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After the last experience, very proudly homophobic.

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A tip for Android users.
  • Do you really think it says the truth? I think I saw such systems lying in the past so can't believe them no more.

  • OpenMandriva ROME 24.07 Released – OpenMandriva
  • I can't answer your question unfortunately but inclusion of OpenSUS in it deserves an immediate upvote.

  • Proton just joined the AI clown car show
  • But that's really good! And also means that cloud based AI is even worse than blockchain in terms of environmental impact.

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • You know the police frequently raid the homes of people they detain too?

    Idk where you live but here where I live it's illegal. After a person done their time (or another form of responsibility), nobody has any rights to perform any action against them unless they do another crime.

  • Proton just joined the AI clown car show
  • Still you can't improve it that much. It's like blockchain. Computers always consume a lot of power, no matter how efficient they are.

  • Why are FUTO apps is so heavy?
  • I guess because they store all the required data for voice recognition and other "AI" stuff while other apps use privacy-invasive and low-security cloud services to provide such features.

  • Proton just joined the AI clown car show
  • LLM's are actually good at some things.

    Just look at the most recent ecological reports about it and combine them with the AI industry growth plans. You'll get an interesting perspective.

  • Proton just joined the AI clown car show
  • At least this one is open-source and quite privacy respecting

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • The government already has your data because it's how it works. Detention for identification is not bad and you can just bring your ID with you (that you should do all the time tbh) in case the police ask questions. Still they won't like follow you so there is some improvement as long as you don't let the cameras track you exactly to your home address.

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • Not surprised at all tbh and of course it's usually not worth taking such risk. I was talking about countries where covering your face is allowed.

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • Well it highly depends on the country in question

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • Their problem. We're activists. We fight for rights, not compromise them.

  • Can a website access my local network/learn about the existence of other devices without installing malware?
  • It has a separate toggle in Chromium so I think these are 2 separate things.

  • Can a website access my local network/learn about the existence of other devices without installing malware?
  • Anything that can help advertisers. In this case they can get data about your wealth and also assume that the nearby devices belong to the same person or family. That's some very useful data for unethical advertisers.

  • What do you folks do for IRL privacy in terms of CCTV, facial recognition, etc?
  • (without breaching important social norms)

    But why would anyone who cares about privacy consider them more important?

  • Can a website access my local network/learn about the existence of other devices without installing malware?

    Basically title. Recently I saw a new option in Chromium website permission settings called "allow access to local network" or something like that and I know some antiviruses on Windows that can list all devices connected to the same WiFi network. I'm usually using Firefox based browsers that obviously don't have the option to disable or enable that access. So can some really invasive websites mine data about my local network, connected devices etc? And if so, what can I do to prevent it except for just disconnecting everything else when visiting such websites?

    Why does Odysee have 836 advertising partners?
  • Wait I thought you wanted to make videos. If not then there are various YouTube frontends with various levels of privacy. I use Piped/LibreTube but it's probably the least convenient one out there. You can just use a VPN tbh.

  • InnerTune: a FOSS Material 3 YouTube Music client for Android GitHub - Malopieds/InnerTune: A fork of InnerTune, a Material 3 YouTube Music client for Android

    A fork of InnerTune, a Material 3 YouTube Music client for Android - Malopieds/InnerTune

    GitHub - Malopieds/InnerTune: A fork of InnerTune, a Material 3 YouTube Music client for Android

    After the death of ViMusic (a very lightweight MD3 YouTube Music client) I saw RiMusic getting quite popular but now it's a very feature-rich client with its own UI design that is also very slow on older devices (based on my bare metal tests). I found this other one interesting so hopefully someone else will like it too.


    How do you switch clients?

    I'm using the official F-Droid client now but I'd like to switch to another one. The problem is I have some third party repos added and I don't really know how F-Droid works (it seems to have a lot of modules for app installation). I don't want to break it or reflash my whole OS. So can I just uninstall the previous client, install the new one and add the repos back or are there any additional steps I must follow on order for it not to cause any issues?

