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OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release
  • Can someone give me a brief intro to orca slicer? Who is it made by and what's it's quirk?

    For example prusa slicer, made by prusa, prioritizes user interface and has powerful almost modeling features (text, cutting etc)

  • What's your "back pocket" wish?
  • Polite company: peace, rest, calm, something like that.

    Honestly: people to leave me the fuck alone and stop asking me to solve their problems and take care of everything. I'm burned out on being responsible for other people.

  • The bakery where everything is sourdough (Proof Bread in AZ)

    I want to work there. It would feel so fulfilling. I would be so much fatter, eating all the scraps.

    AnimeMemes GrayBackgroundMusic

    Himmel the hero wouldn't have hid likes.


    Elle, OC of Spookypandagirl

    any other communities y'all think this would fit in?


    Y'shtola from FFXIV by Hinari

    Anime armor and swords pics GrayBackgroundMusic

    Are you joining her for the hunt by RobustaArt


    finally found time to brew, choc hazelnut porter

    Based on this but scaled down to 3 gallons. Came closer to 2 tho. Lost more than expected to boil, I guess.

    What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • Every CEO I've worked for, I could do the technical part of their job. I couldn't do the political part because I'm results and data driven. Their prideful fuckers who yell louder and demand satisfaction and wield their ability to fire you. Fuck CEO 's.

  • Somehow metal with zip zap moves rocks without touching and this isn't fiction?
  • Just wait until you get to nuclear chemistry/physics. We use invisible rays, which can kill you, to turn one rock into a different rock, which possibly can kill you. Only if you have studied for many years are you allowed to wield the magic transmutation beams. We create elements not likely seen in nature (possible, but unconfirmed because of their short lives). We create temperatures colder than anywhere else in the universe. We peer at the fundamental forces of nature and then fuck with them.

  • Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • As a former Texas resident: The Texas government can fuck alllllll the way off with that. Design a city that doesn't need cars and people won't need to use them. Residents HAVE to use cars because the place is so fucking unfriendly to pedestrians.

  • Is somebody ever completely demotivated with everything? How do you deal with it?
  • Is somebody ever completely demotivated with everything?

    Yep, that's called depression.

    How do you deal with it?

    Medication. Time. Continued effort. IMO, success in life isn't measured by completion. It's measured by getting back up after you fall. Amount of progress isn't the most important thing. Any progress, at all, is infinitely better than none.

    Occasionally I have these days where I don’t feel like doing work or chores. So I’m thinking, why not just enjoy myself, do something that interests me?

    Yep, have those all the time. I wait for them to pass and then when my energy comes back, I do all the things. It's frustrating because I'm waiting on some unknown energy to decide to make my brain work today.

    Typically I would then waste time browsing or watching videos, but that seems to make it worse. How to snap out of this?

    Yep. Same feeling. I like a few videos here and there, mostly sciency ones, but when I start mindless scrolling, it makes me feel worse and I stop. I usually do something light activity, small task, to get the ball rolling. Clean for 5 minutes. Only 5. Set a timer. I can stop after that. If I want, I can keep going, but stopping is fine.

  • Cyberpunk GrayBackgroundMusic

    [ s y n t h e t i c ] by koyori_n

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    Vhaala, draenei, by Actual Sailboat

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    Anime armor and swords pics GrayBackgroundMusic

    Vhaala, draenei from World of Warcraft, by Actual Sailboat


    Ganyu day by Distr


    rule month

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    > image: a drawn picture of a cute smiling demon, with red skin, horns, a pointy tail and a rainbow tattoo, wearing hot pants and a t-shirt with a transition from the text "pridemonth" to highlight the "demon" part of the word. > there is a cute frog with a rainbow flag in the demons right pants pocket. the backgroung is made up of colourful, sparkly tiles in rainbow colours. > > image credit: lahfy


    Proof Bread in AZ (USA) talking about the wheat they contracted for their bakery. I love this channel.

    Absolute love this by Proof Bread. Living the dream: sourcing your own grain to mill to flour that you use in your own bakery to provide food for people.