this style) using the bike lane (dude also had a motorcycle helmet on).

    Personally, I think these people should stay on the road like other motorbikes, as it's clear that these are supposed to be an electric analog to ICE powered bikes.

    I called this person out as well, due to my position being they actually are more of a hazard to other cyclists and pedestrians when the lanes switch to MUP's without warning. Especially where they would be heavier than even e-bikes and would cause anyone they hit more damage than they would receive.