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Fess Up or Call Out
  • I think our parents eventually made us give them back in the end, but my brother and I certainly held on to a bunch of our friend's Game Boy games a lot longer than he originally meant to lend them to us. We fell out of contact with him after high school.

  • What's your financial cutoff point on game collecting?
  • It would really depend on the individual game itself as to what I would pay, but I suppose if I had to give a hard upper price limit, I would probably say $100. Don't care what the game is, I'm not spending triple digits on it, old or new.

  • What are you playing this weekend? 2024-07-06
  • Working my way through the Paper Mario TTYD remake, just got through chapter 4 (Twilight Town) in about 2 hours after taking 5-6 to get through the Glitz Pit. Granted, despite getting the Yoshi the Glitz Pit is my least favorite part of the game (it really tends to put the game to a grindy halt for a while), so now it's more fun from here! 😁

  • Mail, calendars, notes, tasks, travel... Find out what developers of KDE's personal information management suite of apps have been up to.
  • I'm a pretty satisfied Kontact user right now. I appreciate the integration of everything, but the one thing I would really look at improving is the RAM usage of Akonadi server, it eats up quite a lot of RAM for a program/backend meant just to integrate that information. Are there plans to improve that, or will Merkuro improve on that at all?

  • Nintendo Runs Out Of Replacement Parts For Wii U, Ends Repair Service In Japan
  • I feel like the Wii U is gonna have a resurgence in popularity one day much like the GameCube, as an underappreciated console in its time. The Gamepad is a pretty weird controller, but the console had some pretty solid games for it. Then again, Nintendo did port most of those solid titles to the Switch, so it may not happen.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • It's the Lutris version shipped with 22.04, which by today's standards is definitely ancient. Because I'm not generally a Flatpak fan for stuff that requires larger packages or dependencies, I went directly to the Lutris PPA. And because I'm running KDE Neon, I had to work around the annoying libpoppler dependency issue that's always plagued Wine on Neon.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto would like to hand over Nintendo to someone 'younger'
  • Five young recruits find the five golden Switch cartridges.

    Recruit 1 is walloped by a big tie-wearing gorilla after eating its entire banana hoard.

    Recruit 2 grows too big after eating a prototype actual Super Mushroom and turns into a Toad.

    Recruit 3 is rejected after touching the Triforce and being sucked into the Evil Realm.

    Recruit 4 loses an IRL series of WarioWare games played in a giant replica TV.

    Recruit 5 is hired after returning the free Switch 2 prototype they were given despite initially being rejected for painting graffiti on the wall with Splatoon paint.

  • I'm Not a Programmer, but Here’s Why Linux Is My Daily Driver
  • In addition to the perception that you have to be "good at computers" (aka a programmer) to use Linux, in my experience a lot of Linux media outlets (websites, YT channels, podcasts, etc) tend to be heavy on advanced features and tools without much explanation in layman's terms and tend to be geared towards an IT professional/hobbyist audience, which can reinforce that stereotype among those (like me) who are not.

  • Nintendo Does What Everybody Else Nintendon’t - Aftermath
  • Nintendo has been more about innovation in gameplay more than graphics pretty much since the turn of the century, and aside from the Wii U it's paid off for them pretty well, so why should they change that model? Further, this isn't like the Wii days in which they got only shovelware or severely butchered versions of 360/PS3 games from third parties: the main difference in many third party Switch games compared to their MS/Sony counterparts is mostly just running at 30 vs 60 FPS with no other major graphical or gameplay changes.

    That said, Nintendo has been blessed to have mostly weak competition in the handheld console market up to now, so also hasn't felt much pressure from outside in the handheld world until recently. Their handhelds have had quite the long lifespans: the Game Boy lasted from the late 80s to the 2000s before the upgrade to the GBA, and even after the Switch released the 3DS was still seeing relatively strong support until the turn of this decade, putting that at around a nine-year life cycle. I mention this because the Switch for many is as much a handheld as a home console. Now the Steam Deck and similar handheld PCs are giving Nintendo their first strong handheld competition since the PSP (among dedicated gaming machines, I don't include smartphones). That handheld challenge may also be behind fans' push for a Switch 2 soon and/or featuring more graphical power than Nintendo may have originally been wanting. But even then, they are mostly best off moving at their own pace and not trying too hard to keep up with the competition. It's when they have tried to keep up that they hit their lowest numbers compared to MS/Sony, such as the GameCube and the Wii U. When they do their own thing and take the time to get it right is when they are at their best.

