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Question about collective ownership
  • What if you were all on an equal level of value? Like, let's say you need a dishwasher - and you manage to hire someone who has won the national dishwashing championships (this should be a thing, imo) who also has some skills in marketing. And you need someone for the register, but that person is amazing at customer management and also has great web design and social media management skills?
    If you're coming to the business and each bringing something that is really valuable, I could see a level split in ownership of the business making sense.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • That means you have to do actual management. Talk to people. Keep on top of workloads. Rebalance things. Build relationships. They don't have time for that - they have their own tasks to do. So they rely on the green checkmark to mean that lil Davey is being a good busy bee.
    I don't know why things got to be this way.

  • Wind Surfing
  • One day, 25 or so years ago, I watched a seagull flying in the air. It was taking some piece of food, dropping it, and then flying down and catching it in the air. It did that like 3 or 4 times. What do you call that other than play?

  • 274 killed, 698 injured...
  • In the other post about this last night, people blamed Hamas for starting it.

    Tho, to be fair, at this point putting Israel at the level of a third grader 'he started it' mindset does seem accurate.

  • How an Israeli raid freed 4 hostages and killed scores of Palestinians in Gaza
  • "By the time it was over, four Israeli hostages had been brought home alive and mostly unscathed, at least physically, and at least 274 Palestinians, and an Israeli commando, had been killed."

    Holy shit. What a clusterfuck.

  • Come offer suggestions for direct democracy: Voter Initiatives

    I live in California and am sick of good legislation being sidelined by lobbyists. So, let's identify ideas for how voters (in any state) can improve their situation via direct democracy


    CA electricity w PGE is more expensive than electricity in Guam

    My friend lives in Guam. Their electric price is around 0.27 per kWh. I'm getting 0.46 - 0.50 per kWh with PGE. How is it cheaper to send refined oil by tanker to a tiny island in the Pacific than it is to get electricity in a state with massive solar, wind installs and multiple refineries? I'm guessing public ownership of the Guam utility is part of the answer.


    Filtered window fan?

    I live in an area with not so great air quality and no AC. We have little air filters inside the rooms, but at night we have to let the cool (and dirty) air inside to cool down the house. I'd like a solution to blow air in while also filtering it - but aside from one Amazon listing and makeshift solutions with zip ties, I haven't seen great options.

    Any recommendations you have?


    Spouse - 0; garage door opener - 3

    Today marked the third time my spouse has lost their battle with the garage door opener. We have historically been used to a smaller car. But upgrading to a new EV crossover (a year ago) has brought with it its own challenges.

    The first time it happened, the lift gate was up when the door button was pressed. Minor scratch to the plastic covering the light bar.

    The second time, a few months ago, a scratch in the back metal that is somewhat noticeable. They said they were tired after a long day and the washer door was open so it seemed like they needed more space and weren't thinking enough when they closed it.

    The third time, tonight, they were also tired. No washer this time. Noticeable small dent in the metal panel accompanied with a scratch that went thru to the metal underneath.

    I have gone ahead and finished putting up the tennis ball on a string as a guide. I started the idea after incident #2 but procrastinated on putting it up as I thought that was the end of it. I learned we needed it.

    I have let them know that accidents can happen, but that they can be responsible for getting it fixed. It's ok. We just need to keep this car now until it dies.


    Any restaurants you know that are reducing plastic?

    Looking to see if you know of any restaurants doing anything interesting for reducing takeout plastic waste. Deposit for using Pyrex? Discount for byo? Etc