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Grandma’s church says Trump is all of us. She liked and shared. #LIBSinPRISON
  • I imaginge this like a fallout video game where you have low intelligence and slightly higher charisma. You forgot the part where they are all voiced from his speeches saying things like: "I am smart because my uncle was a professor at MIT."

    "This hurricane was the wettest in terms of water"


    "I'm treated worse than Aberham Lincoln, by the press"

    "This country is doing well, in so many ways, but there's such divisiveness."

    "When youre a star, they let you do it. Grab them by the pussy"

    "There were many fine people on both sides."

    "There are things we can do with light, that kill the virus instantly. Bleach also seems like a good idea"

    There are a lot of quotes that would make the dumbest dialog possibilities in a Fallout like VG

  • Bill Skarsgård will return as Pennywise in 'It' prequel series
  • I am hopeful of this. The book has many grisly stories about terrible happenings around Derry with Mike interviewing various people around the town. Those stories didn't make it into the movies. I think it'd be interesting to cover them.

  • Trump lashes out after DOJ reveals classified documents were found in his bedroom
  • MAGA God, "Let those who do not raw dog pornstars while thier wife is at home taking care of their newborn in her own personal bedroom and store classified material in thier pesonal bedrooms where thier wife will not sleep with them, cast the first stone"

  • Where the Hell are Ryder’s From Paw Patrol's Parents?
  • I have a theory about Ryder. I think he is secretly Bruce Wayne, Ryder is his codename. Hence, he has the funds to build extreme HQs, train some awesome dogs, and teach them how to drive vehicles. This also covers why his parents are not around as they were murdered. I am waiting for the series to end after one of the pups dies on duty, and he realizes he can only rely on himself to keep everyone safe.

  • Judge’s warning provides dilemma for Trump over whether he will risk jail for a political point
  • In my experience, if you threaten someone with a consequence, you have to follow through. If you only keep threatening, the point of the other consequence is moot.

    The best way to do it is to 1st issue a warning about what you are doing. 2nd, upon failing to follow the rules, you do what you are doing.

    If you don't do it after the 1st warning, you are feckless. You can skip the 1st step if threatened by the person beforehand.

    On a different note. I think Don Von Shitzhimself is really looking for an excuse to not atten Barron's HD graduation, and jail would be the perfect pitty party for him to share with his supporters

  • Joe Biden is the least popular president in 75 years
  • To be fair, the only people that respond to poll calls are the retirees with land lines that mainstream Faux News all day, everyday. I can say I have recieved a few calls that my caller ID says are political calls and I don't answer

  • Advice on finding a partner?
  • You might ask a good friend, who is married or has a GF, if his partner might have a friend who might be interested. That's how I met my wife. Bonus is we were able to talk at a bbq at the friend's place.

  • House Democratic leaders say they would help save Speaker Mike Johnson's job
  • Not wrong. The cost of WW3 would likely be higher than if Ukraine can handle the dictator for NATO.

    The Iraq and Afghanistan war is estimated to have Cost the US 4-6 Trillion Dollars. Over 20 years meaning 200-300 billion each year plus American lives.

    Thus far, we have given 75 billion. Plus, another 61 billion. Totaling 136 billion for 2 years. Far less than the Iraq, Afghanistan war we fought for 2 decades. Bonds, no Americans' lives sent over to be lost. The Ukrain funding is definitely worth the cost.

    The Isreal war is another story. “Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves” — Confucius

  • How did you meet the love of your life?
  • This occurred way more often than just a single incident. It was a habit if you went anywhere with them. Both competeted for the other attention but would not give in... only one up the other. Pretty Fred in my opinion

  • How did you meet the love of your life?
  • Met through a friend and his GF. We don't talk to either now.

    Our bonding occurred when they were yelling at one another, they were drunk and wanted needed the other's attention. We refused to "settle" an incident or even participate in it.

  • Trump repeats attack on ex-lawyer on eve of trial despite gag order
  • That's just too kind.. I hope there is pain. The best punishment would be to lock him up, and the only people he can talk to are his dumbass kids. Mostly Don Jr., ERIC (pretty sure, he'd write his name in caps), and Ivanka (My dad wants to sleep with me and that's the only reason I am here).

    My opinion is still out on Tiffany and Barron