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Kyle Rittenhouse's family plead for money as they face eviction
  • And the guy he actually killed had a skateboard! The other guy literally just had a bag (lol dumbass).

    See this is what's so great. Circumstances don't actually matter, you can go looking for blood equipped with a weapons meant to kill as many people as fast as possible, and as long as someone flinches, you can just murder them! It's completely legal. I fucking love america.

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • Pivoting into religious rights about the summer solstice celebration. That's a stretch if I've ever seen one. I don't see why religious monuments should be exempt from harmless protests but I really doubt you would have called stone hedge one yesterday if it wasn't for it suiting your argument today.

    Is that your stance. You are pissed because you think the religious rights of the revelers got trampled on?

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • They said the same about woman and gay rights movements. You can't make noise, block traffic or even talk about it without pissing people off.

    Not to mention most of the anger is manufactured by oil execs and then enabled by people with little to no proper reasoning skills.

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • Doing nothing would be a start since apparently, you are using that time to disparage the efforts of others.

    You don't have to help, even though you have more than enough time from what you are saying. I know, it's not your fault, bla blah, you're a victim. You could just like not have a shitty attitude, that's all.

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • Clearly, a good portion of the population isn't aware of how serious the situation is, it's still an election issue.

    If the right level of awareness was reached, having any kind of oil money around you would be a political death sentence. Instead, Trump has public bribe meetings with oil execs and his base grows because of it.

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • No matter what the form of protest, you will think it's tone-deaf because you have been trained to. The oil industry spends a lot of money spamming comments like yours because they know eventually, fools will start parroting it for them.

    What's your reasoning? Do you think it's ineffective even though it's made world wide news. Is non destructive play vandalism of old rocks somehow too extreme of a response for the clear destruction of our environment?

    It's hard not to be part of the problem, since over consumption habits are difficulty to get rid of when no else is. I won't fault you for that. Protests aren't everyone's thing, whatever.

    At the minimum though, you could just not be a mouthpiece for the ones who are causing said problem. Seriously, like if you've ever given a shit about stone hedge before.

  • Amazon Mulls $5 to $10 monthly price tag for unprofitable Alexa service, AI revamp
  • I'm guessing Alexa is going to see a massive upgrade and use their llama model as it's foundation, so the cost of running it is going to be a lot more.

    I do agree it loses its novelty fairly quickly but that means people would be even less incentivized to buying a monthly subscription while also meaning the cost of running it would go lower as time goes on since people simply use it less.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with an Alexa+ version and keep the other one free. I also can't imagine the legal nightmare it would bring to tell people their devices are getting bricked if they dont pay monthly.

  • OpenAI's Mira Murati: "some creative jobs maybe will go away, but maybe they shouldn't have been there in the first place"
  • There's a pretty big free open source community around AI and many of the best models are completely free.

    It's ironic a bit because I'm guessing big companies like openai are the ones pushing the AI is theft issue since open source wouldn't be able to afford the price asked by data aggregators like Reddit, Getty, Adobe, etc. Sadly, getting paid was never in the cards for individual artists, most of the data is owned by specific websites.

    In the same vein, OpenAI was lobbying for Congress to enact laws because AI could be "dangerous". It's quite clear they wanted to essentially outlaw any competition from small organisations by pilling on even more costs.

    So yes, they might end up owning all of AI and by extent the economy, but we'd have to let ourselves be manipulated into giving it to them. Sadly a lot of people only deal in emotive knee jerk reactions so it might work.

  • "Put this in your mouth son, it will help with the fever"

    I didn't have the heart to tell him what the gag was really for as I watched the bite mark ooze puss.


    best app for lemmy?

    The one I'm using is becoming so buggy to the point of being unusable. It was never really great tbh, what are most people using?

    As an added question, are bookmarks associated with the lemmy account or the app?

    Edit: I'm on android, currently using Jerboa.


    Sentient spiders

    I've just finished A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge. It was amazing and coincidentally my two last books where children of time(1 and 2) and (as to not spoil the reveal) a certain book involving spiders/crabs that live in high pressure environment.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the theme I have going on even if it was purely accidental, what would be some good recommendations involving sentient spider to pursue next?