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Trump Site Launches Limited-Edition Assassination Attempt Sneakers
  • Why do you think NBA players and football players have the same type of job as a politician? They are literally entertainers. Politicians should be running their area of politics to improve the lives of the people they represent, not sell them shit.

    Why is buying the item the problem? Che Guevara isn't selling you a shirt. He didn't do a deal to sell shirts. The random theoretical shirt buyer you are talking about is not the same as an ex-president, who is also running to be president again, profiting from selling merchandising like a struggling garage band.

  • Report: Resident Evil 7 on iOS has earned Capcom $28,140 since launch
  • Kinda. On PC you still use the Xbox app and game pass has Xbox branding. It's not just about OS, it's about store sales.

    My point is that technically everyone that bought it bought it on iOS. The figures are the same whether you look at iOS sales, MacOS sales or "Apple ecosystem" sales.

  • Why a union president crossed partisan lines for a starring role at Trump’s RNC | CNN Politics
  • I'm really confused by people like this who follow their "Red Team" so blindly, they don't even care to understand the origins of their own party, or what the terms "Conservative" and "Liberal" actually mean.

    But fuck learning history, right? Who needs it?

  • Tim Robbins Says It’s ‘Deranged’ to Compare Trump Assassination Attempt to His 1992 Film ‘Bob Roberts’
  • I understand that it's a believable, yet wild conspiracy theory. I also think it's a stretch for the man who wrote and directed a movie with that exact situation as a plot point to be calling it deranged. It's obliviously not that farfetched seeing as he wrote a movie with the concept.

  • Why?
  • I mean that's the problem. I'm saying he should already be deep in jail. I'm not saying that because the justice system is failing/corrupt that everyone should just let it slide.

    You've gone down the "if we can go back in time, do we kill baby Hitler" route, which I wasn't really exploring.