  • Ace Attorney Investigations Collection – Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • Yo, an official Western release of AAI2! I've played the fan translation, but definitely gotta pick this up to see and support the official localization, tell Capcom there's enough of a market. Though IIRC, they were planning on localizing it at its original release but they needed either the localization team or the original devs for other stuff so they ended up not being able to. Nice to see they finally got back to it.

  • Bethesda Is Charging $7 For A New Starfield Mission, And Players Are Upset
  • As an RPG player, people kept saying I should play Fallout, but I never have because it always looked more like a shooter than an RPG, and I want to play an actual RPG, not a shooter with RPG elements (especially because I despise shooters).

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • I live in one of the most rural states in the country, where loads to haul are generally large and the posted speed limit on the highway is usually 75 mph, and the de facto highway speed is usually 5-10 mph above that. No truck that can barely push 70 is gonna keep up with that. On top of that, you're dealing with ice and snow on the roads half the year, so you'll need to be able to deal with that too.

  • ProtonVPN no longer working with MLB.TV

    Since I started using Proton VPN, I've been using it to watch my favorite baseball team in my area and get around cable blackouts. However, today it appears MLB.TV has been able to find my location and black me out. I tried using 3 different servers and checked the geolocation on Browserleaks to verify that my IP was not leaking. One note: despite being listed as in the US state of Georgia, one server showed on Browserleaks as being in the UK, so you may want to double-check location anyway. I'm trying a reboot and if that fails I'll also try again tomorrow to see if somehow it's a strange anomaly. I've found that to happen with another VPN I used in the past.

    EDIT: a reboot worked and it works now at least on the Colorado server I'm on. I do remember when looking at Browserleaks before rebooting that even when the location was picked up as in the US, it mentioned something about Europe in the company, so maybe the site still picked it up as in Europe?


    [SOLVED] Debian-based package repo not updating?

    The updater extension keeps telling me that there is a new version of the browser available (122.1.0-2) but it's been over a week since the version's release and even though I have the .deb repo installed the new version has not been installed yet. I check for updates daily and there do not appear to be any errors in the repo. Has the new version been updated on the repo? If it has, any idea why it would not update?

    EDIT: The update to v123 came through today. You can disregard.


    [SOLVED] Manual Bridge Update Required?

    I got this email earlier today in my inbox and wanted to be sure that this was not an attempted phishing scam. I didn't see anything about this on Proton's website, Reddit or Lemmy, so just wanted to cover my bases. Didn't click the link and just went straight to Proton's website to download the latest version and install (while also uninstalling the Flatpak I was previously using). If this is legit, Proton should probably make it more visible to the community by at least addressing it on their own website.

    EDIT: I also checked the version number on the Flatpak and on the .deb versions I installed and it did indeed go up by one, so this does seem to lend it more legitimacy, but more acknowledgement would still be appreciated.

    EDIT 2: According to comment below, this is indeed legit, thank you! If you're using the Windows or Linux version be sure to do the update!


    Falkon Browser Privacy Hardening

    I've been wanting to use the Falkon browser as my daily driver because I like the integration with the Plasma desktop and it works quite well for most things, but I've been hesitant to do so because there are so few extensions and the only privacy-focused one is the AdBlock. I've tried using GreaseMonkey scripts, but half of the few privacy-focused scripts I've found just don't work and I'm not good enough with scripting to really figure out why. I've set what I could in the Preferences menu for privacy, but I'm wondering if there is any way to access other settings to do things like disable WebGL and/or otherwise block trackers and prevent fingerprinting? If I can set it up to be reasonably close to Brave or LibreWolf privacy-wise, I'd be happy to use it more.