    EDIT: thank you to everyone who replied. I did what was recommended the most (installed 2 clients alongside and deleted the old one after copying all repos and settings) and it seems to be working fine.


    Top 5 Linux Apps - July 2024

    I know most of you already know these apps or need something more advanced but I found them interesting so I thought I might as well share it here for those not familiar with them.

    WARNING: one of the apps in the list (Plexamp) doesn't appear to be open-source so use it with caution.


    What is a CDN?

    I'm using LibreTube for a very long time and I often switch between different instances when the one I use stops working. I noticed that instances without CDN work more reliably for me and they don't even have this recent "sign in to confirm that you're not a bot" error. But on the official wiki it says that instances with CDN are preferred. What is this thing and are there any concerns when using an instance without it?


    Chromium based browser for armeabi-v7a

    Chromium... I'm so getting downvoted with this one.


    I have an old Android 6 phone that is still not completely unusable and my older family members want to use it as a backup phone (in fact, they already do). They can't live without Facebook (obviously) so I installed Firefox on it and made a PWA for Facebook. It works surprisingly well but Firefox itself is quite sluggish and slow to open on that piece of hardware. So I'm thinking of installng a Chromium browser on it, as well as on my other old devices to make them run a bit better and just out of my extremely unhealthy curiosity.

    But the problem is they all do not support modern arm64 apps that most Android phones use nowadays. Instead they need this other type called armeabi-v7a. There were Chromium based browsers that had a v7a version (Bromite for example) but they all suspiciously died at the same time more than a year ago. Does Chromium really not support the old architecture (or whatever it is) anymore or I'm just not searching well enough?

    P. S. Advices to buy a newer device will not be accepted and will be treated with appropriate level of hostility.


    Linux distro for an ancient Pentium PC

    I need some help finding a distro for a very old machine.

    It's my family's old desktop with 2001 components (bought in 2004) and a Pentium CPU that is NOT i686. I checked the exact model and architecture once but I don't remember it now. The only thing I remember is that it's not i686 so 99% of modern 32 bit distros don't work on it (stuck right after grub).

    The machine has 1 Gb of DDR1 RAM though so I think it may be useful or at least fun to play around with.

    Now it's on Windows XP that runs quite well but doesn't support modern SSL certificates so it can't browse the internet (idk how to fix it ok?).

    A long time ago I tried to run multiple distros in live mode on it and got only one (Puppy) to work. Display, sound, ethernet and pretty much everything worked fine. GPU seemed to be an issue though because NVidia and I couldn't install the driver (it was skill issue and I think it's possible to do). But now it doesn't work for some reason.

    Are there any Linux distros or other operating systems (preferably not deprecated) that I can install on it? And btw it does have bootable USB support.

    EDIT: There are way too many answers and a lot of ones that don't mind the architecture limitations. I'm grateful to everyone who replied but I have to close this discussion now and I will not reply to further answers. I have received enough information and I cannot physically read so many replies.

    59 Experimenting with local alt text generation in Firefox Nightly – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

    Firefox 130 will feature an on-device AI model that automatically generates alt-text for images, integrated into its built-in PDF editor.

    Experimenting with local alt text generation in Firefox Nightly – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

    I think this way of implementing and using AI is actually good from all perspectives (probably except some legal aspects but I don't think Mozilla will add a legally grey feature). What do you think about it?

    And I'm sorry if it's already posted here. I didn't find any posts on this topic myself


    Can strong FFB effects cause harm to my DD wheel?

    Title basically. I got a Fanatec (don't hate me for it ok?) CSL DD 8nm and I mostly play BeamNG with it. As everyone probably knows, this game has extremely unforgiving, dangerous and strong FFB, especially when going off road or crashing. I'm not a strong person so I don't hold the wheel very hard when driving. This means when a skill issue one of the above mentioned events happen, the wheel oscillates and vibrates quite hard.

