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Some People Need A Reminder
  • Biden visited in 2011... Three years before the annexation of Crimea. Granted it was after the Georgia war and probably emboldened Putin to annex Crimea... Still.

    The Stein event was a year after Russia invaded Crimea and Donbas.

  • Kid Rock is the sovereign citizen of music.
  • I think a bayonet saw is more like a jigsaw. A sawzall is also know and a reciprocating saw. They are similar mechanisms, but while a jigsaw is smaller and often used to cut curves out of sheet material, a sawzall is much bigger and used for general purpose, often demolition.

  • Pea car
  • My grandma was amazing. She made me a lowly worm stuffy when I was a kid. It had the hat and everything. I loved it to death. I actually still have several of the stuffed animals she made for me as a kid, my kids get to enjoy them now.

  • When you finally get to watch Discovery and realize it isn't actually an enormous pile of mugato dung
  • Yeah, which makes the burn story kinda flop at the end. It was a good idea, a resource everyone has become dependent on becomes scarce. There was a lot of untaped potential there IMO, but a great premise. Then it gets turned into this asnine root cause. They could have done so much better. Imagine if they turned it into a tragedy of the commons. A warp superhighway wore a crack in subspace and that interacted with a nebula or something. It was a death of a thousand cuts and everyone ignored it. Maybe Starfleet even knew it could happen but ignored it because that's how they have always done it, and even if Starfleet stopped the cardasians and the gorn etc would still be using dilithum based warp bubbles (excuse after excuse)... Heavy handed, maybe, but more meaningful.

  • Don't hesitate for a second. Rob them blind. They rob you.
  • It really looks like we are going the other direction though... Like we are going to have a corporate Congress a la "Space Merchants". I mean kickbacks were just legalized by the supreme court ffs.

    What makes you think we are going to get rid of regulatory capture?

  • does Brisco County count?

    The Wikipedia entry has weird west in it, so I guess so.

    Such a good show. Loved Bruce in it.


    What is this bug? (Northern California)


    Installation from cPanel?

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    I recently got access to some webhosting and saw you could install node.js apps. I was hoping to install node red behind some password protection to play around.

    I see the getting started page has AWS and Azure, but nothing for this.

    I assume I just get SSL access and use npm to install, but I'm not sure if I need to set up the environment first?

    Before I go breaking things as is my usual approach, I thought I'd ask first.