    I do have interpolation and smoothening enabled but I don't want to crank it up too high in order to save details. So can the vibration significantly hurt the hardware? I'm planning to get a Clubsport QR1 soon to eliminate one of the concerns but I still don't know if everything else is going to be fine. I'm not able to repair or replace the hardware every few months after all


    Android 15 is on the way. And it's pretty bad

    Sorry for a kinda clickbait title but it is what it is. I just watched a video about Android 15 changes and a lot of them are either not important or straight up bad.

    I want to specifically mention increased background sensor usage (such as microphone) and the Find My Device network. These are serious privacy issues that just make lives of custom ROM developers and users harder by having to disable more and more stuff (that's turned on by default of course), as well as a contribution to ewaste generation and general decrease of battery life.

    I guess we are getting into the era of complete death of digital privacy and absolute surveillance. This is scary but not too unrealistic I guess. I just hope the devs of privacy-focused ROMs will be able to do something about it and purge these changes.


    Netris - an experimental open-source GeForce NOW alternative (cloud gaming solution) GitHub - netrisdotme/netris: [Experimental] Open-source GeForce NOW alternative with Stadia's social features

    [Experimental] Open-source GeForce NOW alternative with Stadia's social features - netrisdotme/netris

    GitHub - netrisdotme/netris: [Experimental] Open-source GeForce NOW alternative with Stadia's social features

    What do you think of this project and cloud gaming in general? I thought it's dead already


    What's up with the Fanatec QR1 Lite in 2024?

    I ordered a Fanatec CSL DD bundle which, as everyone probably knows, comes with a plastic quick release system called QR1 Lite. This system was known for being unreliable and breaking back in like 2022 but it looks like there were some revisions and now nobody talks about it. Is it reliable enough now or should I order a QR1 (non-Lite) asap? I don't care about the noise or flex but only about long-term reliability.

    P. S. I know it's probably better to ask this question on the Fanatec forum but I don't really want to create an account just for it. I better don't give my data to another company when it's not necessary.

    EDIT: QR1 is not available here anymore. RIP my wheel connection pins


    Thrustmaster T-GT II vs Fanatec CSL Elite as a first wheel

    I want to get into not very serious sim racing so I need to buy my first setup. Direct drives are not officially available here and import taxes are so high that things like Moza R5 or Fanatec CSL DD cost around $900-1200 (if I buy 3 pedal set too which is necessary) which is not very acceptable. There are quite a few deals on used belt-driven wheels though and it looks like the ones in the title are the best ones I can get (the price is around $500-600 for full base+wheel+pedals bundles). Though I'm not sure if the Fanatec one has table clamps included which is very important for me and can be quite a hassle if they aren't. There's also stuff like T300 RS GT and T248 (even new ones) but they are significantly worse afaik so I don't say much about them. Anyways, what do I choose in this case? I mostly care about balance (e. g. T248 is powerful but slow which doesn't allow drifting) and quality of FFB. I don't need any load cell pedals (physical disability -> not enough strength to use them) or console compatibility (I play only on PC) which makes the choice even harder.

    EDIT: I found a way to get a DD for an almost acceptable price. Now I'm mostly looking at Fanatec CSL DD


    Can I degoogle a phone without root?

    I am in need of a separate degoogled phone for some things that require high level of privacy (nothing illegal).

    I have 2 phones that I can use. One of them is my business phone (it has my business number, apps, data and that sort of stuff) which is now running an OS with all the Google spyware because it's necessary for the apps to work. I can reinstall everything on the second phone and use the first one as the secure device since it supports everything I need. The problem is that it has some issues on vanilla ROMs that I don't really want to deal with and the reinstalling will take a lot of time.

    The issue with the second phone is that it is rocking an old MTK chip and rooting instructions are let's say a bit beyond my ability to understand. I still want to use it without Google if possible though. So can I degoogle its stock ROM with ADB or something? And is it worth trying or there will still be some vulnerabilities?

    EDIT: to clear some possible misunderstandings, the reason of why I need a separate secure phone is that I am forced to use a very invasive proprietary app that I'd prefer just keeping on a separate device instead of trying to limit its spyware abilities with firewalls and that kind of stuff. I don't trust the last solution much. Also I can't use it in a VM because I need it to always be accessible wherever I am and yk carrying a PC is not an option


    Is xz 5.6.1-3+ still dangerous?

    When the xz backdoor was discovered, I quickly uninstalled my Arch based setup with an infected version of the software and switched to a distro that shipped an older version (5.5 or 5.4 or something). I found an article which said that in 5.6.1-3 the backdoor was "fixed" by just not letting the malware part communicating with the vulnerable ssh related stuff and the actual malware is still there? (I didn't understand 80% of the technical terms and abbreviations in it ok?) Like it still sounds kinda dangerous to me, especially since many experts say that we don't know the other ways this malware can use (except for the ssh supply chain) yet. Is it true? Should I stick with the new distro for now or can I absolutely safely switch back and finally say that I use Arch btw again?

    P. S. I do know that nothing is completely safe. Here I'm asking just about xz and libxzlk or whatever the name of that library is

    EDIT: 69 upvotes. Nice


    Can I skip updates?

    I have LineageOS installed on my phone and it has almost weekly updates. Since the device is quite budget, I believe its memory can be damaged by such often updates so I'm not updating it for 2 months already. But there are security fixes and patches in newer versions so I do want to update. My question is: do I have to install every update one by one (there are like 8 of them lol) or can I just install the newest version? All of the updates are minor of course. There are no Android version jumps

    EDIT: I installed the latest version as everyone suggested and everything seems to be working fine. Thank you all for help


    Core Distance to TjMAX randomly spikes to 100°C in OCCT

    Recently I tried to clean my PC with an I5 11400F CPU. I removed the GPU and wanted to remove the CPU cooler too but couldn't do it. I tried though and I think I might have damaged the motherboard with a screwdriver in a few places during the process (don't ask how). Can it be the reason for the spikes? Like could I damage some sensors and now they sometimes fail and show 0°C (which is what 100°C to TjMAX means)? There are no other visible issues with the PC though so I guess it can be a just a bug. Btw I can't add screenshots because of some weird Jerboa bug


    "Create" FAB bug

    I updated Jerboa from 0.0.60 (or 0.0.59 I don't remember) to 0.0.61 (all are F-droid versions) and I noticed this issue: the "create post" ("plus") floating action button hides under the navigation panel. Cleaning the cache and disabling-enabling the panel didn't help. The button is still clickable but it doesn't look right. When the panel is disabled it looks fine if course. I'm on Android 13 btw

    Unixporn GolfNovemberUniform

    There were no bad setups on Unixporn... so I made one

    Introducing the all-new Debian 12 ESDE (Enhanced Security Desktop Edition) Plasma UI pre-alpha v0.2.1: a Debian desktop setup created for a fiction organization's low-end office computers. It features simplified KDE apps, no blur, generally lightweight system settings (some features are disabled or tuned for higher performance and security) and a custom auto-hide floating panel (on the right) with a large clock and a system monitor overview. Security features are planned and are not added yet. For now the main issue is that it's quite difficult to use scroll bars on full-screen windows because the panel opens every time the mouse cursor touches the right edge of the screen. Would love a solution for this. And it often crashes in certain scenarios so yea it's just a pre-alpha now. Oh and the specs:

    Distribution: Debian 12 DE/WM: KDE Plasma 5.27 Theme: Breeze Dark Icons: Papirus (it would be more realistic to use the stock icons but I just hate how folders look there so custom icon pack it is) Apps: Konsole, Dolphin (Qt apps) and Firefox (GTK 3 app)

    The Debian logo on the top left just opens a slightly tuned KDE's Application Menu so I didn't show that. Everything else isn't really ready yet. Well, could you expect more from a bad setup?

    P.S. The actual purposes of this post are to show the flexibility of KDE and deleted


    An error occurs when trying to add a photo to a post

    I wanted to post screenshots of my riced KDE setup on Unixporn so I copied them to my phone using a USB cable. And now when I'm trying to add them to a post, it seems to always show the same error (Client request(POST invalid: 403 . Text "<..."). The app has all the required permissions granted and I'm not banned from the community. What can it be then?